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Personal System Biology


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Personal System Biology

  1. 1. Empowering data driven health.Discovering & OptimizingYour Personal System Biology
  2. 2. E(exposures)N(nutrition)L(lifestyle)RESPONSEM(metabolic response)SYSTEMG(genetics)fG(E,N,L)= MINPUTS21st Century = System Biology
  3. 3. 1206030 40 50Rectangularize Your Aging Curveagehealth0 60 120Shifting LanesWhich lane are you in? Theearlier you start, the morechoice of lanes you have.Age and health are differentmeasurements!
  4. 4. *CrossFit Training Guide, pg19• Blood pressure• Body Fat• Bone Density• Triglycerides“Fitness”“Wellness”“Sickness”• Good & Bad Cholesterol• Flexibility• Muscle Mass• Etc.Based on measurements ofOur assumption is that if everything we can measure about health will conform tothis continuum then it seems that sickness, wellness, and fitness are differentmeasurements of a single quality: health.The Health Continuum*
  5. 5. As time goes by…The quantity of diagnostic dataincreases exponentially, whilethe cost to deliver diagnosticsdecreasesThe Golden Age of Measurement
  6. 6. 1990 2000 2010Total CholesterolA single numberHDL / LDLMeasurements of both goodand bad cholesterol levelsAdvancedFractionsDetailed numbers on typesof fat, proteins and formsof cholesterolof data needed for accurate diagnosis and healthmanagement is contained in blood chemistry70%Due to huge scientific advances in diagnostics over the past 25 years, we now haveunprecedented abilities to predict and manage an individual’s risk of a wide range oflifestyle and other diseasesDeeply Predictive Diagnostics
  7. 7. Blood ChemistryIncredible Information, Currently InaccessibleBlood chemistry data is extremelyvaluable for wellness andprevention, not just treating disease.Over 75% of US adults have low levelsof Vitamin D, associated withincreased risk of cardiovasculardisease, cancer and infectionArch Intern Med. 2009;169(6):626-63250% of heart attack patients admittedto the hospital have normal HDL andLDL levelsAm Heart J. 2009 Jan;157(1):111-11Morethan1in10Americanshaveundiagnosedthyroiddisease,commonlycausingfatigueandweightgainMurdoc Khaleghi, MD30-45% of female endurance athletesare iron deficient, which cannegatively affect performanceMed Sci Sports Exerc 1998, 20:116-121 and 1998, 30:S70However, it is extremely difficult forconsumers to access and act upon thisvaluable information
  8. 8. Dynamically Changing EnvironmentOver the next 24 months, 10’s of Millions people will participatein the individual health services marketplaceCarriers must insure bylaw and people must beinsured by lawPrevention oriented services akey component of ACAMandated federally or at statelevel like in MA, depending onpolitical landscapeOrganizations adaptingthe way they providehealth services, definedcontributionsPrivate and Governmentsponsored exchangesMore and more peoplebuying health servicesdirectlyAffordable Care Act and Consumer Health Landscape