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How Energy Saving Can Work For Lighthouse


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I am still trying to help prevent the company I work for from making some key strategic decisions that can assist in making the company thrive. This was my initial result. As soon as I can I will update it and hopefully make it better.

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How Energy Saving Can Work For Lighthouse

  1. 1. How energy saving can work for lighthouse A new perspective for new times By Issa Baisden I.T. intern
  2. 2. Introduction The problem: • Lighthouse uses a lot of energy that can be saved. • It is not in a position to make economic mistakes that could cause it to go under. • Policies that could save money, could be implemented that would increase the output of Lighthouse and help put them it in a more stable position. • Lighthouse has had to make cuts on jobs but has not made cuts in other areas. • The White Plains branch was closed. • No new employees are to be hired unless approved as essential by the President. • No new ideas have been forthcoming about how to save the company. Positives achieved • Lighthouse has begun renting floor space to increase income. • The low vision center has been moved downstairs to entice new customers and provide a new face to the company. • Many Volunteers and interns are being used to do the jobs that full-time employees would do.
  3. 3. Energy The rising cost of energy has lead to a sharp increase in the expenses of companies in the Manhattan area. Con Edison is charging much more than they should for energy production which has lead to a spiral in cost and job cutting in many companies. The Manhattan project has revealed many of the details of how we can save energy and go green using new technologies and new ideas. Ambit, the electricity company that has begun providing power to companies in the Manhattan area has a remarkably lower rate on generation of electricity. ( Con-Edison-9178852179) By switching the company we can save 4.2% on energy costs. ( ) We can save much more energy by implementing policies that can save energy on a daily basis. Employees have not been trained in how to conserve energy. Simple tactics like; turning off the computer after work and switching off the surge protectors can drastically add to how much energy can be saved. We need to be careful in implementing these policies. Because devices like computers have inductive electronics in them which means that they cost less to turn on and off rather than leaving them on all day. ( ) A proper analysis of the equipment in the facility can prove very useful in determining how to cut energy costs. Simple appliances like chargers and clocks, when left on during peak time can significantly add to the amount of energy wasted per day.
  4. 4. New technology can help monitor how much energy is being used and how it can be saved. There are also simple, cost- effective ways to help save on consumption and aid in reducing costs. Insulating water heaters, pipes and other systems, using ceiling fans and, sealing cracks in a building’s infrastructure all lead ultimately to the decrease in energy consumption. ( action=howTo&p=Improve/HomeEnergyEfficient.html ). However, the greatest addition to any energy saving or conservation plan is new policies.
  5. 5. Policies By adjusting existing policy and creating new policy we can save energy and other resources that will help Lighthouse to stay afloat in these troubled times. During “The Great Depression” the innovators of industries were the companies that stayed alive. In today’s economic crisis it is hard to imagine that circumstances have changed much. Traditional policies and methods of dealing with problems cannot solve the problems we are facing. New policies and new ideas must therefore come to the forefront in dealing with the situation. Suggestions New Policy 1: The energy policy needs to be revamped. How: Survey the building to come up with new ways to save energy. Educate employees about how to save energy at work. Ask for new ideas from the staff New Policy 2: New ideas need to be encouraged How: Encourage employees with new ideas by providing incentives for ideas that will work. Dedicate some resources towards investigating new ideas. Hire diverse people to work for the company that can provide diverse ideas and can add to the quality of the company.
  6. 6. Solutions Employees and “possibles” Currently there exists a situation where volunteers are asked to do jobs that permanent staff is required for. By recruiting and training possible employees and then letting them go, we are creating a waste of resources. A secondary opportunity can allow Lighthouse to retain the services of its best trainees while still not paying for full-time employment. A new class of positions can be created whereby interns and volunteers can be hired under a stipend system if they have completed a certain number of hours and are assessed as being worthy of a job. Creating yet another tier of workers can also add to the quality of the employee output. Part-time workers can provide services without being paid at full-time rate. These initiatives would: • Inspire volunteers, trainees and part-time workers to work harder to get up the ranks • Work hand in hand with the idea policy to inspire and encourage employees to work for the company. • Cut costs from having a full compliment of full-timed employees New jobs A team of capable individuals can be trained to assess the needs of the organization and assess the ideas of the staff. They will be responsible for finding new economic ideas that could aid Lighthouse and would facilitate necessary changes.