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Why Now?


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More information on why it is important to consider a Metro Government for the Memphis/Shelby County area.

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Why Now?

  1. 1. Why Now? Narrative Campaign If there was ever a time when doing nothing is not an option, it is now. That is doubly true for our economy. Jobs are in a downward spiral, we are not competing with major rivals like Nashville, Jacksonville, Indianapolis and Louisville that have modernized their governments, and we are losing the young professionals who attract jobs in the first place. We must act to change course and accept the fact that we are all in this together. doing nothing is NOT an option.
  2. 2. Why Now? Campaign for Government that We Trust Data-driven #10 48,000 32,687 CQ Press’ City people moved out of people 25-34 years old left crime-rate rankings Shelby County in the Shelby County (1990-2007) last 10 years taking #1 $1.9 Billion 14,359 college-educated people on FBI’s Violent in income with them over 25 years old left in Crime Ranking the last 8 years 2007 doing nothing is NOT an option.
  3. 3. Job Loss Message Job Loss The facts could not be clearer. In a ranking of jobs growth for the nation's largest regions, ours is in the bottom ten - #90. We have lost 17,000 jobs in the most recent 12-month period, and even more disturbing, we have lost an average of ten jobs a day for the past decade. In addition, in that same decade, our county lost 48,000 individuals and $1.9 billion in income. If we are to turn around our economy, we need government to be as streamlined, entrepreneurial and innovative as the economy in which we are trying to compete. That's exactly what this new charter does. doing nothing is NOT an option.
  4. 4. Job Loss Message Job Loss Jobs lost from April 2009 17,700 to April 2010 Jobs lost between March 2001 17,000 and March 2009 Jobs lost in the 34,700 past nine years doing nothing is NOT an option.
  5. 5. Out-Migration Message Out-Migration Without good paying jobs people will continue to move away from our community. And they are not just moving to other local counties…they are moving away and taking their tax dollars with them…leaving us to handle the tax burden. doing nothing is NOT an option.
  6. 6. Out-Migration Message IRS In/Out Migration
  7. 7. Out-Migration Expert Adviser/Endorser “Stephen Goldsmith, now deputy mayor of New York City and an expert on successful government, pointed out that Shelby County must attack troubling trends like the average daily loss of three middle-class families and five young professionals. Referring to Memphis and Shelby County's current governmental structure, Mr. Goldsmith said, "different governments are still focused on borders and boundaries, often creating a culture of confusion." The new charter solves this problem, creating a new government that is more efficient and that ends the duplication, waste and bureaucratic red tape that exist now with our two-headed system. That's why we say what the majority of people in our county know: “Doing nothing is not an option!” doing nothing is NOT an option.
  8. 8. Information taken from the cities’ official websites.
  9. 9. Information taken from the cities’ official websites.
  10. 10. Noah's Ark Government
  11. 11. Streamlined, Efficient Government
  12. 12. The Effects-Public Perception Self-image Message doing nothing is NOT an option.
  13. 13. Charter Message Main Points Stop waste & duplication / More efficient use of tax dollars Voice and vote over the entire Metro area–the county will get to vote on the Mayor, Council and MLGW Future of schools remain with the elected officials Neighborhood-based districts One economic face and plan to attract industry and jobs More federal funds for community improvements Stronger protections against tax hikes / 3 YEAR TAX CEILING Reposition Memphis/Shelby County nationally Strongest ethics rules in Tennessee No Memphis annexation without vote and no Memphis control over towns’ annexation reserve areas