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50678738 experiment-1


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50678738 experiment-1

  1. 1. EXPERIMENT GUIDE LINEName: __________________________________ (Lower 6) Academic year: 2006EXPERIMENT 1Topic: Volumetric Analysis – acid basePurpose: To determine the exact concentration of a mineral acid, HXO4, and to determine the relative atomicmass of the element X.Materials:  KA1 (a mineral acid, HXO4) -  KA2 (a solution containing 1.70 g of OH ions per dm3  Phenolphtalein as indicatorApparatus:  One 25 cm3 pipette and pipette filler  Three titration flasks  One 50 cm3 burette  One retort stand and clamp  One white tile  One wash bottle filled with distilled waterProcedure:  25.0 cm3 of KA2 is pipetted into a titration flask.  Two or three drops of phenolphtalein indicator are added to KA2.  KA2 solution and phenolphtalein indicator is titrated with KA1.  Readings are recorded in the table below.  The titration is repeated 3 times to achieve accurate results.Results: Accurate Titration number Rough 1 2 3 3 Final reading (cm ) Initial reading (cm3) Volume of KA1 (cm3) 24.50- 24.90 25.00 ± 0.2 25.00 ± 0.2 25.00 ± 0.2Calculate your average titre value showing the suitable titre valuesthat you use. Fill in your answer in the blanks in the following. Skill B (6 marks):Show all steps. (a) /2e.g.: Average titre value = ……………………….. = 25.0 cm3 (b) /225.0 cm3 of KA2 required ………………… cm3 of KA1 for a complete reaction. (c) /2Analysis:1. Calculate the concentration, in mol dm–3, of solution KA2. Ans: 0.10 mol dm–32. Write a balanced ionic equation for the reaction between solution KA1 and KA2.3. Calculate the concentration, in mol dm–3, of mineral acid HXO4, in solution KA1. Skill C (6 marks): –3 Ans: 0.10 mol dm4. If the concentration of mineral acid HXO4, in solution KA1 is 10.05 g dm–3, calculate the relative molecular mass of HXO4. Ans: 100.5 g mol–15. Using the answer to Question 4, determine the relative atomic mass ofelement X. Ans: 35.5 g mol–1
  2. 2. 6. Suggest an identity for element X. Ans: Chlorine, ClConclusion:1. Mineral acid HXO4, in solution KA1 is …………….. mol dm–3.2. The relative atomic mass of element X is ……………………… g mol–13. Therefore, KA1 is ………………….
  3. 3. SIJIL TINGGI PERSEKOLAHAN MALAYSIA (STPM) YEAR 2008/ 2009 SCHOOL-BASED ASSESSMENT OF PRACTICAL CHEMISTRY (PAPER 962/3)Name of school: SMK Kai Chung Centre number/ Index number: YFB 6301 /_____________Name of student: ______________________________Identity card number: ___________________________ Experiment Mark for skill tested Date Notes number A B C D E 1 2 3 5 6 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 17 19 20 Total Overall total markDECLARATION 1:I declare that the marks and information recorded above are true.Signature of teacher 1: ______________________ Name: Yeo Eng HockSignature of teacher 2: ______________________ Name: Ung Hie HuongSignature of teacher 3: ______________________ Name: ________________________DECLARATION 1:I confirm that the above declaration is true.Signature of Principal: ______________________ Date:Official stamp: