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  1. 1. Sociology Pictures and Questions Stephanie Reckers
  2. 2. Softball Stadium • Do the prices of the seat locations affect who comes to watch the baseball games? • Does the structure of the stadium affect the performance of the players?
  3. 3. Garbage Can In Park • What role does education play in how we dispose of our trash? • Do the number of garbage cans in a certain area affect the chances that garbage is thrown away?
  4. 4. Old Car • How does the look of this car affect the chances that it is broken into? • Who would be more likely to buy this car because of the way it looks?
  5. 5. Harvard University • How does the outside appearance of this school have an impact on who attends it? • Do high entrance standards keep lower or middle class people from applying?
  6. 6. Police Man • Does discretion among the police force affect who is more likely to be in trouble with the law? • Does the area where police patrol affect what class in society is more punished?
  7. 7. Family • Does the income of the family affect the type of education the child receives? • Does the upper class status affect the type of activities this family does in public?
  8. 8. School Desk And Chair • Does the comfort of this chair affect the students learning ability? • Is the size of the desk better for fitting more people in a classroom?
  9. 9. Classroom • Does the size of this classroom affect how well a student pays attention during class? • Is the simplicity of the classroom providing a better learning environment for students?
  10. 10. Baby Clothes • Why do most people associate the color blue with newborn males instead of females? • Is the color blue for males used with more upper or lower class people.
  11. 11. Kids Viewing Violent Programs • Does watching violent programs teach the children right from wrong? • Why do more males watch violent and gory movies and TV shows than females?