Cuisine Cooking – The Normal And The Haute Way


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Cuisine Cooking – The Normal And The Haute Way

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  2. 2. Cuisine Cooking – The Normal And The Haute Way From the olden times until the breakthrough of the 19th century, cooking was well thought-out to be a basic survival skill. The latter years marked the separation of cooking into two focal categories, namely: the normal cuisine and the haute cuisine.
  3. 3. Demonstrate One’s Cooking Skill The first branch was coined by the French as normal cuisine because it is done through home cooking techniques. The other is named in such a way because cuisine cooking is conceived in an art-like form. The two are almost similar; but the biggest difference that one can ever tell is that the other is considered to be a practical way to cook while the second branch is done to demonstrate one’s cooking skill.
  4. 4. Cuisine Cooking – The Normal Way The normal way of cuisine cooking is also known as home cooking; no further food preparation or decoration is added because its purpose is to serve the people living in a house. Usually, this is the type of cuisine we have especially if we are living in one house with our families. During the ancient times, the mother usually does most of this task and is considered the cook and the food provider in a home.
  5. 5. Cuisine Cooking – The French And Italian Approach Perhaps the finest cuisine cooking that you can ever experience is the one done in an Italian or French approach. This type of cooking is considered to be “haute” because certain food preparations are needed to complete a set of menu. Better kitchen utensils are also needed to perfect the decorations needed in serving the meal. Today, the Italian and French meals are considered to be the most expensive in the world because of the costly ingredients they mix with food.
  6. 6. Cuisine Cooking – The Chinese Style The Chinese style of cuisine cooking is considered to be the oldest form of haute food preparation. It makes use of different pans and other kitchen utensils and it includes several ingredients which are natural and healthy. Today, Chinese cuisine is very much popular because of the exotic taste it offers to a lot of people. It is definitely different from the Italian and American way of cooking in terms of ingredients and methods of cooking.
  7. 7. Cuisine Cooking – The American Way Cuisine cooking the American way is also known as soul food cooking. Today, this is the most common food that we see and taste because they are the fastest and the easiest to prepare. Although most of them are unhealthy, a lot of people prefer this type of food mostly for convenience purposes.
  8. 8. Enjoy The American Food Those who enjoy the American food are those living in a busy or hectic world. Since they are prepared quickly, there is no time wasted on your day if you choose such kind of meal. However, you also need to be health wise in choosing your food to avoid any problems with your bodily condition.
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