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The Action Foundation 501(c)3 Non-Profit Overview

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Moving into Action

  1. 1. ACTION Moving Kids Into Action A.S.A.P. Join Us in the Fight Against Childhood Obesity 2010-2011 (602)456-ASAP
  2. 2. There are only 2 types of People . those who experienced what it was like growing up over weight and those who didn’t. Which One Where You? Have you ever thought what it would be like: • Waking up to another day of being made fun of? What if someone had • Being embarrassed by things helped you through those you couldn’t do? difficult years? • Wanting people to see you and We all know that what goes on during these not your weight? adolescent years helps to shape our lives as adults But do we realize the What if There was a power that we can give to children to overcome challenges with the right Way to Motivate information and influence? Kids into Action?...
  3. 3. ACTION Take it. Live it. The Action Foundation supports all initiatives that correspond in the area(s) of The Arizona early stage health and fitness development in the fight against childhood obesity. Epidemic 56% of Arizona adults are Staggering Statistics overweight or obese. (CDC BRFSS, 2002) Approximately 15.3 percent of children (ages 6–11) and 15.5 percent of 19% of non-Hispanic white adults adolescents (ages 12–19) were overweight 31% of non-Hispanic black adults in 2000. Today this number has grown to 20% of Hispanic adults in Arizona are reach nearly 20% in less than 10 obese. years. Over the next 10 years we will have (CDC BRFSS, 2002) children with the health problems similar to people in their 50's. The fact is today’s 24% of low-income children between children are not expected to outlive their parents. 2 and 5 years of age in Arizona are overweight or at risk of becoming overweight. (CDC PedNSS, 2002) 24% of Arizona high school students are overweight or at risk of becoming Our mission: “To get kids activity levels overweight. up - so we've developed programs to (CDC YRBSS, 2003) bridge the gap where schools, traditional sports & nutrition programs have fallen The obesity rate among Arizona short.” adults increased by 80% from As program creator and Youth Sports 1990 to 2009 coach, John Cruz is one of the most highly (CDC BRFSS, 1990, 2009) sought after coaches in the valley. His motivating teaching style and unique expertise have helped transform kids “We must all take struggling with their weight and to helping underprivileged athletes excel beyond their action to preserve the known abilities. “The Action Foundation is our attempt at wellbeing of our future.” reaching a generation to introduce to the Michelle Obama benefits of living a life of full of health and First Lady of the United States of America confidence.” COMPANY National Sponsor in the Fight Against Childhood Obesity
  4. 4. Kids Today Need Our Help Weight can have a significant impact on the medical, emotional, and social health of people of any age. These complications can arise even at early age for adolescents with potential lifelong impact if the weight issue is not addressed. 5 Reasons Kids Need Action Now 1. $550,000. This is the estimated cost of a person continuing with weight issues from teen years through adulthood. These costs include lost income due to early death, lower wages from discrimination, as well as medical complications due to weight. 2. Overweight children are extremely likely to have low self-esteem; many overweight kids are diagnosed with clinical depression. 3. Overweight in adolescents has been correlated to poor academic performance. 4. Overweight teens are much less likely to graduate from high school and go on to college. 5. In a landmark 2008 study, it was shown that nearly 90% of overweight kids became obese adults. Obesity in adulthood significantly increases the risk of medical conditions such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, stroke, and many forms of cancer. The Good News: Research reveals that even moderate weight loss results in remarkable improvements in mood, attitude, outlook, energy level, fitness and health. Action sees it every day—improved fitness and weight loss is a tremendous catalyst for physical, emotional, and social changes.
  5. 5. Schools Today Sports Need Our Help Bridging the Gap Science This program goes far beyond Physical Education and teaches kids the proper fundamentals of weight loss, nutritional Weight loss health and most of all sports science including techniques for running, sprinting, endurance exercise, lateral movement, Skills & jumping and other sports and functional related movement. Unlike many sports programs today, The Action Foundation Endurance offers kids the unique opportunity to train with highly skilled individuals within programs designed to encourage kids to Nutrition participate. Action Camps are first introduced through a FREE one-day Action Camp Experience during a schools PE period. Each sponsoring school invites children to learn how they can opt to participate in a 6 week After School Athletic Performance (ASAP) Training. This specialized training is designed to help kids get fit, lose weight and learn good eating habits to keep the weight off. The vibe of the experience is full of energy and motivation to move their bodies. We provide a day of fun and encouraging physical education, where kids learn how to achieve their own personal health and fitness goals. Help Action Raise $3000 For an Inflatable Training Course
  6. 6. After School Athletic Performance A.S.A.P. Training Fitness and Weight loss Nutritional Education Family Involvement TOGETHER Small Steps Make A Big Difference PLACE LOGO HERE, The Action OTHERWISE DELETE BOX
  7. 7. Every Student T-shirt – Tote – Water bottle Enrolled in A.S.A.P. Plus: The Biggest Loser Training Weight Management Receives Program & Nutritional Guide Endorsed by Ali Vincent 6 Weeks of ASAP Training Includes: • Workouts 3x per week • Motivational Fitness Trainers • Certified Nutritionists • TAF Online Community Support Network Each child selected to In return each child & their family participate in ASAP Training will experience: must commit to: A. A 6 week fitness program A. An atmosphere of acceptance B. 60-90 min workouts B. Professional Fitness Trainers C. Family Participation C. Nutritional Education D. Daily Food Journaling D. Knowledge to change their health
  8. 8. First Things First In order to introduce a successful wellness program to the public a stellar team with a practical plan is needed to ensure its long term success. We believe to achieve this we need to partner with passionate people and organizations who want to move into “The Action Foundation is 100 % dedicated to the ACTION with us. The Action Foundation is health, education and wellbeing of children. Join supported by a leadership team of us in helping communities take Action to promote experience men and woman who range improving the health of Arizona families by from educators in fitness and nutrition to supporting The Action Foundation.” executives who understand the level of commitment required to help create Supporting Partnerships change within our communities. Next Steps There’s no doubt that our communities and schools need to learn about what is being offered through The Action Foundation however to reach all those in need we are actively looking for partners to supply/ donate additional training equipment and operational funds to expand our operations into more schools. In 2010 The Action Foundation was able to serve 117 kids all for the cost of equivalent of one individual’s annual salary. Annual Budgetary Operational Cost per School Training Equipment 3,000 Educational Materials COMPANY 1,000 Trainers & Educators 25,000 Marketing Materials 1,000 *Est. Total: COMPANY NAME HERE 30,000 *This total is an estimated cost and may be subject to change as the program expands its impact. With your help, in 2010-2011 we will seek to impact the lives of more than 500 children and their families
  9. 9. Take Action by Phone: (602) 456-ASAP (2727) Would your organization like to support The Action Foundation and gain additional visibility in our community? Take a look at our Platinum, Gold and Silver Sponsorship levels. (Monthly Options Available) Platinum Ambassador - School in Action Sponsor $30,000 Annual or $2,500/month Donation (Funds 250 Kids in Action) 1. Featured Platinum Sponsoring ASAP Training for an entire year (Includes Public Banner displayed) 2. Featured Platinum Sponsor at every Action Camp Experience (Includes Event Banner) 3. Featured Sponsor in our radio and television public service announcement(s) 4. Featured Platinum Sponsor mention in Nationally Syndicated Ads via Mashed Report 5. Featured Platinum Sponsor on all distributed literature and events calendar 6. Featured Platinum Sponsor in our monthly e-newsletter 7. Your Sponsoring Logo printed on every shirt 8. Company booth space at all ACTION Community events 9. Facebook and Twitter announcement/mentions 10. Your Logo is placed on the Sponsor page of our website & Facebook Fan Page 11. Platinum Sponsor in Giving in Action Badge for your website and/or Facebook Page Gold Ambassador Schools in Action Sponsor $20,000 Annual or $1,500/month Donation (Funds 125 Kids in Action) 1. Featured Gold Sponsor mention in nationally syndicated ads via Mashed Report 2. Featured Gold Sponsor on all distributed literature and events calendar 3. Featured Gold Sponsor in our monthly e-newsletter 4. Your Sponsoring Logo printed on every shirt 5. Company booth space at all ACTION Community events 6. Facebook and Twitter announcement/mentions 7. Your Logo is placed on the Sponsor page of our website & Facebook Fan Page 8. Gold Sponsor in Giving in Action Badge for your website and/or Facebook Page 2010-11 Silver Ambassador Schools in Action $10,000 Annual or $500/Month Donation (Funds 75 Kids in Action) 1. Company booth space at all ACTION Community events 2. Facebook and Twitter announcement/mentions 3. Your Logo is placed on the Sponsor page of our website & Facebook Fan Page 4. Silver Sponsor in Action Badge for your website and/or Facebook Page
  10. 10. Take Action by Phone: (602) 456-ASAP ACTION DONATION FORM A 501c-3 NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATION Thank you for considering a donation to The Action Foundation. Your gift is a meaningful way to make a positive impact towards a child’s success Please direct my donation to make a DONOR INFORMATION difference in the area of: Name ____________________________________________ □ K-8 ACTION CAMP EXPERIENCE Sponsoring a One Day Free Action Camp that Business Name (optional) ____________________________ Introduces ASAP Training with in a fun interactive event Address __________________________________________ □ ASAP TRAINING City _____________________________________________ Sponsoring a K-8 School with one year of ASAP Training to include Phone Number ____________________________________ □ ACTION SPONSORSHIPS Email Address _____________________________________ Sponsoring a child to participate in a 6 week fitness and weight loss program PAYMENT INFORMATION □ COMMUNITIES IN ACTION □ Enclosed is my check for $____________________ Sponsoring a local events in partnership with (Please make checks payable to The Action Foundation) other Sports Health and Nutritional Activities □ ACTION EDUCATION □ Please charge my VISA MASTERCARD AMERICAN EXPRESS Sponsoring the marketing of nutritional and fitness education within Schools and Communities across America. In the amount of $______________________________ MAIL TO: Credit Card#___________________________________ The Action Foundation th 4403 N 129 Drive Litchfield Park, AZ 85340 Name on Card _________________________________ CSC Code _____________ Exp Date ______________ QUESTIONS? (602)456-ASAP (2727) Rebekah Cruz Signature_____________________________________ Executive Director The Action Foundation is exempt under Section 501(c)3 of the IRS and this gift is tax deductable. Checks Made Payable to: The Action Foundation Donate Online at:
  11. 11. Aspiration. Motivation. Celebration. A 501c-3 NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATION 602-456-ASAP