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A Perfect Weekend In London


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Published in: Travel, Art & Photos
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A Perfect Weekend In London

  1. 1. A perfect weekend in LONDON Cynthia Lledó Tarifa Ricard Vidal-Ribas Lorenzo
  2. 2. DEPARTURE ► 29th July- Airport of Prat (7:15h) to Airport of Gatwick (8:40h) – hour of London (7:40h) ► Gatwick express  Every 15 minutes  30 minutes journey ► Taxi to The Goring Hotel(3min aprox.)
  3. 3. FIRST DAY IN LONDON! ► SATURDAY: When they arrive to the hotel they tidy the room… Then, they eat at the hotel. Later they go to London eye(17.00£ each person), later they go to the River Cruises(33.50£ each person), at the finally, go to the hotel to go to the bed.
  4. 4. SECOND DAY IN LONDON! (morning & midday) ► SUNDAY: They wake up at 10:30h. Then they take the breakfast at the hotel, later they go to the Tower of London, from 11:00h to 14:00h(34.00£ total). Later, they take a taxi to Hyde Park Corner, meanwhile they are walking through the park they eat.
  5. 5. SECOND DAY IN LONDON! (afternoon & night) ► They go by taxi to madame tussaud’s museum (they arrive at 16:00h). Then at 19:30h, they go to the Dungeon, a terror show(it ends at 10:00h) (93,90 total). Later they go to Lindsay House, a romantic restaurant (21 Romilly St London, W1D 5AF, United Kingdom) (9-10minutes of Dungeon/madame tussaud’s). They have the dinner until 24:00h. Finally, they take a taxi to the hotel (9-10minutes).
  6. 6. THIRD DAY IN LONDON! ► Monday:they wake up at 9:00h and they go to harrots to buy clothes & souvenirs then, they go to picadilly circus and chinatown and they eat something there. Later they have to prepare the cases. But, before the leaving they go to watch the change of guard.
  7. 7. THE RETURN ► 21:30-22:55 (23:55 Spanish hour)
  8. 8. Useless phrases ► What hour is it?= quina hora es? ► How does it cost? (senyalant)= quant costa això? ► How can I go from (…) to (…)= com puc anar de(..) a (…) ► Can you take us to (…) ,please (taxi)= Ens pots portar fins a (…) en taxi, si us plau ► Can you speak spanish? = pots parlar español? ► There’s someone who speak spanish? = hi ha algú que parli espanyol?
  9. 9. Map of nord-west
  10. 10. Map of nord
  11. 11. Map of nord-est
  12. 12. Map of west ►
  13. 13. Map of center
  14. 14. Map of est
  15. 15. Map of south-west
  16. 16. Map of south
  17. 17. Map of south-est
  18. 18. Map of London
  19. 19. PRICES ► 1147.70 + 2078.29 +228.90 = 3454.89 £+meals+buy+taxis