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iPhone 5 Photo Recovery


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iPhone 5 photo recovery is designed to recover deleted/lost photos from iPhone. Learn more details, you can visit:

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iPhone 5 Photo Recovery

  1. 1. Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery
  2. 2. What a beautiful pic taken with iPhone 5! But what if you deleted/lost it accidently?
  3. 3. Don’t worry! You can recover it with ease! With iPhone data recovery, lost photos can be easily regained! Go on…
  4. 4. Fast Guide to Recover Deleted Photos from iPhone 5 Step1 : Get the free download of iPhone data recovery from: Install it on your PC aright. Step 2: After the right installation, connect your iPhone 5 with computer. Then initiate the program.
  5. 5. Step 3: Start to scan your iPhone 5 files, photos are included This is the scan program – communicating. If it takes a slightly long time, please wait patiently.
  6. 6. Step 4: Preview your iPhone photos Do you see your lost photos in the preview pane?
  7. 7. Step 5: Press the “Recover” button to perform your photo recovery You need to specify a location for your recovered photos and remember the location so that you can find them on your computer easily.
  8. 8. Now check your recovered photos! Is it amazing? More about recovering photos from iPhone, please visit: photos-from-iphone.html Let me know if you have any problem during your iPhone photo restoration! All the best! ---From Tenorshare