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We work as Engineering consultants. We offer consultancy in the field of Property Development, Construction Management and Quantity Surveying. We also do Cost Estimation & Project Reports.

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Profile - Rebekka Realty Pvt. Ltd.

  1. 1. PROFILE REBEKKA REALTY PVT. LTD. PROPERTY DEVELOPMENT,CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT, PROJECT REPORTS, COST ESTIMATION, QUANTITY SURVEYING ANDCOLLABORATOR Regd. Office: C-3/162, Janakpuri, New Delhi-110058 Email ID: Web address: Property Development Construction Management Property Development, Construction Management and Collaborator. Project Reports Cost Estimation Collaborator Page 1
  2. 2. Under the umbrella of Rebekka Realty Pvt. Ltd. we offer consultancy services in the field of Property Development, Construction Management to Real estate Developers/ Property Developers right from conceptual stage of project to Marketing, Design development, Sales, Promotional contents, Advertising content, Sales through Channel partners, Planning, Scheduling & monitoring of complete project through all stages of construction until handing over of the project. We also undertake exclusive jobs of Quantity Surveying, Cost Estimates and Project Reports. Our services are staggered in four stages: Branding & Promotion of the group Pre-Construction Construction management Post Construction Property Development, Construction Management and Collaborator. Page 2
  3. 3. BRANDING Brand management is the application of marketing techniques to a specific product & name of organization. Brand is the personality that identifies a Brand is the personality that identifies a company (name, term, sign, symbol, or design, or combination of them) and how it relates to key constituencies: customers, staff, partners, investors etc. It is done through Predictive Analysis: Analyze past performance to assess how likely a product/ customer is to exhibit a specific behavior in the future in order to improve marketing effectiveness. We must analyze and understand the products in demand or have the potential for high demand, predict customer's buying habits in order to promote relevant products at multiple touch points, and proactively identify and mitigate issues that have the potential to lose customers or reduce their ability to gain new ones. Public Relations Advertising & Media planning Events & Exhibitions Direct Marketing Channel Partner relationship management Perception Management Web-Designing Web Development Search Engine Optimization Social Media Optimization Article submissions on product etc. We keep track of the effectiveness of every branding campaign to measure the return on investment. We make sure your branding investment brings the best results. Property Development, Construction Management and Collaborator. Page 3
  4. 4. PRE – CONSTRUCTION Design Management, Coordination with Design consultants to ensure development of design. Procurement/ Commercial Strategy. Assist Client in development of methodology and planning for appointment of consultants and contractors. Empanelment of Architect & their scope of work Empanelment of Structural consultant & their scope of work Empanelment of MEP Consultant & their scope of work Empanelment of Landscape Architect & their scope of work DESIGN MANGEMENT: To establish the clients design requirements & to develop a management strategy for the project. To establish the milestone for deliverables and the roles and responsibilities of the consultants and assist with the formulating of the terms of appointment of consultants. To advice the client with respect to the timely appointment of consultants. To co-ordinate with the consultants responsible for design. To ensure consultants meet their contractual obligations. To ensure consultants out-put meets client’s requirements and the project schedule. To manage design change effectively by evaluation of technical, time & cost of proposed changes while maintaining the quality. Property Development, Construction Management and Collaborator. Page 4
  5. 5. OUR PROJECT SPECIFIC ROLE IN DESIGN MANAGEMENT Our role as we understand it is to ensure the following: Record the client’s design brief. Assist the client in appointing the consultants and establish their roles & responsibilities so that the milestone deliverables from the consultants, which are expected for the construction of the project, are not affected. Check that the deliverables submitted by the consultants are in accordance with the already approved concept drawings and client design briefs. Check that the drawing and documents produced by the various consultants are properly coordinated and can be issued to site as “Good for Construction”. Stringently monitor the design deliverables by the consultants as against the committed target dates/ milestones and quality standards. Keep a check on design changes and highlight those to the client which may adversely impact time, quality and cost. Our Understanding/ Assumptions Statutory approval shall be responsibility of client and this would be available well in advance so that it doesn’t hinder scheduled date for commencement of work at site as well as construction progress. Other than reviewing the progress of approval process and assisting liaison consultant/ employee to get technical inputs from other consultants, if any, PMC will not be having any role in Approval process. Underground utilities are not considered as existing. Scope of work of consultants shall be finalized in consent with Rebekka Realty. Site security, local issues/ neighboring problems will be handled by Client. Categories of Development have been considered as majorly Residential & Commercial. Property Development, Construction Management and Collaborator. Page 5
  6. 6. CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT The natures of Tasks undertaken by us are following: Project feasibility, including Cost estimate. Scrutiny & Coordination of Design & Drawing work. Quantity Surveying Estimating & budgeting costs Processing prequalification of Construction agencies Tendering & awarding contract to the recommended bidder Designing Project organizational chart for executing works Developing standard operating systems and procedure's Planning management, Develop Master Schedules, agree with client, give target to consultants and contractors, monitor and report. Commercial Management. Monitor cost against defined budget. Developing detailed construction plans and project schedules Developing performance - measuring standards Controlling of Project time, Cost & Quality Administration of Contracts Supervision of Works. Property Development, Construction Management and Collaborator. Page 6
  7. 7. PROCUREMENT/ COMMERCIAL STRATEGY Procurement Strategy Confirm best 1.Cost Requirements value 2.Technical Requirements Procurement 3.Execution Requirements Objectives Identify and analyze risks Identify and analyze constraints Consider Procurement options Recommende d optimum procurement plan 1.Projected market activity 2.Supplier & Contractor Capabilities 3.Material availability 4.Lead times 5.Design and construction coordination 1.Cash flow budget 2. Logistics, working hrs. and environmental 3.Design and construction PERT charts 4.Project team preferences 5.Interfaces with other works 1.Supply and work packaging splits 2.Contract pricing basis 3.Partenering, negotiating, tendering 4.Pre-engineering versus site work 1.Work and material contracts split 2.Procurement implementation programme 3. Procurement implementation procedures. Procurement Plan Sourcing, Where the Strategy calls for Screening & competitive tendering, Predevelopment of a concise but qualification competitive list of companies with requisite capabilities, experience and desire to satisfactorily complete the works Tender Productions of tender documents Documents which clearly identify the package scope, identify and appropriately apportion risks, address market value considerations and deliver optimum competitive tenders. Tendering Management of issue, prequalification, submission & opening of tenders and mid-tender interviews with prequalified tendering agencies. Tender Evaluation Thorough analysis of the returned technical, execution and commercial proposals to facilitate approval of the tender that best fulfills the award criteria and objectives for that element of work. Where the strategy identifies advantage of re-using existing parties to the project, the agreement of a commercial basis for executing the works. Contract award Property Development, Construction Management and Collaborator. Page 7
  8. 8. PLANNING MANGEMENT Planning management is the task of organizing and managing the multiple stages of a project from inception to completion and operation. Rebekka Realty Pvt. ltd. Manages and monitors the overall process to ensure that specific requirements linked to specific activities are considered and integrated into project objectives in a planned and co-ordinated manner. The four major levels in planning management are: Level 1:An overall strategic PERT chart showing the major elements of works and the overall direction of the project. Level 2:Summary programmes for design, procurement and construction Level 3:Individually design CPM chart for each discipline. Level 4:Detailed construction and installation CPM charts. Property Development, Construction Management and Collaborator. Page 8
  9. 9. We achieve our mission targets by: " MANAGING 1. Cost and cash flow. 2. Quality and performance. 3. Time and progress. 4. Organizational resources. “BY 1. Planning resources. 2. Organizing resources. 3. Scheduling resources. 4. Monitoring resources. “WITHIN 1. Environment Constraints. 2. Time Constraints. 3. Cost constraints. 4. Quality constraints. Property Development, Construction Management and Collaborator. Page 9
  10. 10. COMMERCIAL PROPOSAL Scope of Work The scope of services provided by us is mentioned hereunder as: 1. Project feasibility, including cost estimate. 2. Design management 3. Appointment of Design Consultants 4. To ensure Design Consultants meet their contractual obligations 5. To coordinate with design consultants 6. Scrutiny and coordination of Design and drawing work. 7. Quantity Surveying 8. Estimating and budgeting costs. 9. Processing prequalification of construction agencies. 10. Tendering and awarding contract to the recommended bidder. 11. Designing project organizational chart for executing works. 12. Developing standard operating systems and procedures 13. Developing detailed construction plans and project – CPM charts. 14. Developing performance - measuring standards 15. Controlling of Project time, cost and quality. 16. Administration of contracts. 17. Supervision of works. 18. Identification of activities to be executed in a project 19. Formulation of standard specifications for accomplishing quality of individual tasks. 20. Identification of speed with which the project is to be executed since completion time depends over this factor. 21. Identification of complexity arising due to variety of tasks to be executed. 22. Scrutinize the work programs. 23. Scrutinize the contract document. 24. Scrutinize the contractor's mobilization plan, plan of work, construction procedures and quality control measures. 25. Scrutinize the fieldwork regularly to ensure proper layouts, work conformity as per drawing and specifications. 26. Scrutinize the safety measures for prevention of accidents. 27. Hold review meetings to monitor the progress, resolve problems and plan future works. 28. Scrutinize payment of R.A. bills of contractors to ensure correctness. 29. Report immediately to the project head all cases amounting to breach of contract. 30. A proper record of operating instructions and as built drawings is maintained. 31. Team of engineers based on quantum of work and as per resource schedule will be stationed at construction site including project head. Property Development, Construction Management and Collaborator. Page 10
  11. 11. POST CONSTRUCTION Post construction, all drawings & detailing are revised & redeveloped to incorporate all changes carried out during execution and formed as a booklet for future reference for routine maintenance. All drawings as soft copies are also maintained & saved in hard disk for future references. Property Development, Construction Management and Collaborator. Page 11
  12. 12. Fees Lump sum fee for providing complete services shall be Rs………………………... All payments to be made in Indian Rupees. Payment Schedule Rs ……………. as advance along with the issuance of LOI, as non-recoverable advance. Balance in equated monthly installments for 35 months from the date of start of involvement. Mobilization Two weeks from the date of LOI/ Non-recoverable advance, whichever is later. TAXES Service Tax and any other future tax would be payable extra on the total invoice value raised every month, as applicable. Extension of Project In case the considered scope of project is extended beyond the project schedule due to any changes of current understanding and/or for any other reasons not attributable to us, Rebekka realty Pvt. Ltd. will be entitled for additional price, in form of equal monthly installments, on pro-rata basis for the extended period till completion. Early Completion of Project In case the project is completed before the project schedule, balance fee shall be paid to project manager since it is a lump sum contract. Facilities & expense borne by the client Property Development, Construction Management and Collaborator. Page 12
  13. 13. Furnished and functional office space for mentioned on-site team size, Meeting room, Pantry, and toilet facilities at site with electricity and water connection Electricity and water bill for the site office. Printing/ reprinting cost of drawings and other relevant documents, photocopy charges of drawings and other relevant documents will be reimbursed as per actual. Air-Conditioned car facility or reimbursement of air-conditioned taxi fare as per actual. Exclusions Interaction with Local/ Government authorities for submission of documents and obtaining statutory approvals. Management of site security, local issues/ neighboring problems. Preparation of drawings, preparation of Bill of quantities. Any kind of Construction, Material supply, security and stores management. Any specialized engineering consultancy services. Proof checking/ value engineering works. Property Development, Construction Management and Collaborator. Page 13
  14. 14. CHARGES: We charge for the services rendered by us in two parts, details of charges are mentioned hereunder as: A. Under Part A, we render services of Branding of Company, Branding of Project & Branding of Product. Branding is done by incorporating all features & components as mentioned in page -2. For this we charge 1% of Total accrued sales amount. Except for expenses of advertising in Print Media, we take care of expenses incurred on Internet advertising, SEO promotion, E-Mailers, Event Management, Exhibitions are borne by us. B. Under Part B, For pre-construction we charge 1.5% of accrued sales amount, For construction Management our charges are 3.5% of accrued sales amount and 0.25% of accrued sales amount is charged for Post-Construction activities. The expense of entire staff for supervision and monitoring engaged by us on Project execution will be borne by us. Net amount charged by us excluding service tax works out to 6.25% of total sales proceeds. Property Development, Construction Management and Collaborator. Page 14