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Pixelles Game Incubator 4 Info Session (2015-2016)


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Providing basic info on the Pixelles Game Incubator IV, including FAQ, introductions, and advice on your application.

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Pixelles Game Incubator 4 Info Session (2015-2016)

  2. 2. I nt r os Alicia Game Designer, Ubisoft PGI1 Alumna Kim Comic Artist, Love Love Hill PGI2 Alumna
  3. 3. Founder s Tanya Game Designer, Kitfox Games Rebecca UI Designer, Ubisoft
  4. 4. WHAT I S THI S? The Pixelles Game Incubator IV is a free, six week workshop designed to help women make their first video game. We’re giving the chance to ten women to become first-time game makers.
  5. 5. THE WORKLOAD 3 hours sessions, once a week (date TBD, Thursdays, Jan. to end Feb., 6pm to 9pm) ~6 hours “homework” per week (planning, work on your game, bugs, etc.) group work session once a week (Saturdays 2 to 5 pm, optional)
  6. 6. WE ARE HOSTED AT ( I n t hi s ver y r oom! )
  7. 7. TYPI CAL SESSI ON 1. 20-min Guest Mentor talk 2. 40-min Q&A / Discussion with Mentor 3. 15 min. break 4. Group work time / Playtest 5. “Housekeeping”
  8. 8. YOUR GAME Each participant will make a game of her own by the end of the six week program. You’ll have complete control over your game idea and what tool you want to use. You’ll get feedback from industry mentors, other participants, and the community.
  9. 9. TOOLS Focus on non-programming tools like: Stencyl, Game Salad, Game Maker Studio, Construct 2, Inform, Twine, etc ~ But you’re welcome to use anything you like for your game. It’s your game!
  10. 10. WHAT KI ND OF GAMES CAN I EXPECT TO MAKE? Play past years’ PGI games online at:
  11. 11. SHOWCASE At the end, you get to show off your game! Last year we had over 200 people come!
  12. 12. WHO CAN APPLY? Any woman! Artists, writers, grandmothers, teachers, nurses, programmers, cat groomers, videographers, dancers, etc. ~ Basically, if you have the passion and want to make your first game, you should apply!
  13. 13. Appl i cat i on Apply in english or french at: Be yourself! We <3 rambling applications. DEADLI NE November 30th at 11:59pm It’s a Monday night!
  14. 14. NOT ACCEPTED? You can still make a game! The Follow Along program allows you to make a game at home at your own pace. We’ll provide summaries of each session and we’ll be there to give you any support & feedback on your game! ALSO, your game may still be featured in the showcase!
  15. 15. QUESTI ON TI ME! ~ Don’t forget to apply online at: (deadline is November 30th, 11:59pm) PixellesMtl Pixelles group