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Briefing given to Consular Affairs Islamabad on March 2, 2012 by Social Media Coordinator, Tim Receveur.

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  • BackgroundStart with an overview some of the projects Consular and PAS have worked onHow we can help each other in the futureOverview of social media and why the Embassy should care about it
  • Conversation + friends talking to friendsPeople don’t trust ads, they trust peer recommendationsWe want people to spread our message, defend us if necessary
  • Traditional media still rules1 million joined Facebook in the last 6 months3G coming
  • No kumbayaBuilding a dam or exchange program
  • Define weekly total reach
  • Baseline to measure success
  • Visas are #1 issue. Took questions from our Facebook audience and consular answered them on video
  • Total 42,000 and counting
  • What to do with it? Hide?
  • 3 Disclaimers before we get started
  • Didn’t know anyone who was on social media
  • And most importantly if you want to see where the new technology is going and how it will be used you need to watch kids and especially teenagers
  • 35% of Pakistans population in <14 years old – 85% of Facebook audiences is < 25Engagement on social media is only going to increase
  • Publics are less dependent on traditional media24 of the 25 largest newspapers are experiencing record declines in circulation – What is the only one increasing circulation?(Wall Street Journal up 0.5% from the previous year)
  • Information, mobile, and social media are only growingWe need to be in this space
  • Egypt, Iran - Better for disruption than governance – niches and lack of compromisecommand, control, and communication capabilities for protestors; reported the events in real time as they unfoldedraised awareness and motivation for the participants and those who desired change in other parts of the region.
  • Newspapers are still king – get a head start on content
  • Planning protests in Islamabad?
  • Australia floods – 2011 Roads that were out, power outages, property damagesocial media was used identifying the missing, finding survivors, for distributing relief supplies,109 million cell phones in Pakistan –crisis planning floods, earthquakes
  • Counter harmful messages – Shahab stopped this one in its tracks
  • FP – Earthquake spiesPeshawar bullets
  • Posting videos, photos, status updates, instant chat6.2million Pakistanis - 1 million new users in last 6 monthsYoung, talkative
  • Walled garden Ads, easier to present apps
  • 93,000 views on photos from Lahore
  • Ambassador’s Fund for Cultural PreservationPeople reached – more than the exhibit
  • USEFP Programs
  • Best of luck to Saving Face documentaryLearn about your fans
  • It’s not impossible to get to the U.S.Exponentially expand reach by Kids tagging themselves
  • Exponential
  • Most important – Facebook insightsMeasureable – age, sex, city, countries, languagesFebruary 6-12 1 in 3 Pakistanis reached
  • #9 most visited site in PakistanOn of the most famous tweets ever came from PakistanHandout on the basics of Twitter. How to search
  • New interfaceTop tweets and top people
  • Breaking down a tweetLocation of a tweet is increasing in importance – you will see in a minute
  • 27k, 28k blogger and Interior MinisterKhar readout to 250k Twitter
  • Sprout Social
  • We’ve added about 2 dozen media contacts in the past week
  • New interface, inline video
  • During NATO we were seeing the images that would be in the paper the next day
  • We already looked at the Hamid Mir example of proactive engagementEngage, correct the recordReply to tweet and all of the followers of that message see your tweet
  • Pulls in all of your followersScientific
  • #3 most visited site in Pakistan7 million users in PakistanHow many have watched? - Has anyone uploaded a video?Charlie bit my finger most popular – 400 million views
  • ACCESS, Exchange programs3,000-4,000 plays each
  • Look for jobs, find companies, resume, have people recommend your work#10 most visited site in LinkedIn
  • Changing how we hire#10 most visited site in Pakistan
  • ResumeRecommendationscontacts
  • Tim Receveur - Consular - March 2

    1. 1. Social Media andConsular Affairs March 2, 2012 S
    2. 2. U.S. Embassy Website Why do people come to the Embassy website? Visas #1
    3. 3. U.S. Embassy FacebookVisas #1 issue
    4. 4. What is social media?S Social media is a collection of web-based or mobile technologies that turn communication into an interactive dialogue or multilogueS Consumers also become producersS Peer/friend recommendationsS Content is easily shared
    5. 5. Overview of Social Media in PakistanS TV, Radio, and Newspapers Still RuleS 22 million with InternetS Facebook – 6.2 millionS Twitter – 3 millionS YouTube – 7 millionS Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Blogspot, LinkedIn all in Pakistan’s top 10 most visited sites.
    6. 6. Important Uses for Social MediaS Increase fan-generated advocacy for U.S. policy and initiatives. Fan-generated advocacy usually has greater credibility, resonance.S Increase fan-generated defense of the United States.S Increase awareness of U.S. programs in PakistanS Enhance Customer Service (facilitating customer needs through proactive and reactive communications)
    7. 7. Important Uses for Social MediaS Get messages out to a broad audience (i.e. tech, savvy youth on Facebook, well-connected, older influentials on Twitter)S Correct the record quicklyS Monitor and report on critical topicsS Measure the engagement
    8. 8. New Social Media StrategyS Show, Don’t Tell Strategy – Emphasis on Photos and VideosS Increased Urdu and Pashto ContentS Consistent Posting and Engagement – social media strategy and schedule comingS Limited Facebook ad buysS Training other sections to answer questions, get involved
    9. 9. How are we doing?S Baseline - Growth of platforms
    10. 10. Consular Issues
    11. 11. Urdu Visa Video Phillip Urdu Visa Video 11,328 Pakistanis saw this on Facebook 2,000 plays on YouTube
    12. 12. Pashto Visa Video Rebecca Visa Video 12,190 Pakistanis saw this on Facebook 1,600 plays on YouTube
    13. 13. English Visa Video Jason English Visa Video 13,257 Pakistanis saw this on Facebook 1,600 plays on YouTube
    14. 14. Examples of Social Media
    15. 15. What We Need from ConsularS Consistent engagement – admin (direct) vs. e-mail (collected questions)S List of FAQs we can post and refer to save timeS Possibly a list of 30 short tips for visa applicants for TwitterS More ambitious - a moderated 1 hour webchat 2 X per month
    16. 16. What We Can Offer ConsularS Training on engagementS Promotion of your engagement activitiesS Detailed weekly or monthly reports providing metrics on your engagement across all social media channels
    17. 17. AgendaS Why Should the Embassy Care About Social Media?S Social Media Overview S Features S How Public Affairs is Using Social MediaS Free Analysis Tools
    18. 18. Why should theEmbassy care about Social Media?
    19. 19. Traditional Media in DeclineS Books, newspaper, music, T V networks 24 of the 25 largest newspapers are experiencing record declines in circulation
    20. 20. Information Explosion
    21. 21. Identify and Follow Influential People
    22. 22. PROTESTS!
    23. 23. Disaster Response
    24. 24. ProactiveEngagement/Containment
    25. 25. Spot Trends Before the News
    26. 26. Spot Trends Before the News
    27. 27. Follow Discussions
    28. 28. Facebook850 MillionIf Facebook were a country, itwould be the third mostpopulated in the world behindChina and India#1 or #2 most visited site inPakistan
    29. 29. Facebook Looks
    30. 30. Show, Don’t Tell StrategyS Best content engages users and tells them how your services interact with their livesS People connect to people, not numbersS Images and videos ruleS Quotes and testimonials
    31. 31. Photo Galleries
    32. 32. Virtual Exhibits
    33. 33. Exchange Programs
    34. 34. Commenting
    35. 35. Tagging
    36. 36. Sharing
    37. 37. Facebook Polling
    38. 38. Facebook Insights
    39. 39. TwitterS “What are you doing?” in 140 charactersS 500 million registered usersS 33 billion tweets per dayS #9 most visited site in PakistanMost important tool in analyzing real-time discussionsS Older, more influential – journalists, bloggers, academiaS Average age is 39 years old
    40. 40. Tweet Breakdown
    41. 41. Twitter ProgressS We started by listening (issues, tone, etc.)S Analyzing conversationsS Now trying to be more influential, more proactive
    42. 42. Twitter Reach
    43. 43. Adding Influentials Last Week
    44. 44. Twitter – NATOImages and Videos
    45. 45. Follow DiscussionsEngage in Discussions
    46. 46. YouTubeS Video-sharing social media site - Upload, view, and share videos. 7 million users in Pakistan - #3 Site in PakistanS 4 billion videos played per dayS Over 1 trillion plays in 2011
    47. 47. USAID Projects
    48. 48. Educational Programs
    49. 49. LinkedInS Social network focused on connecting professionals with the purpose of sharing information and opportunitiesS Audience – 120 millionS #10 most visited site in Pakistan