Easy Everyday Cooking Tips


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Easy Everyday Cooking Tips

  1. 1. This Slide Show is brought to You by http:// recipeforcooking.info/blog
  2. 2. Easy Everyday Cooking Tips So you are one of those families with the hectic lifestyle where cooking comes as more of a chore than fun. Here are some easy everyday cooking tips that will help you along during your busy workweek. These tips also work quite well for single people as well and can make gourmet cooking an everyday event.
  3. 3. Plan Multiple Meals Around Certain Meats When purchasing meat for the week, plan to use the larger family packs of meat and create a variety of meals to help create easy everyday cooking. The five-pound packages of chicken or hamburger can be split up into smaller portions and frozen for later use. Steak meat can also be divided up in similar fashion. Stew meat is good for creating various soups or for use with rice or pasta dishes.
  4. 4. Always Have Spices Handy One thing that always helps in emergencies, are spices of different kinds. Used to spice up bland soup or basic fare, this easy everyday cooking idea will give you a different flavor with any type of dish. Caution must be given to overuse of spices or mixing of the wrong kind that creates odd flavors.
  5. 5. Casseroles If you come home and don’t have the will to stand around the kitchen for a half hour creating something, this easy everyday cooking tip is for you. If you can remember to pull something down from the freezer beforehand, you can simply throw it into a casserole dish, add some rice or potatoes, season to taste and bake until done. This is good for tuna noodle dishes, pot roast or a variety of chicken dishes. This method gives you some extra time away from the kitchen while still cooking.
  6. 6. The Crock Pot Or Slow Cooker Having a Crock Pot or other slow cooker around can be a lifesaver, especially when you are working long shifts or the kids will get home before you do. An easy everyday cooking tip here is to toss some chicken or stew meat into the pot with a few vegetables and water. Allow this to cook for up to ten hours. When you get home, you have a ready-made soup or stew waiting for you. Most slow cookers or crock pots come with a recipe book to make for easy everyday cooking.
  7. 7. Low Fat Cooking Methods Broil – this method doesn’t require cooking oil and is an easy everyday cooking idea. It works very well with thin or lean cuts of meat that can cook through before drying out. Steam – this method requires no fat and yet retains most of the nutrition of the meat or vegetable. Steaming lets the ingredients cook in an enclosed container keeping the moisture inside.
  8. 8. Fish And Chicken Dishes Wrap – this easy everyday cooking idea also takes little time and works mainly well with fish and chicken dishes. Simply take the main meat ingredient and rub it with seasonings and garnish, then wrap it up and bake. The wrap lets the meat cook in its own juices.
  9. 9. Puree Puree – this method is good for when you have vegetables, but want to do something different with them. After you simmer the vegetables until they are soft and tender, simply toss them into a blender with a broth or milk to make a nice cream soup or sauce. Then pour the puree over the main dish.
  10. 10. Pre-packed Meals Or Gourmet Prices Of Take Out Restaurant Food With the use of some of these easy everyday cooking tips you can plan a menu that allows for gourmet cooking while staying healthy and active without needing the high food prices of pre-packed meals or gourmet prices of take out restaurant food.
  11. 11. This Slide Show is brought to You by http:// recipeforcooking.info/blog