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Peshawar journalists


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Tim Receveur briefing for Peshawar journalists.

Published in: Technology, Business
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Peshawar journalists

  1. 1. Social Media Overview & Analysis Tools U.S. Embassy Islamabad May 10, 2012 S
  2. 2. Traditional Media in DeclineS Books, newspaper, music, T V networks 24 of the 25 largest newspapers are experiencing record declines in circulation
  3. 3. Information Explosion
  4. 4. How Many ofYou Are UsingSocial Media?
  5. 5. What is social media?S Social media is a collection of web-based or mobile technologies that turn communication into an interactive dialogue or multilogueS Content is easily sharedS Peer/friend recommendationsS Consumers also become producers
  6. 6. Overview of Social Media in PakistanS TV, Radio, and Newspapers Still RuleS 22 million with InternetS Facebook – 6.4 millionS Twitter – 2.5 millionS YouTube – 7 millionS Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Blogspot, LinkedIn all in Pakistan‟s top 10 most visited sites.
  7. 7. 3G Coming
  8. 8. Topics TodayS Overview of Social Media ToolsS Social media best practicesS Measurement and Analysis Tools
  9. 9. 900 MillionIf Facebook were a country, itwould be the third mostpopulated in the world behindChina and India#1 or #2 most visited site inPakistan
  10. 10. TwitterS “What are you doing?” in 140 charactersS Audience: 200+ millionS #9 most visited site in PakistanS Good to see what is happening, spot trends, call for feedback
  11. 11. YouTubeS Video-sharing social media site - Upload, view, and share videos. 7 million users in Pakistan - #3 Site in PakistanS 4 billion videos viewed per dayS Over 1 trillion plays in 2011
  12. 12. #Jan25
  13. 13. WikipediaS Crowd-sourced encyclopediaS Articles added by users – edited by usersS 80% non-English - 283 languagesS SOPAS #8 in Pakistan
  14. 14. Encyclopedia Britannica
  15. 15. FlickrS Image and video-sharing social networkS 6 billion photosS Audience: 80 million unique visitors
  16. 16. Most Popular Social Media PlatformsS Facebook – 900 millionS Twitter – 200 million usersS YouTube – 4 billion videos played per dayS Flickr – 80 million unique users - > 6 billion imagesS LinkedIn – 50 million users - #10 most visited site in Pakistan
  17. 17. All About SharingWhy Do People Share?S 94% interesting contentS 84% humorS 66% personal connectionS 32% offered incentivesAd age 2012
  18. 18. The AdvantageS You change the numbers in your favor by: S Increasing the number of people exposed to your content S Create attention grabbing content S Include powerful calls to action - do something
  19. 19. The Like Button
  20. 20. Facebook GlossaryS Profile = Your page, contains info, photos, videos, and lists of your friends or whatever else you choose to includeS Post = Message of 420 characters or lessS Like = Button used to indicated appreciation, affiliation, or acknowledgement without having to add commentS Newsfeed = continuous stream of updatesS Fan Gate = page requiring a „like‟ in order to gain further value, content or information
  21. 21. Newsfeed
  22. 22. Exponential Reach with Sharing
  23. 23. Tagging
  24. 24. Twitter“The qualities that make Twitterseem insane and half-baked arewhat makes it so powerful.”- Jonathan Zittrain, Professor ofLaw at Harvard
  25. 25. Finding hashtags
  26. 26. Finding Relevant People
  27. 27. YouTube
  28. 28. LinkedIn
  29. 29. Flickr
  30. 30. It‟s Important to MeasureS Measure future successS Website – why do they come, how long do they stayS Facebook – Likes, Reach, Shares, City and Demographic BreakdownS Twitter – Followers, Mentions, Retweets, Message ReachS YouTube – Plays, Comments
  31. 31. Alexa.com
  32. 32.
  33. 33.
  34. 34. TwitterS Top Trends
  35. 35. Twilert
  36. 36. Social Bro
  37. 37. Tweetreach
  38. 38. Facebook Insights
  39. 39. Wildfire
  40. 40. Touchgraph
  41. 41. Trendsmap
  42. 42. Q1 2010 Arabic Social Media Discussions57% of conversationsincludedsocio-economic terms Source: Arab Media Influence Report 2011
  43. 43. Q1 2011 Arabic Social Media Discussions88% of conversationsincluded political terms Source: Arab Media Influence Report 2011
  44. 44. More Best PracticesS Give out business cards with all social media sites on them at every event.S Social media bookmarks in every e-mail signatureS Twitter out all press releasesS 8-10pm is peak time in Pakistan on social mediaS Pose questions on social media. Call to action…do somethingS Planning schedule for social media
  45. 45. ConclusionS Social Media is growing rapidly in PakistanS An overview of social media platformsS Measurement and Analysis Tools
  46. 46. Thank You!S Questions?S Tim ReceveurS receveurtb@state.govS Presentation can be found at peshawar-journalistsS
  47. 47. Social Media StrategyS 75% of my time is day-to-day on website and social media sites. Will train new webmaster on these tasks when she arrives. Want to focus on:S Social Media Strategy – SOPs, weekly reports, content schedulesS Create listening dashboards (voices, keywords) – PAS, Urdu blogs, political, econ. Keyword trends product – spot trends before they become newsS Countering misinformation from journalists and other influentialsS Work on platforms (SMS Alert system, FTP site for journalists, etc.)S Training (Embassy, Consulates, and external organizations)S Advertising management (Embassy and Consulates)