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10 vegetables for hair growth


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Veggies are great for our hair. As per rebehair professional To maximum use of Carrots ,Spinach and Sweet potatoes we can gain necessary nutrition and fiber.Add these vegetable in your diet and reduce hair loss problem

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10 vegetables for hair growth

  1. 1. 10 Vegetables For Hair Growth
  2. 2. Vegetables are Our Best Friends Veget ables are our best f riends when we are t rying t o lose some pounds, right ? What wit h t he diet ing and all! These humbles veggies are also great f or our hair. These f ruit s and veget ables f or hair growt h cont ain vit amins, f ibres and
  3. 3. Spinach Full of edible f iber, spinach is a rich source of iron and zinc in addit ion t o ot her essent ial vit amins and minerals. These t wo part icular minerals are highly necessary f or t he hair, as t he
  4. 4. carrotS Carrot s are t he second best veget able f or hair growt h. Carrot s are a rich st ore of Vit amin B7 or Biot in t hat is considered a healt hy t onic f or t he hair. Biot in is essent ial f or hair re-growt h. At t he same t ime, it helps t o st rengt hen t he hair
  5. 5. Sweet potatoeS Sweet pot at oes are an excellent source of bet a-carot ene. Our body t ransf orms bet a- carot ene int o Vit amin A. Bet a- carot ene is required f or cell repair wit hin t he body.
  6. 6. tomatoeS Tomatoes are rich sources of antioxidants. Antioxidants are also effective cell-repairing agents. They help to remove impurities and toxins from the surface of the scalp. One can either consume tomatoes directly or apply the tomato pulp on the scalp for better results.
  7. 7. BeetrootS Having a red- colored veget able increases your lycopene, which is known t o increase hair growt h rat e. Beet root s cont ain lycopene t hat helps t o st imulat e hair growt h. I n addit ion
  8. 8. French BeanS French beans are t he richest source of Vit amins A and E. Vit amin E is highly needf ul f or improving t he lust er and volume of hair. I t also prot ect s your hair f rom premat ure graying.
  9. 9. Orange veggies Orange veggies give you bet a compounds which also help achieve healt hy long hair. They reduce hair breakage and hair f all. Get your dose of bet a carot ene f rom oranges and yellow
  10. 10. CuCumber Cucumber is also known t o achieve healt hy hair. Blend in some f resh cucumbers and apply t he past e t o your scalp and massage t horoughly. You might want t o add some f enugreek
  11. 11. garliC Alt hough having a pungent smell, garlic is an ideal t onic f or t he hair. I t is good t o add t his t o your regular diet chart , as it cont ains very f ew calories. I n addit ion, garlic
  12. 12. Orange veggies The f lavonoids in onion t end t o be more concent rat ed in t he out er layers of t he f lesh. To maximize your healt h benef it s, peel of f as lit t le of t he f leshy, edible port ion as possible when removing t he onion' s