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  1. 1. MODAL AUXILIARY (can, may, should, must) Menyatakan Dapat diganti dengan She can run very fast Kemampuan (to be) + (able to) She is able to run fast Can Dapat / sanggup / mampu S + (can/could) + verb1 + … Menyatakan Dapat diganti dengan He can lend her book Izin (to be/) + (allowed/permitted to) He is allowed to lend her book Dapat diganti dengan She may run very fast Menyatakan Izin (to be/) + (allowed/permitted to) She is allowed to run fast May boleh / mungkin S + (may/might) + verb1 + … Menyatakan Dapat diganti dengan He may lend her book Kemungkinan Perhaps, possibly, probably, uncertain, not sure He is probably lend her book Should Nasehat / Dapat diganti dengan He should lend her book sebaiknya / seharusnya Saran / ought to He ought to lend her book S + (should) + verb1 + … Anjuran Dapat diganti dengan He must run very fast Kepastian (to be/) + (sure, believe, conclude, certainly) He certainly run very fast Must Harus / pasti / wajib S + (must) + verb1 + … Kewajiban Tidak dapat diganti He must study hard © Aidia Propitious 1
  2. 2. 1. A tiger … kill elephant 6. “Will you go with him?” this sentence means that … a. can a. you want to go with him b. can able to b. someone invites you to go with him c. are able too c. you are going with him d. can be able to d. someone is going with you 2. A hotel receptionist suggested that Hasan’s … to Borobudur 7. It’s very cold outside. If you don’t have a coat, you … borrow mine. a. must go a. shall b. should go b. should c. goes c. would d. be going d. may 3. Tono can’t make up his mind now. This sentence means that Tono is … 8. You can’t do the test if you don’t study a. healthful You … stay at home and study harder b. useful a. be able to c. doubtful b. should d. watchful c. would d. may 4. “All the students can answer the questions correctly,” means : All the questions are … 9. Mr. Hasan has a large house and two expensive cars. He … be rich. a. hard a. may b. difficult b. has c. easy c. must d. nice d. should 5. “May I borrow your pen?” From this sentence we know that the speaker … 10. “Mr. Giman has been in France for six years”. “Realy?”. “He … speaks a. asks you to borrow his pen France very well then”. b. wonders if you borrow his pen a. may c. wants to know if he borrows your pen b. is able to d. asks for permission to borrow our pen c. must d. should © Aidia Propitious 2
  3. 3. 11. It’s going to rain. You … bring an umbrella with you 16. Tina didn’t answer when I knocked at the door. She … sleeping a. shall a. must be b. will b. may be c. might c. can be d. should d. might have been 12. It’s very cold outside and you don’t have a raincoat, you … borrow mine 17. The teachers are allowed to smoke in the hall, means they … smoke in the a. might hall. b. would a. must c. will b. may d. must c. should d. might 13. They told me that they … like to go to the beach 18. It is not necessary for you to go, means … a. could a. you mustn’t go b. would b. you shouldn’t go c. will c. you needn’t go d. must d. you wont go 14. Tika asked her mother: “… I leave now?” 19. The oil was frozen. Mother couldn’t use it to fry the fish. I’m sure it … very a. ought to cold last night b. would a. will have been c. might b. would have been d. may c. should have been d. must have been 15. The poor girl looks so hungry and tired. Tell her that she … have some food a. will 20. Since he has already borrowed the book for months, … it right way b. would a. he’ll have returned c. should b. he would returned d. might c. he ought to return d. he had returned © Aidia Propitious 3