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Tips for startup leadership.

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Ebootcamp Stanford april21_2013

  1. 1. Rebeca Hwang | YouNoodleApril 21, 2013Rebeca@younoodle.comTwitter: @rebecahwangStanford e-Bootcamp Final Day
  2. 2. Ryan Marschang (Invisergy, USA)2012 e-Bootcamp WinnerAIChE Donald F. and Mildred ToppOthmer National ScholarshipHe is an investor at First Round Capital’s DormRoom FundFeatured on CNBC Finance
  3. 3. Hernando Zurutia (Hazfutbol, Peru)2012 e-Bootcamp Finalist“For me, coming from a small country and a college sodifferent, the impact was extraordinary. Theknowledge gathered from the program isimmeasurable. Now that I’m back here, I feel like acomplete expert in entrepreneurial topics andthink I’m able to lead other students like me ontheir path for making new business.”
  4. 4. Ignacio Ayanz (ALP GROUP S.A, Argentina)2012 e-Bootcamp Participant“Getting to meet real investors with real objectives anddifferent frames of mind, was one of the most usefulexperiences I had during this program. Also, meetingfellow entrepreneurs, with all kinds of projects andideas was a most enriching experience, not onlybecause of the path every entrepreneur shares, butalso because of their different strategic visions,depending, among other things, on their nativecountry.”
  5. 5. Fabricio Meuller, (V3D Studios, Brazil)2012 e-Bootcamp Participant“My participation at E-Bootcamp was a life changeexperience. I had an incredible opportunity tomeet people from all around the world, to buildfriendships, to gain a lot of knowledge, to meetincredible entrepreneurs and to visit successfulcompanies.”
  6. 6. Homework1. Build a billion dollar company2. Keep in touch, become the ‘ebootcamp mafia’3. Pay it forward in your local ecosystem
  7. 7. Homework 11. Build a billion dollar company Motivation management Information management Network management
  8. 8. Homework 11. Build a billion dollar company Motivation management How to pay less and get 110%? How are entrepreneurs’ motivations differentfrom corporate types? Information management Network management
  9. 9. Yes you can
  10. 10. Credit: Startup of YouMotivation: Startup employees are different
  11. 11. Personality traits of successful entrepreneurs
  12. 12. Personality Traits: Obsession “Passionate”  Obsessed “ADD”  Insatiably curious “Rebellious”  Healthy irreverence to authority “Impatience”  Action oriented
  13. 13. Personality Traits: Curious and “lucky”
  14. 14. Personality Traits: Resourcefulness
  15. 15. Intrinsic vs. Extrinsic Motivation
  16. 16. Need for achievement vs. independence
  17. 17. Personality Traits translation “Passionate”  Obsessed “ADD”  Insatiably curious “Rebellious”  Healthy irreverence to authority “Impatience”  Action oriented, Resourceful
  18. 18. “And then there is the most dangerous risk of all -- the risk of spending yourlife not doing what you want on the bet you can buy yourself the freedom todo it later.” - Randy KomisarIt’s about enjoying it.
  19. 19. Homework 11. Build a billion dollar company Motivation management Information management Flexible persistence: To pivot or not to pivot Which customer do I listen to? Network management
  20. 20. Know what you don’t know
  21. 21. Expansive vs.Converging minds
  22. 22. Flexible PersistenceCredit: Startup of You
  23. 23.  People leaves bosses, not jobs The main source of anxiety at work is uncertaintyDecrease effect of information uncertaintyCEO = Chief Emotional Officer
  24. 24. Use small risks to gather informationCredit: Startup of You
  25. 25. Credit: Startup of YouInformed risk taking
  26. 26. Homework 22. Keep in touch, become the ‘ebootcamp mafia’ Help fellow e-Bootcampers Increase e-Bootcamp’s brand equity
  27. 27. Join the e-Bootcamp MafiaPeter Thiel, Elon Musk, Max Levchin, Roelof Botha, Chad Hurley, Steve Chen,Jawed Karim , Jeremy Stoppelman, Russel Simmons , Premal ShahSpace XTeslaLinkedinSlideYelpDiggFlickrNingYouTubeFacebookKiva
  28. 28. To be successful, you don’t need to know everything, you just need to knowwho knows whatCredit: Startup of YouThe e-Bootcamp Mafia
  29. 29. Credit: Startup of You
  30. 30. Homework 33. Pay it forward in your local ecosystem local events share the network you build during this week help recruit 2014 participants
  31. 31. A rising tide lifts all boats
  32. 32. GDP: Startups founded by MIT founders generateannual revenues of 2 trillion. (Kauffman study, 2009)Jobs: net employment creation in the US over the last30 years is predominantly lead by startups that areyounger than 5 years old. (Kauffman study, 2010)Startups can change entire economies
  33. 33. An immersion program in high-tech entrepreneurshipJULY 1-26, 2013Silicon Valley, USA
  34. 34. Join Us for YouNoodle Camp 2013!YouNoodle Camp is a four-week program dedicated tohelping global entrepreneurs take their ideas from aprototype to a new venture…the Silicon Valley way!
  35. 35. A Global Program with High ImpactLast year, there were…13 countries represented includingMexico, Malaysia, Iceland, Colombia,Canada, and South Korea.Top international competitionwinners represented: StartupMalaysia, Intel Challenge LatinAmerica and Stanford E-Bootcamp12 start-up visits and discussionswith key decision makers and CxOsat Y Combinator, Yammer, Google,Yelp, Facebook and more11 special networking events4 weeks of fun personal andprofessional growth in SF!
  36. 36. Objectives1. Immerse participants in the SiliconValley entrepreneurial culture2. Teach participants the fundamentals ofhigh tech entrepreneurship aspioneered in Silicon Valley3. Connect entrepreneurs to resources,thought leaders, and serialentrepreneurs4. Help build and refine startups by theend of the programYouNoodle Camp ObjectivesTalking toProduct Managersat FacebookPitching toVentureCapitalists
  37. 37. Program Components You Can ExpectHigh-touchMentorshipfrom Silicon Valleyexperts to developyour idea.Startup Visitscustomized to game-changing companies,incubators, andstartupsVIP NetworkingEventsto build long-lastingbridges to SiliconValley.Panels & Workshopsto help with ideation,companylaunch/growth, andfunding opportunities.Widespread impact and social capital value – this is notyour typical classroom experience!
  38. 38. Summary: YouNoodle Camp helps startupsgrowFundamentals• Lectures• Workshops• PanelsPractice &Immersion• NetworkingEvents• Company Visits• Fun in SF!Mentorship• VentureCapitalists• EntrepreneursPitch DayAll teams willpitch theirfinal projectsto VCs andseasonedentrepreneurs.
  39. 39. Credit: Startup of You
  40. 40. THANK YOUrebeca@younoodle.com@rebecahwang