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Kelly Emily Deforestation09


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Kelly Emily Deforestation09

  1. 1. The Truth: Deforestation Happens IN Ontario
  2. 2. Video
  3. 3. Forests of Ontario Background Information
  4. 4. Hudson Bay Lowlands  20% of Ontario's forests  home to woodland caribou, polar bear, arctic fox, and arctic hare. During the summer, millions of migratory birds nest here, such as Canada geese, snow geese, willow ptarmigan and various species of sea ducks. Boreal Forest  59% of Ontario's forests  Here the main conifer species are black and white spruce, jack pine, balsam fir, tamarack and eastern white cedar; the predominant deciduous species are poplars and white birch.
  5. 5. Great Lakes-St. Lawrence Forest  20% of Ontario's forests.  white-tailed deer, moose, black bear, wolves, pileated woodpecker, various migratory birds, beaver, muskrat, otter and many other mammals, birds, fish and insects. The Deciduous Forest  covers less than 1% of Canada  home to more than 25% of Canada’s population.  contains black walnut, butternut, tulip, magnolia, bl ack gum, many types of
  6. 6. Deforestation IN Ontario YES! It happens here!
  7. 7. Canada’s Rate of Deforestation  Estimated current annual deforestation rate in Canada is approx. 92,500 hectares per year for all types of out of approx. 400 million hectares total.
  8. 8. Total Land Distribution in Ontario
  9. 9. In the News: Kimberly-Clark's Use of Forests for Disposable Use of Ancient Forests for Kleenex Covered in the New York  Wasteful Times, The Guardian, Fast Company and Other Major Outlets.
  10. 10. How does deforestation effect recreation, our country and us?  Its simple, no trees means no parks, camping or natural areas.  Recreation to many people is enjoying nature and participating in activities outdoors.  If there were no trees, pollution would rise to unforeseen levels and air quality would be so bad that we couldn’t enjoy outdoor activities.
  11. 11. Recommendations  acknowledging that deforestation is a problem in Ontario  to raise awareness among Ontarians of the opportunities to get involved in environmental groups such as EarthRoots based in Ontario  recreation and wildlife parks that deserve to be fully protected against any logging, mining or hydroelectric development  Reforestation