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We are one of the dynamic player engaged in Manufacturing & Supplyingof all kinds of Material Handling Equipments.

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Cl rebellindia(1)

  1. 1. CompanyprofileWe REBELL ENGINEERS PVT. LTD. is one of the leadingDesigner and Manufacturer of Material handling Equipments andSystems on turnkey basis in the field of Industries like sugar, cement,mines, Fertilizer, food, Milk, Paper, Chemical Steel and Auto Sector.Also provides consultancy in designing Press Tools . Company hasintents to grow the business by continuously upgrading the quality byimplementingqualitymanagement system.MissionTo achieve market leadership with customer satisfaction byproviding innovative, cost effective and high quality systems andequipmentsin the domesticandinternationalmarkets.LocationWe are located in Sangli within prime industrial belt - M.I.D.C.Kupwad, Plot No. L-42- having 23000 sq. ft. area which is 40 k.m. awayfrom NH.4 Hightway, 10 k.m. from Miraj railway junction & 225 k.m. fromPune(asnearestairport)Infrastructure0Inordertomeetsetgoals,wearecommitted todo 360 innovationsin our Products and services. We have well equipped Design andDevelopment Department, Machine Shop and Quality ControlDepartment withR&D. Alsohavingoverheadcranes of 5ton capacity-2 nos. with advanced fabrication shop under the supervision of highlyefficient & experienced management. Also Serving through ourcomputerized and advance equipped office for better Communicationand service provision.Re ellb
  2. 2. • Belt Conveyor Systems• Return Bagasse Carrier ( RBC ) And Elevators• Bucket Elevators• En-Masse Conveyor Systems ( Chain Conveyor Systems )• Overhead Bag Handling Systems• Ash Handling Systems• Screw Conveyors• Bucket Elevators• Coal Crusher• Bag Stackers• Portable Belt Conveyors• Bagasse Bale Breakers• Silo Bag Stitching Conveyors / Slat Conveyors• Roller Conveyors• Spares for all conveyorsRe ellbENGINEERS PVT. LTD.ConveyorsOverHeadBagHandlingAshHandlingErectionOur wide Range of Systems & ProductsMaterial Handling SystemsMaterial Handling Equipments
  3. 3. Bulk MaterialBelt Conveyors are used for handling bulk materialsuch as Bagasse,Ash, Coal, Stone Crusher, Sand, Salt,Bauxite, Loose Sugar, Mud, etc. Our range ofmanufacturing belt conveyors from 5 ton / hour to 1000ton / hour, depending upon the customers requirement.Our belt conveyor systems are more economical andtroublefreeperformance.Return Bagasse carriers & Elevators are used forhandling loose bagasse for co-generation and sugarmill.Ourrangeofreturnbagassecarrierfrom5ton/hourto 200 ton / hour. These systems are used in Sugar Mill,Co-Generation, Starch Plant, processing units &commonlyforbagassefeedingtoboiler.Bucket Elevators are used for elevating fertilizer,Loose Sugar, Grain, Foundry Sand, Coal, Bagasse, etc.We are manufacturing both belt type (Twin Leg) andchain type (Self Supported) Elevators. Our belt typebucket elevators are modular & compact in design, lowpower consumption, smooth in operation. Capacityrangingfrom5ton/hourto100ton/hour.Screw Conveyors are used for handling Sand,Grain, Sugar, Fertilizer, Seeds and Ash etc. Capacity ofscrew conveyors ranging from 5 ton / hour to 60 ton /hour.Screwconveyorsarerequiredinvariousplantslikecattle feed, sugar factory, Starch, Chemical, FertilizerPlants etc. Our screw conveyors are very efficient andsafeinoperation.Belt Conveyor SystemsReturn Bagasse Carrier & ElevatorsBucket ElevatorsScrew Conveyors
  4. 4. Re ellbEn–mass Conveyors can be used for handlinggrain, rice,Agro vet raw material, Fertilizers etc. our En -mass conveyors are compact in design, low powerconsumption and dust free operation. Capacity rangingfrom5ton/hourto150ton/hour.( Chain Conveyor Systems )Handling SystemsFor handling of steached bags of sugar, cement or otherequivalent material, stitching conveyors are used. ReBELL designedspecially developed stitching conveyor system having durability,strength & generally used under Silo M/C & capacity is 500 to 800bages/hr. Slat conveyors are used for handling scrap, casting in foundrymoulds• Specially designed & developed chain & chain spares compare toconventional chain. Our Chain have Link thk. 5 mm & Pitch 76.2 mm• Slat are also designed & developed for withstand at heavy capacity &without nylon rollers to avoid failure at heavy working conditions.• Specially deigned control panel for smooth & Efficient working ofconveyor with paddle operated switches.HighlightsEn-Mass Conveyor SystemsSilo Bag Stitching Conveyors / Slat ConveyorsStiching conveyorcontrol Panel withall SwitchesOverhead Bag Handling SystemsOverhead Bag Handling system is generallydone by belt conveyors & slat conveyors. Stiched bages ofvarious materials like Sugar or Cement etc. are handledfrom sugarhouse to godowns (i.e. 50kg. to 100kg bags) Inother cases for handling bulk material (Baggasse or CoalorAsh) overhead conveyor systems are preferred. Benefitof overhead system is system will not disturb anytransportation (internal) in the plant premises. GenerallyElevating & lowering overhead bag handling systems areprovidedbyus.Bag Stackers / Portable Belt ConveyorTo reduce the man power and for stacking the bagsin godowns stackers are used. The equipment consistsframe fabricated from ISA 40X5 & ISA 25X5 mounted onchassis which is fixed on ADV tyres. Winch system isprovidedforlifting andloweringtheframe.Stackerisusedforhandling grain, Fertilizer and Sugar bags. Truck loader isspeciallyusedforloadingthetruck.
  5. 5. Heat ExchangerTipically developed Bagasse Bale Breaker usedfor co-generation Plants For refidding of bagasse forboilers. Bagasse Bale Breaker Wide range 5TPH to15TPHBagasse Bale BreakersRe ellbENGINEERS PVT. LTD.CoalThe crushing process is like this, after the material were put intothe crushing machine, they broken by high-speed rotationhammer, the broken material obtained the kinetic energy from thehammer , toward the frame body from the high-speed shutter,screen bar, hit each other at the same time, was broken severaltimes, the material less than the screen bar discharged from thegap, the individual larger materials shocked again by the impacthammer, grinding, squeezing and crushing, the material force outby hammer from the gap, Thereby achieve the desired particlesizeoftheproduct.crusher is mainly broken the material by the shock.Coal crusherHeat Exchanger basically air cooled, heat exchangers aremanufactured by quality tubes having spiral wounded SS,MS & CU fins. The fined tubes of different pitch distancefines are utilized as per design factor which directly resultsin efficiency & smooth running of the light weight. Thesetubes will be arranged in such a way that the air flow heatless is minimum with maximum face area. The temp of airwill be raised using saturated steam i. e. with minimumsteamconsumption.Roller ConveyorsWe are manufacturing of gravity and chaintype roller conveyors for handling casting,Cartoons, Fiber Board, Moulding box, crates,cans,&inPackingLine
  6. 6. Conveyors Chains & Slats• Stackers chains of pitch 66.67mm, 70mm, 75mm,76.2mm• RBC chains of pitch - 100mm, 150mm, 229mm & allswilling attachments• Stitching Conveyor, Stitching Chains specially designed& development chains.• En - mass chains.• Idlers rollers (MS & HDP) of various specifications• Buckets for bucket elevators.• Clits are specially design & developed in press part.Rather than conventional casting clits.• Return Bagasse Carriers Slats, ( RBC Slats ), StackersSlats of various specifications, stitching slats.• Cane Carrier slats with all profiles• Fabricated rakes for bagasse HandlingSpares for all ConveyorsAll types of ChainsDrumBucketTruff BracketRBC SlatIdler RollerRake For Inter CarrierRake For Rake CarrierWalk WayWalk WayStitching Conveyor Slat
  7. 7. Mission Rebell ......