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  1. 1. CAUSATIVE VERB Causative digunakan apabila kita tidak mampu mengerjakan pekerjaan kita sendiri, sehingga menghendaki orang lain untuk melakukan sesuatu untuk kepentingan kita. Kalimat aktif : causative “have/had” diikuti Verb1 My parents always have me get up early in the morning Have/ Meminta, menyuruh, had menghendaki Kalimat pasif : causative “have/had” diikuti Verb 3 I want to have my parents always got me up in the morning Causative “make/made” hanya dalam kalimat aktif Dhane, your smile makes me think that I love you Make/ Meminta, membuat, made menyebabkan Kata kerja setelah “make/made” adalah Verb1 The math teacher could made all the students concentrate Mengijinkan, Causative “let” hanya dalam kalimat aktif Her parents let Ani drive a car to school Let memperbolehkan, biarkan Kata kerja setelah “let” adalah Verb1 Does your mother let you eat at KFC? Causative “help” hanya dalam kalimat aktif Please help me finish this homework Help Membantu, menolong Kata kerja setelah “help” adalah Verb1 Could you help me find my earrings Causative “get” bermakna aktif jika diikuti kata kerja to + verb1 Rosalia usually gets her mother to fry some eggs Causative “get” bermakna pasif juka diikuti Verb3 Menghendaki, Get/got Rosalia usually gets her mother to fried some eggs menyuruh Penggunaan get, gets, atau got disesuaikan dengan subject kalimat Rosalia got the eggs fried by her mother - Present = get/gets - Past = got Catatan : semua type causative verb harus disesuaikan dengan tense-nya. TERUS PERDALAM MATERI TENSE ANDA !!!! © Aidia Propitious 1
  2. 2. 1. Mr. Tanaka would like to have his car … at the repair shop 6. The man wanted to have the car next to his … backward a. to repair a. park b. be repaired b. to be parked c. be repairing repaired c. move d. will be repaired d. to move e. moved 2. Mr. Ahmad got the students … their test before 10:00 a. to finish 7. The young man is too foolish to cut his hair himself so he … b. finished a. wants to comb it c. be finished b. wants to wash it d. finish c. wants to dye it e. must finish d. has it cut e. has cut it 3. Mr. Bardi had his house … 8. You will have to get your father … to the bookstore. You need to buy some a. to paint books b. be painted a. to make you c. repainted b. to take you d. to be repainted c. taking you e. to paint d. to send you 4. “Novi”, would you like to close the window?” Clara said. In other words, we e. to buy you can say, that… 9. If you don’ have time to write all those letters, you can … a. clara needs to open the window a. write them now b. novi needs the windows to be opened b. get to write them now c. novi asked clara to close the window c. have them written now d. clara asked novi to open the window d. type them now e. clara had the window closed e. have them to be written 5. The story of the movie has made me … my life too much 10. The man had his car washed because it was very dirty. This sentence a. to think about means that … b. think about a. the man washed the car c. thought about b. the man is washing his car now d. thinking about c. the man was washing his car e. to be thought of d. because it was dirty, the man washed his car e. someone washed the car for the man © Aidia Propitious 2
  3. 3. 11. It is impossible for us to translate the whole book within 2 weeks. So we … 16. This cake is delicious’ is it home made? You know it wasn’t, … a. have to translate it all by ourselves a. I baked it myself b. have someone help us b. Lucy asked me to bake it c. have translated the whole book c. it was I who bake it d. have been asked to translate it d. I had Lucy bake it e. have given all translation to the assistant e. I had to bake it 17. The authorities couldn’t help having the banks … 12. My little brother had scattered all his toys on my bed, so I had him … it a. to close down a. clean b. are closed down b. to clean c. closed down c. cleaned d. close down d. be cleaning e. have to be closed e. to be cleaned 18. The disaster had made a lot of people in the region … 13. If you plan to have a long trip, you must … a. lose a. have checked the car b. loss b. have had the car checked c. lost c. to have the car checked d. have to lost d. have the car checked e. had lost e. have been checked the car 19. The building was burnt. The owner wants to get it … a. rebuilt 14. She has grown up now. She needs to have her old pants … b. to rebuild a. longer c. rebuilding b. length d. is rebuilt c. lengthened e. is to rebuilt d. bigger e. very long 20. The woman wants to have the police … the thief. a. to arrest 15. The curtains are dirty; we … at the dry-cleaner b. arresting a. must have washed them c. is to arrest b. have washed them d. arrested c. must have them washed e. will arrest d. are washing them e. washing them © Aidia Propitious 3