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Tips For Making Your Weave Look Natural


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Make use of your own hair line and Try a top closure hair piece For Making Your Weave Look Natural.

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Tips For Making Your Weave Look Natural

  2. 2. MAKING YOUR WEAVE LOOK AS NATURAL AS POSSIBLE one goal is to ensure that your hair looks as natural as possible even when wearing textures or colors very different from your own. As a result we are always looking for techniques that will allow the hair to appear as if it is growing out of our own head; nobody likes a ‘bad weave’ or an unnatural appearance. Below we have a few simple ways that you can keep your weave looking flawless and natural.
  3. 3. Cut your weave to fit your face Look at your own hair line and hair are grooves along your hair line that are uniquely yours. Treat the weave in the same manner; shape the hair to fit your own taste and what looks good on you. If you can, it’s always a good idea to get the hair professionally trimmed and shaped, opting for layers that frame the face.
  4. 4. Make use of your own hair line Applying the weave further back on the head in the middle or towards the back will eliminate the need to worry about hairlines. The only challenge would be to match your own hair to that of the weave using tools, such as perm rods or flexi rods for curly hair or flat ironing your own hair to match straight hair.
  5. 5. Get Bangs: Let’s face it, bangs are hot right now!, side swept or a blunt cut, whatever you prefer; they cover the hair line which eliminates the issue of blending your hairline to match the extension hair. The key to great bangs to ensure that they look realistic. For example if you have installed bangs that may be too heavy for your face, have them cut and shaped to fit you. Real bangs sometimes aren’t perfect, some of the hairs may be shorter than others, or the bangs may not be of the exact same thickness across so don’t be afraid to embrace those imperfections by cutting the hair to match how real hair grows and appears.
  6. 6. Try a top closure hair piece Top closure hair pieces are a handy dandy solution to covering cornrow braids but still appearing just the way your scalp would if you were wearing your natural hair parted. Top closures come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and the options ensure that you will be able to find something that fits your style. With the closure the same thing applies don’t be afraid to alter it to suit you, taking extra care not to ruin the unit in the process.
  7. 7. Pay attention to the quality of the hair Take the time to research and choose the best type of hair extension for you. If having hair that is natural looking and closely matches your own is your goal then the quality of the hair, the texture and the color should all be considered when trying to choose the extensions that best fit your needs.
  8. 8. Take great care of the extensions Caring for weave extensions is a necessity when trying to maintain a natural camouflaged look. Ensure that the hair is cared for according to the instructions of a professional so that it can maintain the structure it had when you blended it on that first day. This will ensure that your hair remains naturally on point at all times.
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