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Test 1

  1. 1. REACHFLORIDAPHYSICIANSFounded in 1874, the Florida Medical Associationhas a single mission: Helping physicians practicemedicine. As a physician-led organization we areconfident that no one else is better positioned tounderstand physician needs or to provide themaccess to essential information and resources thatmake a difference in their day-to-day practice.The FMA is also the leadingadvocate for Florida physicians, ensuringtheir voice is heard in the legislative andregulatory arena. With over 16,000 members,the Florida Medical Association is the largestphysician association in the state of Florida.The Florida Medical Association isthe perfect partner for organizationslooking to market to Floridaphysicians. Throughout the year,we offer promotional opportunitiessuch as meeting sponsorships, tradeshows, and advertising through printand online media.
  2. 2. FALL VOLUME 2011, NUMBER 4 Florida Medical Magazine More than 13,000 physician readers Serious Business: throughout Florida. Why practicing physicians need executive skills N Florida Medical Association IO The Women in Surgery Symposium EDIT Preparing for ICD-10 L FAU’s College of Medicine SP ECIA FMA Summer 2011 FMA TORT REFORM BILL PASSES FMA Bulletin SCOPE-OF-PRACTICE EXPANSION DEFEATED BULLETIN MEDICARE PATIENT EMPOWERMENT ACT Our newest digital BOARD OF MEDICINE APPOINTMENT publication FMA News (email) Bi-weekly news and updates to 13,000 www.FLmedical.org (800)762-0233 through FMA News SummerBulletin2011_2.indd 1 7/1/11 10:07 AMFLmedical.org (website)1 74,349 users generating 458,311 page views from FLMedical.org Social Media2 Engaging followers across multiple platforms. EVENTS Meet with Florida physicians in both small group and large group events such as quarterly Board of Governors Meetings or at the Annual Meeting. Source: 1. Google Analytics Absolute Unique Visitors and Total Page Views from January 1, 2011 – December 31, 2011 2. Twitter Followers: 1,835, Facebook Likes: 2.291, and FMATV – YouTube views: 2,292
  3. 3. 2012 PROMOTIONAL PLANNING CALENDAR PRINT ONLINE EVENTS FLmedical.org Ad January FMA News #1 & #2 Ad FMA Bulletin FLmedical.org Ad FMA Board of Governors Meeting Febuary FMA News #1 & #2 Ad (Feb. 17-19) Orlando, Disney’s Boardwalk Resort Florida Medical Magazine, FLmedical.org Ad March Q1 FMA News #1 & #2 Ad FLmedical.org Ad April FMA News #1 & #2 Ad FMA Bulletin FLmedical.org Ad FMA Board of Governors Meeting May FMA News #1 & #2 Ad (May 18-20) Boca Raton, Boca Raton Resort Florida Medical Magazine, FLmedical.org Ad June Q2 FMA News #1 & #2 Ad FLmedical.org Ad 2012 Annual Meeting July FMA News #1 & #2 Ad (July 27-29) Boca Raton, FMA Bulletin Boca Raton Resort FLmedical.org Ad August FMA News #1 & #2 Ad Florida Medical Magazine, FLmedical.org AdSeptember Q3 FMA News #1 & #2 Ad FLmedical.org Ad FMA Board of Governors Meeting October FMA News #1 & #2 Ad (Oct. 26-28) Orlando, FMA Bulletin Loew’s Portofino Bay FLmedical.org AdNovember FMA News #1 & #2 Ad Florida Medical Magazine, FLmedical.org AdDecember Q4 FMA News #1 & #2 Ad
  4. 4. FMA MEMBERS BY THE NUMBERS Membership by Region MEDIAN PHYSICIAN INCOME RANGE Northwest 1,036 Neurological Surgery Northeast 1,673 Family Medicine North Central 1,352 East Central 1,661 $197,655 $548,186 Tampa Bay 1,814 Southwest 1,750 Southeast 2,007 South 1,829 Out of State 2,918 Total 16,040Source: 12/22/11 Membership Data FMA MEMBERS BY GENDERTOP 15 SPECIALTIES Internal Medicine Family Medicine Obstetrics and Gynecology Anesthesiology FEMALE 22% General Surgery MALE 78% Pediatrics Diagnostic Radiology Orthopedic Surgery Cardiovascular Disease Ophthalmology Emergency Medicine Dermatology Urology Gastoenterology FMA MEMBERS BY AGE Otolaryngology 30%TOP METRO-AREAS HILLSBOROUGH 25% 1,075 physicians 21% DADE 1,789 physicians ORANGE 13% 731 physicians 9% ALACHUA 888 physicians BROWARD 2% 852 physicians DUVAL 1,359 physicians 30 30-39 40-49 50-59 60-69 70+ PALM BEACH 834 physicians
  5. 5. FLORIDA MEDICAL MAGAZINE Q1 SPRING • MARCH 2012 Space: January 15 Art: Febuary 1 Fall Volume 2011, NumBer 4 Learning the Business of Medicine, Part II Physician Economic Impact Study Update Serious Profile: The UFC College of Medicine HIE Checklist for Physicians Business: Q2 Why practicing SUMMER • JUNE 2012 physicians need Space: April 15 executive skills Art: May 1 The Women in Surgery Symposium Legislative Session Summary Preparing for ICD-10 FAU’s College of Medicine Annual Meeting Preview Concierge Medicine The Physician as the Patient Q3 FALL • SEPTEMBER 2012 Space: July 15 Art: August 1 Federalism and Health CareABOUT THE FLORIDA MEDICAL MAGAZINE Annual Meeting RecapThe Florida Medical Magazine is published to keep our physician membersinformed about the changing landscape of medicine and give them access Profile: 2012-13 FMA President Vincent A. DeGennaro, M.D.to resources that make a difference in their day- to-day practice. Florida The Physician Generation GapMedical Magazine is a peer-led publication and a guaranteed membershipbenefit for all our physician members. Florida Medical Magazine’s directreaders are the Florida Medical Association’s physician members. Q4Key Facts WINTER • DECEMBER 2012• Regional Publication: Florida Space: October 15• Primary Readership: FMA members (Florida-licensed physicians) Art: November 1• Circulation: As of the August 2011, 14,414 copies were mailed within Florida’s GME Slot CrisisFlorida. During the 12 months preceding this issue, an average of 13,176 The FMA Foundationcopies were mailed within Florida for each issue. Choosing EmploymentSource: U.S. Postal Service PS Form 3526 - Annual Statement of Ownership, Management, andCirculation for Periodicals, 9/26/11 Alternative MedicineUpdated October 2011 - Subject to change
  6. 6. RATES SPECS Frequency Distribution Page Size Paper Quarterly 13,000 +/- (Print) 8.375” x 10.875” 80 lb silk cover/ 60 lb gloss Page Full Color Two Color Contact The Florida Medical Magazine is also Full Page $2,280 $1,410 available online atShawn Winship at and Call FLmedical.org 800.762.0233 or email Half Page $1,590 $720 through iPad/iPhone applications. swinship@flmedical.org Third Page $1,400 $580 Spread (2pg) $4,300 $2,675 Discounts Outside Back Cover $3,350 N/A Available on multi-issue contracts. Inside Front Cover $3,100 N/A 2x - 5% Savings Inside Back Cover $2,800 N/A 3x - 10% Savings 4x - 15% Savings Page 3 $3,150 N/A For more details, contact Shawn Winship at 800.762.0233 or Page 4 $2,900 N/A swinship@flmedical.org Page 5 $2,950 N/A Opposite Contents Page $2,775 N/A Please Note Rates are net and subject to change without notice. All After President’s Letter $2,775 N/A advertisments subject to approval by the FMA.DEADLINES March June September December Issue 01.15.12 04.15.12 07.15.12 10.15.12 Insertion Order Deadline 02.01.12 05.01.12 08.01.12 11.01.12 Artwork Deadline Bleeds and Crop MarksPAGES SIZES Page Height Width 0.125” bleed on all sides. No crop marks within the bleed area. Full Page 10.875” 8.375” Acceptable File Formats Half Page (Horizontal) 4.75” 7.25” Print ready PDFs @ 300 dpi. Half Page (Verticle) 7.25” 4.75” Orders requiring typsetting or design will be billed at $75/hr ($75 Third Page (Horizontal) 4.75” 4.5” minimum charge). Third Page (Verticle) 9.75” 2.25” Color Requirements Outside Back Cover 7.625” 8.625” All artwork must be process color (CMYK). No spot (PMS) colors. No black and white ads will be accepted.
  7. 7. FMA BULLETIN Tion Florida Medical Association eDi Pe ciAl s FMA Summer 2011 FMA TorT reForM Bill PAsses scoPe-oF-PrAcTice exPAnsion DeFeATeD Bulletin MeDicAre PATienT eMPowerMenT AcT BoArD oF MeDicine APPoinTMenT www.FLmedical.org (800)762-0233SummerBulletin2011_2.indd 1 7/1/11 10:07 AM DEADLINES January April July October Contact 12.15.11 3.15.12 6.15.12 9.15.12 Call Shawn Winship at 800.762.0233 or email AD SIZE swinship@flmedical.org Feature ONLY your ad in our digital bulletin sent to more than 13,000 physician members. Full Page (with bleed) - 8.5 in x 11 in (Vertical) Please include 1/8 in bleed on all sides, no crop marks within the bleed area.
  8. 8. WEBSITE ADSDETAILS DEADLINES JAN FEB MAR APR MAY JUN JUL AUG SEP OCT NOV DEC Insertion Order 12.15.11 01.18.12 02.16.12 03.16.12 04.16.12 05.16.12 06.15.12 07.16.12 08.16.12 09.17.12 10.15.12 11.16.12 Artwork 12.15.11 01.18.12 02.16.12 03.16.12 04.16.12 05.16.12 06.15.12 07.16.12 08.16.12 09.17.12 10.15.12 11.16.12 Live on Website 01.01.12 02.01.12 03.01.12 04.01.12 05.01.12 06.01.12 07.01.12 08.01.12 09.01.12 10.01.12 11.01.12 12.01.12 Page Dimensions Cost Details Display Your Advertising on Home Page Top Banner 550w x 70h $1,800/mo Best Exposure FLMedical.org Half Page Lower Right 294w x 96h $750/mo 2 spaces available/mo Create awareness or source leads with display Internal Page Banner 533w x 100h $500/mo Contact for more info advertising on FLMedical.org, the Florida Medical Association’s Website. Two homepage positions and several interior positions are available each month. About FLMedical.org Editorial: Current medical news, association activities and resources relevant to Florida physicians Regional Website: Florida Primary Readership: FMA members (Florida-licensed physicians) Website Traffic (Google Analytics: January 1 – September 30, 2011): Homepage Only – 49,549 unique views or an average of 5,505 each month; 68,739 total page views or an average of 7,638 each month; Entire Website – 59,529 absolute unique visitors generating 352,118 page views or an average of 6,614 monthly absolute unique visitors generating an average of 39,124 page views per each month. Contact Call Shawn Winship at 800.762.0233 or email swinship@flmedical.org
  9. 9. FMA NEWS Exclusive Mobile Advertising in DETAILS EMAIL Dimensions Distribution Cost 180w x 150h Twice Monthly 10 cents per delivered email the FMA News Our physicians don’t work behind a desk. They are mobile – going from room to room seeing Formats patients in the office, hospital or operating room. 72dpi GIF, JPEG, or PNG. Almost half of them read our emails on their 125kb max file size for email ads, 64kb for website ads. iPhone, iPad or other mobile devices. For 2012, Orders requiring typsetting, design, or resizing will be billed at the FMA has redesigned and rebranded our twice- $75/hr ($75 minimum charge). monthly email, formerly FMA Member Connection e-News, to be the primary mobile source for Color FMA News and information. Only one display ad All artwork must be RGB. No spot (PMS) colors will be accepted. space is available each FMA News issue giving advertisers exclusive positioning. Advertise in the Discounts FMA News and put your message into the hands of For details, contact Shawn Winship at 800.762.0233 or Florida physicians. swinship@flmedical.org. Please Note About the FMA News Rates are net and subject to change without notice. All advertisments subject to approval by the FMA. Regional Publication: Florida Primary Readership: FMA members (Florida-licensed physicians) Frequency: 24 times per year; 2 each month Circulation: Generally emailed to 13,000 +/- each issue. Contact Shawn Winship for specific delivery, open and click-through rates. Cost: Pricing is based on a rate of $0.10/ delivered email. Contact Shawn Winship for current pricing. Contact Call Shawn Winship at 800.762.0233 or email swinship@flmedical.org
  10. 10. EVENT SPONSORSHIP FMA BAORD MEETINGS Febuary 17-19, 2012 May 18-20, 2012 October 26-28, 2012 Disney’s Boardwalk Resort Boca Raton Resort Loew’s Portofino Bay Orlando, FL Boca Raton, FL Orlando, FL LUNCH SPONSOR Your $5,000 investment includes: • Exclusive signage at the sponsored lunch • Presentation to attendees during lunch (up to 20 minutes) • Recognition in the board meeting literature DINNER SPONSOR Your $10,000 investment includes: • Exclusive signage at the sponsored dinner • Opportunity to make a 10-minute presentation before the Board of Governors during session* • Company representatives participating at the sponsored dinner (up to six total) • Presentation to attendees during dinner (up to 20 minutes) • Recognition in the board meeting literature HOSPITALITY SUITE SPONSOR Your $5,000 investment includes: • Access to suite and all activities held there for two sponsor representatives • Exclusive face time with board members of the Florida Medical Association • Exclusive signage both nights that the suite is open • Recognition in the board meeting literature • Lodging for two sponsor representatives • A full bar package Contact Call Cindy Miller or Matt *Available to FMA Partnered Vendors Only. Crowley at 800.762.0233 or email cmiller@flmedical.org or mcrowley@flmedical.org
  11. 11. 
 upon which this contract is based. The Advertiser hereby Florida Medical Association acknowledges that it is aware of the official rates in effect at the 2012 Advertising Terms and Conditions time the Advertising Insertion Order/Contract is executed and understands that it may request an updated rate card in writing
 from the FMA at any time. CONTRACT (c) Any and all negotiated advertiser discounts will be communicated in writing by the FMA to the Advertiser. THE ADVERTISER OR ITS REPRESENTATIVE AGENCY (HEREINAFTER 
 CALLED THE “ADVERTISER”) HEREBY PLACES A REQUEST FOR PROOF OF INSERTION ADVERTISING IN ANY FLORIDA MEDICAL ASSOCIATION PUBLICATION A sample page containing a published version of the advertising or, SUCH AS THE FLORIDA MEDICAL MAGAZINE, THE FMA MEMBER at the request of the Advertiser, a copy of each issue in which the CONNECTION E-NEWS OR ON THE FMA WEBSITE (HEREINAFTER advertising appears, shall be mailed or otherwise supplied to the Advertiser, which shall be deemed to have received such a copy or CALLED THE “PUBLICATION”) PURSUANT TO THIS CONTRACT, AND page unless the FMA is notified in writing o the non-receipt thereof IF THE PUBLISHER (HEREINAFTER CALLED THE “FMA”) ACCEPTS within 30 days after the date of the publication. Failure to forward THIS OFFER, THE ADVERTISER AND THE FMA HEREBY AGREE THAT or furnish such copy, page or affidavit shall not constitute a breach THIS CONTRACT SHALL BE GOVERNED BY THE FOLLOWING of the contract. However, the FMA shall exercise reasonable CONDITIONS: diligence in attempting to meet all such requests. 
 ADVERTISING PAYMENT POLICY OMISSION OF ADVERTISING (a) To establish credit with the Florida Medical Association, the Failure by the FMA to insert in any particular issue or issues the Advertiser is required to make payment in advance for two advertising under this contract invalidates the order for insertion in consecutive advertisements in the Publication prior to being placed the missed publication but shall not constitute a breach of contract. on an invoice system. Payment may be made in a lump sum or The FMA shall have the right to omit any advertisement when the payment may be made prior to each ad running. For the first two space allotted to advertising in the issue for which such issues of the Publication, payment must be received either with the advertisement is ordered has all been taken, or where there is a ad order or with the ad itself or it will not be published. If the substantial change in the product or subject of the advertisement advertiser contracts for an ad to run in two consecutive publications which may conflict with the FMA’s general policy on advertising. and allows time to elapse before running more ads, the FMA has The FMA may also limit the size and or position of an advertisement the option to require the two-time publication/payment requirement in any issue. to go into effect again. The FMA reserves the right to not extend 
 credit or cancel the extension of credit. Advertiser agrees to pay for all advertising published by the FMA in accordance with this GENERAL contract. Once credit is established, the FMA will typically bill the (a) Advertisers may not cancel orders for, or make changes in, Advertiser within 30 days of each published advertisement covered advertising after the closing dates of the particular Publication. under this contract. Advertiser shall make payment to the FMA (b) The FMA is not responsible for errors or omissions in any within 20 days of receipt of billing. Unless otherwise stipulated in advertising materials provided by the Advertiser (including errors in writing, ad rates, discounts and charges for other services key numbers) or for changes made after closing dates. necessary for the publishing of the advertisement under this (c) The FMA may reject or cancel any advertising for any reason at contract will be listed on the FMA’s official rate card specifically any time. Advertisements simulating the Publication’s editorial incorporated herein. The FMA will hold the Advertiser liable for all material in appearance or style or that are not immediately payments related to advertising under this contract. All court costs, identifiable as advertisements are not acceptable. If an Advertising collection fees and reasonable attorney’s fees incurred by the FMA Insertion Order/Contract which has been previously accepted by in enforcing payment under the terms of this contract and the FMA is cancelled by the FMA, the FMA’s sole responsibility corresponding rate card referred to in Section 2 herein shall also be shall be to promptly refund all monies previously paid to the FMA borne by the Advertiser. less any charges for advertisements already inserted pursuant to (b) The FMA reserves the right to cancel this contract at any time the FMA’s original Advertising Insertion Order/Contract. upon default or anticipatory default by the Advertiser in the (d) No conditions, printed or otherwise, appearing on contracts, payment of accounts stated or in the event of any other substantial orders or copy instructions which conflict with, vary, or add to these breach or anticipatory breach of this contract by the Advertiser. Terms and Conditions or the provisions of the Publication’s official Upon such cancellation, charges for all advertising published and rate card will be binding on the FMA and to the extent that the all other charges payable under this contract shall become Terms and Conditions contained herein are inconsistent with any immediately due and payable by the Advertiser upon rendition of such conditions, these Terms and Conditions shall govern and bills therefore. Advertiser shall make payment to the FMA within 20 supersede any such conditions. days of receipt of billing. (e) The FMA has the right to insert the advertising anywhere in the (c) The postmark date on the envelope properly addressed to the Florida Medical Magazine at its discretion unless the advertiser FMA shall be considered the date when payment is made.
 purchases a premium placement position or is otherwise stated in writing by the FMA. For all other advertising, any condition on 
 contracts, orders or copy instructions involving the placement of RATES advertising within the Florida Medical Magazine (such as page (a) The FMA represents that all its rates are published on an official location, competitive separation or placement facing editorial copy) rate card which is periodically updated by the FMA and given a new will be treated as a positioning request only and cannot be effective date. guaranteed. The FMA’s inability or failure to comply with any such (b) The FMA’s official rate card with rates in effect at the time a condition shall not relieve the Advertiser of the obligation to pay for requested advertisement is published by the FMA shall be the advertising. understood to mean the schedule of advertising rates of the FMA Effective 10/19/2010