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Stella sml


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Stella sml

  1. 1. remix london
  2. 2. “An interactive cross-platform digital application that allows users to remix Stella McCartney’s latest collection promo video and share with friends.” “An interactive cross- platform digital application that allows users to remix Stella McCartney’s latestcollection promo video and share with friends.”
  3. 3. 5 Models5 Iconic London locations5 Looks5 Accessories5 Soundtracks provided by LondonBands/Musicians
  4. 4. Taking inspiration from Stella’s London roots and connection to the capital, the promotional video for her new collection campaign will feature models shot in different collection ‘looks’ and featuring key collection accessories. The backdrop of the shoots will feature iconic ‘cool’ London scenery.
  5. 5. The key digital promotion piece for the collection will bea video remix application that will allow users the abilityto direct their own collection promotional video.
  6. 6. Users log into the application(connecting through email/facebook/twitter to provide deeperintegration and data collection forStella McCartney) and be shown anumber of clips featuring eachmodel, in each location, wearingeach ‘look’ and carrying eachaccessory. Using 5 combinations ofthese will require 625 video‘clips’, each of around 4 secondseach.
  7. 7. Users will then be able to filter by location, model, lookand accessory and add up to 5 of the pre-made clips into their own timeline creating their own ‘remix’ of the collectionpromotional video. Each clip can be moved around the timeline allowing the user to position them within the video and title scenes will be automatically generated at the start and end of each of the user-generated promotional remixes.
  8. 8. Music can then be added by theuser allowing them to furthercustomize the feel of thepromotional video. Instagramstyle effects can also belayered onto the end video,again to further enhance thecustomization and remix aspectof the digital campaign.
  9. 9. Once the video is completed the user will share the video through facebook/twitter/social media allowing their friends to view their remix and encourage their friends to create their own. It is hoped that this aspect along with a call to action such as ‘My Stella remixvideo – create your own remix at’ will induce a viral aspect into the remix video campaign.
  10. 10. By allowing users to remix theirown promotional campaign video,a deeper connection with thebrand will be produced and withthe added viral potential of thevideos, a strong and wide-reaching user base will becreated.
  11. 11. The campaign will span both desktop/laptop and tablet providing a seamless cross- platform experience.Exclusive content such as enhanced looks, secret locations and extended video effects can also be purchased on the tablet applications (such as iPad) through in-app purchases.
  12. 12. A competition aspect can also beincluded whereby the most amount ofshares/links/views generated by theuser remixed videos from thecampaign will be rewarded with anexclusive access trip to the StellaMcCartney fashion week show inLondon and limited editioncollection pieces inspired by thecampaign.
  13. 13. remix london