2.17.10 ProjectFIND


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2.17.10 ProjectFIND

  1. 1. Kitchen Cost Analysis Prefab vs. Custom Built
  2. 2. Goals for the kitchen: 1. Sustainable structure 2. Provide an environment that promotes learning and discovery 3. Budget-friendly
  3. 3. Let’s explore our options… 1. Basic prefab structure 2. Sustainable prefab structure 3. Out of the box sustainable structure
  4. 4. VersaTube Garage Kit Basic prefab structure ∙Size: 20 ft. x 20 ft.= 400 sq. ft. ∙Cost: approx. $5,275 including garage and side doors
  5. 5. VersaTube Garage Kit Pros and Cons Pros: Cons: ∙Simple to construct ∙Materials not ∙Low-cost sustainable ∙Predictable design
  6. 6. Modern-Shed Studio Sustainable prefab structure ∙Size: 18 ft. x 12 ft.= 216 sq. ft. ∙Cost: approx. $19,172 which includes a $10,323 discount (not including renewable or recycled material options)
  7. 7. Modern-Shed Pros and Cons Pros: Cons: ∙Recycled and renewable ∙High base cost ($89/ material options (i.e. cork or sq. ft.) biodegradable linoleum ∙Recycled and renewable floor, recycled denim materials are an additional insulation, wood certified by cost the Forest Stewardship Council) ∙The largest studio available ∙Optional green roof is small compared to other ∙All parts come pre-painted options and structure is pre-insulated
  8. 8. Where do shipping containers go when they die?
  9. 9. Recycled Shipping Container Out of the box sustainable structure ∙Size: 40 ft. x 8 ft.= 320 sq. ft. ∙Cost: approx. $6,726
  10. 10. Recycled Shipping Container Continued… Students participating Students learning in a lesson in and outside alongside a chef of the structure
  11. 11. Recycled Shipping Container Cost Breakdown Item Source Cost/Unit (Tax Not Included) Quantity Total (Tax Not Included) Round Window #700 Direct e Purchase $240.08 5 $1,200.40 Shipping Container Hayes Trading Co. approximately $1,800 1 $1,800 Spray Insulation Foam it Green $1,369 1 $1,369 12'x5' Counter Shutters U.S. Door and Building Components $574.20 2 $1,148.40 Recycled Glass Tile Sheets (1'x1') Glass Tile Store $13 73.5 $956 8'x4' Bamboo Plywood Sheets for Counter Cali Bamboo $39 4 $156 Eco-Green Multi-purpose Cleaner (case) Daimer Industries $97 1 $97 TOTAL $6,726.30
  12. 12. Recycled Shipping Container Pros and Cons Pros: Cons: ∙The shipping container is a ∙Unknowns: we don’t really blank canvas- we have the know how much work is ability to make the kitchen as required to make the sustainable as possible container usable ∙The shipping container ∙Construction will take embodies the spirit of the longer than prefab options project because it is recycled ∙The base cost is low ∙Opportunities for individual material donations
  13. 13. Recap $25,000 $20,000 $15,000 $10,000 $5,000 $0 Basic Prefab Recycled Shipping Sustainable Prefab Structure Container Structure
  14. 14. The recycled shipping container meets our goals the best: 1. Sustainable structure- we can make it as sustainable as possible 2. Provides an environment that promotes learning and discovery 3. Budget-friendly Bottom Line: The recycled shipping container best projects our message of environmental awareness.