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"I thought you'd be taller": building a larger-than-life online presence


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About Derangement and Description, an archives-themed webcomic, and building a personal brand as a humorist.

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"I thought you'd be taller": building a larger-than-life online presence

  1. 1. "I thought you'd be taller": building a larger-than-life online presence Rebecca Goldman La Salle University January 30, 2013 All comics in this presentation (CC) Rebecca Goldman
  2. 2. Derangement and Description
  3. 3. Why a webcomic? • Webcomics are the best! • No other archives webcomics • All my good ideas about archives are best expressed in webcomic form
  4. 4. The early days
  5. 5. Low expectations • Free website (no domain name) • Low-quality images • No consistent style • Anonymous BRANDING FAIL
  6. 6. Creating a persona
  7. 7. Coming out
  8. 8. Getting on Twitter
  9. 9. Going Creative Commons
  10. 10. “You draw the comics, right?” http://
  11. 11. “You’re a cartoon character, right?”
  12. 12. Getting personal
  13. 13. Getting political
  14. 14. Getting serious about new archivists…
  15. 15. …but not too serious.
  16. 16. DnD and me
  17. 17. Find your niche “A Parka Squirrel Burrows near the West Bank of the Sagavanirktok River”
  18. 18. Find out if you’re funny
  19. 19. Put a domain name on it “Franco-British carrier ready to be released to carry a long distance message”
  20. 20. Know your audience
  21. 21. Embrace use and reuse I Love the Archives by jewishmuseummd
  22. 22. More product, less process Washington, D.C. Rotary postage stamp press at the United States Bureau of Engraving and Printing
  23. 23. My online presence(s) Blog: Personal site: Twitter: @DerangeDescribe IR: SNAP Roundtable: archives-professionals-snap-roundtable