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Advertising Campaign Project


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Advertising 434: Advertising Campaigns
Fall 2010

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Advertising Campaign Project

  1. 1. HEARTLAND Senior Services Nutrition Services Advertising Campaign
  2. 2. Table of ContentsAgency Philosophy 1Executive Summary 2Company Information 3SWOT Analysis 4Brand Description 5Consumer Analysis 6Target Audience Profile 8Creative Brief 9Media Plan 12Media Tactics 13Budget Summary 21Rationale 22Summary 23
  3. 3. Agency Philosophy In today’s environment, getting a single message across to the intended consumer has become tougher and more complex. At Rock Solid, conveying that message is something that comes as second nature to us. By taking the time to research consumer behaviors and attitudes, we can better satisfy our client’s requests and desires. We believe it’s our duty to provide the greatest service possible, and with integrated services, everything is at our fingertips. We offer creative concept, media purchasing, account services, public relations and in-depth research. Rock Solid takes great pride in our strong customer service, building long-lasting relationship along the way. Having been around since ’95, we have worked with an extensive list of clientele, including some of the leading companies around the world. Through our integrated services, we are known for developing strong emotional ties between consumers and brands. We are able to produce a better overall product by taking the time to undestand client needs. In the beginning, we served as a creative department, specializing in innovative ideas and concepts for different campaigns. After 15 years of service, we’ve grown into a full-service agency, dedicated to building emotional connections between consumers and brands. We’re proud of our success and plan to be around for many years to come. James Farley remembers his grandma’s triple chocolate cake. He is a senior in Adverising from Davenport, Iowa. Jenn Stanek remembers the smell of her mom’s pumpkin bread. She is a senior in Advertising from Sioux City, Iowa Alex Rich remembers his mom’s sugar cookies. He is a senior in Advertising from Urbandale, Iowa. Rebecca VanDeCasteele remembers her grandma’s chicken noodle soup. She is a senior in Advertising from Burlington, Iowa. Stephen Scherle remembers his aunt’s spaghetti. He is a senior in 1 Advertising from Sioux City, Iowa.
  4. 4. Executive SummaryHeartland Senior Services offers a wide variety of programs for seniors in StoryCounty. It serves primarily the 65 year old and above age group. Heartland providesmany services including congregate meals, nutritional counseling and home deliveredmeals. However, seniors in the community are unaware of Heartland and the servicesit provides.Our goal with this campaign is to increase the awareness of Heartland’s nutritionalservices. We are going to focus on the congregate meals. Once seniors have attendedthe lunches, we can then introduce them to the other services Heartland has to offer.We also want seniors to know that Heartland lunches provide them with more thanjust a meal. When seniors attend these lunches, they also get the chance to meetnew people. These relationships keep them coming back. Spending lunch time atHeartland will give them a healthy meal and a healthy mind. 2
  5. 5. Company Information HEARTLAND Senior Services Heartland Senior Service offers a variety of programs including nutrition, adult day care and transportation. The transportation is utilized for both the adult day care and nutrition services. Buses will pick seniors up from their homes to bring them to the care center or meal site. Heartland also delivers meals to clients in 15 Story County communities. Heartland Senior Services offers a very affordable congregate meal plan. There are no other plans like this one in the Ames area or central Iowa. Heartland’s congregate meals are very affordable and much lower than the average cost in the state of Iowa. The average cost for congregate meals in Iowa for 2007 was $6.60. Meals at Heartland are offered to seniors (over 60) for a suggested donation price of $3.25. People under the age 60 can still attend congregate meals for a cost of $6.75. Attendance at congregate meal programs has been declining, and people are starting to receive more in-home meals. Attendance has dropped by 30% in 2007 according to the Iowa Department of Elder Affairs. Heartland needs to increase its brand awareness in order to avoid a drop in attendance. Heartland offers valuable services and will benefit from focusing on informing the public of these services. Heartland currently utilizes advertising space in church bulletins and local newspapers, as well as a monthly flyer that is mailed to Story County residents. Heartland does not have any direct competitors because of the unique collection of services that it offers. Potential competitors include other retirement homes in the area. Living Angels, another meal plan provider, is competition for Heartland’s home delivered meals. Homeward Bound is also a program that delivers frozen meals, but the cost is much higher than Heartland’s. Mary Greeley Hospital provides similar home delivered meals, but this service is only available to Ames residents. These programs, however, are more expensive and limited in their options.3
  6. 6. SWOT AnalysisSTRENGTHS WEAKNESSES· Heartland has a unique · Lack of budget forselection of services to offer communications.clients. · Community awareness is low.· Of these services, the · Target has not been clearlynutrition services are the best distinguished.value for seniors. · Having trouble reaching the· Handicap accessible target.transportation is available to and · Congregate meals notfrom congregate meal sites. available Monday-Friday at all· High amount of volunteer (almost 800 volunteers in2009).OPPORTUNITIES THREATS· Emphasize counseling · Fast food restaurants offerservices for seniors wishing to be low-cost meals with more varietymore independent. on a daily basis.· Make congregate meals · Hy-Vee offers nutritionalavailable weekdays at all meal counseling similar to Heartland.sites. Why is this a threat?· Recruit more volunteers · Hy-Vee also offers low costfor in-home meal delivery and meal options.friendly visitors. · Current economy is· Focus on intangible benefits restricting donations and foodof attending congregate meals. budgets. 4
  7. 7. Brand Description Heartland‘s congregate meals provide seniors with a place to come and eat a nutritionally-balanced meal. The nutritional services are unique from the competition in many ways. Heartland is a non-profit organization that is partially funded by the government, as well as by other donations. This allows Heartland to provide meals to seniors for free or on a donation basis. The first thing seniors look for when choosing a place to eat is price. Many of these seniors are living on a tight budget. Heartland’s meal services fit into a limited budget. Heartland is the only place in Story county that can provide seniors with not only a nutritionally-balanced lunch, but also at an affordable price. People who come to Heartland are also looking for someone to eat lunch with. Many of the seniors have recently lost friends and loved ones so they come to Heartland to be around their peers. Many seniors said they started coming to Heartland for the food and then continually came back to be with their friends. This is what makes Heartland different from the competition. The competition does not provide seniors with the option to eat at a meal site. This limits seniors’ chances at meeting new people. Heartland is known by its members for being a place to come and meet people, while eating right. We learned through interviews with seniors at congregate meals, that many of them come because they are alone at home and do not want to cook for themselves. Heartland is their place to eat a nice warm meal and laugh with new friends. It is a fun place where people can find happiness again.5
  8. 8. Consumer AnalysisHeartland’s main consumer is people over the age of 65. More than 10% of thepeople living in Story County fall under this age group. According to the U.S.Census, over 7% of seniors are currently living alone at home. This is importantbecause Heartland can provide them with a place to meet new people. Religion isstrong in Story County. Over 80% of the people are of either Protestant or Catholicdenomination.People ages 65 and older are known as the “silent generation”. They grew up savingtheir money and spending it wisely. Radio and Newspaper were their main sourceof news and entertainment. According to MRI data, they are still strong users ofboth media.Many of the seniors who attend Heartland’s congregate meals are over the age of65. These seniors enjoy Heartland because the lunches fit in their budget. Theyare retired and living on a tight budget. We talked to more than 30 seniors atcongregate meals and learned that they think spending $5 or more at lunch is awaste. Spending $3.25, however, is much more affordable to them.Many of the people who eat at Heartland are living alone. Their spouse has passedon and they are starting to lose friends as well. They don’t want to burden theirchildren; they know they can still take care of themselves. They do not need helpdoing everyday routines, but cooking for one seems unnecessary. Seniors come toHeartland so they can have company while they eat. Christian 65+ Silent Generation widows savers 6
  9. 9. Consumer Analysis There are more than 8,700 seniors in the Story county area. This is a very broad target market. We can narrow this down to three types of seniors. All of these seniors can benefit from Heartland’s nutritional services. The Go Get Em Granny: This senior has remained very active and financially secure in her later years. She spends most of her time traveling and being outdoors and still has her husband beside her. The Fighter: This senior is accepting the changes life is bringing him. He sees that he is aging, but knows that he can still take care of himself. He is starting to lose people in his life. His children have families, he may be widowed, and his friends are moving away to be closer to their own families. He isn’t ready to give up though. He wants to stay healthy and happy and is looking for ways to do just that. Ready for a retirement home: This senior has aged a little faster than the others. Her health has declined greatly and she can no longer live in her home alone. She needs assistance throughout the day. She has moved into her daughter’s house. Due to her declining health, a balanced meal is extremely important. She is on a tight budget and needs some where to go during the day. Through our interviews and surveys, we know that seniors come to Heartland not only for the food, but also for the company. The people who attend lunches are looking for the best way to spend their money. They are also looking for new friends and a way to get out of the house for a while. They don’t like cooking for one or eating alone, according to our interviews. We also used the U.S. Census and MRI data for information on the demographics of the people in Story County.7
  10. 10. Target Audience ProfileIn researching consumers, we found that seniors ages 65 and older are the primeprospects. Our target is widowed, has declining health, and has less money to spendon food than his or her wealthier peers. As they age, seniors find themselves withfewer options for healthy lunches as cooking for one and eating alone are not ideal. Kevin is 80 years old and lives in Ames. He lost his wife 5 months ago and has just begun cooking for himself. He is diabetic and has high blood pressure, but still eats fast food regularly. His health is declining, as he is unsure of how to properly maintain a healthy diet. Kevin is in need of nutritional counseling in order to figure out a diet that works best for his lifestyle.Rose is 75 years old and lives in Colo. She lost her husband a fewyears ago and is starting to see a decline in her health. She does notdrive and relies on her daughter to take her where she needs to go.Rose does not like to leave her home more than necessary because it isbecoming harder for her to walk. She no longer eats as healthy as sheused to, as she sees no point in going through the trouble of cookinga full meal for one person. Rose would benefit greatly from the home-delivered meal services. Martha is 67 years old and lives in Ames. Martha just lost her husband and is feeling very alone and depressed. Her children come to visit as often as they can, but they live hours away and have their own children and jobs. Most of her friends have passed away or moved out of the area, and Martha spends most of her time alone. She is still fairly healthy, but does not like cooking for herself. She wishes she had friends to spend her time with, but does not know where to meet any. We need to inform Martha of the congregate meal services.A vast majority of current users of the counseling service and home-delivered mealsheard about the services by first visiting the congregate meals. By targeting seniorslike Mary to come and take advantage of the congregate meals, we are introducingthem to all of Heartland’s services. 8
  11. 11. Creative Brief Why are we advertising? Heartland Senior Services provides congregate meals, home-delivered meals, and nutritional counseling that allow seniors to maintain their independence. Heartland has served over 47,000 meals in the last year. These meals are nutritionally balanced and are offered free or at a discounted rate for seniors over 60 years of age. We are focusing our advertising on the congregate meals. Once seniors have attended the meals, they will then be able to learn about the other services. There is some competition with home-delivered meals. Homeward Bound is a program that delivers frozen meals, as does Mary Greeley Hospital. The difference is that these services are only available to Ames residents. Heartland has been able to provide these and other useful services to seniors for over 60 years, yet many potential clients in the area are not aware of them. What is the advertising trying to do? We are trying to raise awareness about the nutritional services Heartland offers. The congregate service provides a fun and social environment to enjoy a meal. Home delivered meals provide nutrition along with the social interaction that is essential in maintaining mental health. The nutrition counseling service provides seniors the ability to maintain independent and healthy lifestyles in their own home. We hope to inform seniors of the importance of a well balanced meal. We also want seniors to know that Heartland is more than a dining hall, it is a place that seniors can come to meet friends and have fun. Who are we talking to? We are talking to seniors who aren’t ready for a retirement home. These men and women are 65+. Many of them are now living alone. Their children have families of their own and their spouse may have passed away. These seniors need something to do during the day. They do not need to be in retirement homes and they can still drive and are active during the day. Cooking for one person seems silly to them, and almost useless. Staying home alone is sad and lonely. These seniors are looking for a place to go to meet new friends, while enjoying a meal that they can afford. They live on a tighter budget and saving money is still important to them. Remember Remember chili... your mom’s your favorite ice cream... Enjoy the little things at Heartland. Feel at home at Heartland.9 HEARTLAND 205 S. Walnut Ave HEARTLAND 515 233-2906 205 S. Walnut Ave 515 233-2906 Senior Services Senior Services
  12. 12. What do they think now?Many seniors in the area are not aware of the services that Heartland provides.This is our biggest challenge. Some seniors are looking for these services but do not knowhow to find them. They may have never heard of Heartland and are unaware or its nutritionprogram. They want a place to eat and socialize. It’s just a matter of finding it.What do we want them to think?We want the seniors to know about the services Heartland provides as well as the intangiblebenefits.We want them to feel that the services they receive from Heartland will help them tomaintain a healthy, independent and happy lifestyle, for as long as possible. Seniors need aplace to come and socialize. As they are getting older, they are also starting to lose friends andloved ones. We want them to know that Heartland is not just providing them with a meal, butalso a place to meet new people. Heartland is a place to come and laugh with friends whileeating a healthy meal.What’s the main idea we need to communicate?Heartland, it’s more than a meal.What’s the tone?Nostalgic, Compassionate, and Embracing Life.Heartland is warm and inviting. Seniors come here to enjoy a healthy meal with the companyof others. They have stories to share and advice to give. They are old and wise and embraceevery moment life gives them. They love laughing, eating, and making the most of the timethey have. They are proof that just because you are older does not mean you cannot have fun.How do we know we’re right?We know we are right because of what seniors have told us. We know that they come toeat at Heartland, first for the food, and second for the company. They do not see the pointin cooking for one. We also know that if it weren’t for friends’ recommendations, seniorswould have never learned about Heartland and its services. These indiviuals love everythingHeartland’s nutritional services have to offer. They just wish they had known about it sooner. Remember cake... your birthday Rememberin your lunchbox... notes from mom Feel special at lunchtime. Feel special at lunchtime. HEARTLAND 205 S. Walnut Ave HEARTLAND 205 S. Walnut Ave 10 515 233-2906 515 233-2906 Senior Services Senior Services
  13. 13. 11
  14. 14. Media PlanObjective:To increase awareness among seniors 65 years of age and older. Through our mediapackage, we will achieve a reach of around 50 and a frequency of 2.Strategies:Our first strategy is to have an advertising presence year-round and increasing ouradvertising during the holidays. A large portion of our target audience participatesin celebrating Christmas, Easter and Thanksgiving. We know that many seniors areliving alone. Being around friends is important during the holidays. We will increaseour presence during this time for that reason. Our lunches will give seniors a place toenjoy the holidays with friends.We plan to reach our target audience using traditional media such as newspaper,radio, and brochures. We are using brochures because many of the attendees arereferred to Heartland by doctors. A balanced meal is important for aging seniors.They often learn about ways to maintain their health at the doctors office. By placingbrochures in these offices, we can reach them at a time they are looking for theinformation.A large portion of our target audience is actively involved within the religiouscommunity. We plan to display information about congregate meals & nutritionalservice on churches bulletin boards, and local bulletin boards. Seniors look at thesecommunity calendars for places to go during the day.We are also using radio to advertise to seniors. These radio spots will be focusing onholiday meals.We plan to reach our audience through various media. We would like to reachthem in a place we know they go for nutritional help, which is the doctor’s office.Informational brochures will be placed in local clinics, doctors’ offices and hospitals.We chose these locations because seniors will be actively searching for nutritionalservices at this time. We will also reach our audience through newspaper advertisingand community calendars. Newspaper advertising will be useful because we knowthis is where seniors go to get their information. We will announce events andinformational meetings in community calendars because seniors will look throughthem for events to attend. We will also reach our audience through radio, focusing onHeartland’s special holiday meals. Seniors listen to radio commercials to find placesto go and events to attend. 12
  15. 15. Media Tactics Tactic: Newspaper About: Ames Tribune Newspaper: Active After 50 When: January-December every last Wednesday of each month According to MRI data, people over the age of 65 are are strong users of newspapers. Advertising in the Ames Tribune’s Active After 50 section will reach a large portion of our target audience. This has a circulation of approximately 24,000 citizens throughout Story County. Half of the advertisements will go to Ames Tribune subscribers throughout the Ames area, and the other half will go to non-subscribers. They will be 14 column inch ads priced at $98 each. Active After 50 is published once every month. Cost: $1,17613
  16. 16. Remember Feel special at Heartland. Please join us for lunch today! your birthday cake Meals are served daily at Heartland Senior Services at 11:30am. Times vary at other locations in Story County. Please call for details. HEARTLAND 205 S. Walnut Ave, Ames 515 233-2906 Senior ServicesRemember Feel creative at Heartland. Please join us for a special lunch this holiday season!decorating Easter eggs A festive feast will be served on Thursday, April 1 at 11:30am at Heartland Senior services. Egg decorating will begin at 1pm. HEARTLAND 205 S. Walnut Ave, Ames 515 233-2906 Senior ServicesRemember Feel comforted at Heartland. Please join us for a special lunch this holiday season! grandma’s stuffing A traditional turkey dinner will be served on Monday, November 22 at 11:30am at Heartland Senior Services. HEARTLAND 205 S. Walnut Ave, Ames 515 233-2906 Senior ServicesRemember Treat yourself at Heartland. Please join us for a special lunch this holiday season! Christmas cookies A holiday meal will be served on Thursday, December 23 at 11:30am at Heartland Senior services. HEARTLAND 205 S. Walnut Ave, Ames 515 233-2906 Senior Services 14
  17. 17. Media Tactics Tactic: Radio About: Radio advertising on morning drive talk shows When: March, November, December (a week prior to holidays) According to MRI data, seniors 65+ are strong users of this medium. After interview- ing many congregate meal attendees, almost all of them pointed out that they listened to morning radio talk shows regularly. Many seniors who use Heartland would like to hear more radio spots about the services Heartland can provide. This medium has an overall target of ages 35+, which includes our target audience. We plan to advertise through KASI morning drive talk radio. We will run 11, 30-second ads at $30 each. They will run from 6am-10am. Two spots will run Monday and Tuesday morning. One, Wednesday morning, and three spots will run Thursday and Friday morning. We have decided to do this, because KASI already has a high listenership of 9,405 people. Out of this group, 3,177 are 65 years of age and older. Thursday and Friday mornings have the highest listenership of all of the weekdays. With this package, we will receive two Breakfast Club interviews free of charge. Breakfast Club interviews are two sets of interviews, one is a week prior to the event and the other will be the day before the event. We will use these throughout the holiday seasons to promote special lunches. Cost: $1,000Scripts: Easter Remember gathering as a family and decorating Easter eggs. Friends and family members standing by as the morning Easter-egg hunt unfolds. Seeing the grandkids excitement in the friendly competition. Everyone smiling and sharing laughs, then coming inside and celebrating with a mouth-watering holiday meal. Heartland Senior Services and its nutrition department welcome you to relive these memories and join its special Easter meal on April 1st. The dinner is free for those who are 60 years of age or older and only 7 dollars for anyone else! Call 515-233-2906 to reserve your spot now. Heartland, It’s more than a meal.Christmas Remember sitting around the dinner table on Christmas Day. Friends and family conversing, sharing stories and laughs. The tune of Frosty the Snowman playing softly in the background. The smell of freshly baked Christmas cookies warms the air. The movie, A Christmas story, can be seen on the T.V. in the living room. Grandkids running around, smiling as they have fun with their new toys. Heartland Senior Services and its nutrition department welcome you relive those feelings and treat yourself to its special Christmas meal on December 23rd. The dinner is free for those who are 60 years of age or older and only 7 dollars for anyone else! Call 515-233-2906 to reserve your spot now. Heartland, It’s more than a meal.Thanksgiving Remember sitting around the dinner table on Thanksgiving Day. Turkey roasted and ready to go. Family and friends surrounding you sharing stories and laughs. The enticing smells of ham, turkey and potatoes filling the air, and the grumbling of your stomach as you wait to dive into the feast. Heartland Senior Services and its nutrition department welcome you to satisfy your cravings and join its special Thanksgiving meal on November 22nd. The dinner is free for those who are 60 years of age or older and only 7 dollars for anyone else!15 Call 515-233-2906 to reserve your spot now. Heartland, It’s more than a meal.
  18. 18. 16
  19. 19. Media Tactics Tactic: Brochures About: Tri-fold, high gloss paper, color brochures. 2,000 will be distributed throughout Ames and Story County. When: January-December Where: Mary Greeley Medical Center, Ames, IA-111 Duff Avenue, Ames, IA McFarland Clinic PC-1215 Duff Ave, Ames, IA Story County Medical Center-640 S 19th St. Nevada, IA Radiant Complexions Dermatology-2010 Philadelphia St. #1, Ames, IA Our target audience may be visiting the doctor for a routine check-up or to discuss a current health issue. This is an opportunity to introduce them to our nutritional services. We will effectively reach our target with these brochures, distributing them to clinics, doctors’ offices and hospitals in the county. The brochures will discuss the benefits of Heartland’s congregate meals, home delivered meals and nutritional counseling, while providing participants with information on how to apply. They will be available for patients to read over and take home. This is a great way to reach our target group because most of Heartland’s current clients were informed by word-of- mouth and/or doctors. In order to qualify for home-delivered meals, participants must be recently released from a hospital or need-certified by a qualified health professional. With this in mind, placing brochures in these locations will be an effective way to reach our target audience. The brochures will be updated quarterly and will contain additional information about special lunch events and nutritional facts. These facts will be tailored to the particular times of the year they are distributed. Over the course of the entire year, each location will receive approximately 500 brochures. Cost: $39717
  20. 20. 18
  21. 21. Media Tactics Tactic: Meal Production About: Putting extra budget into higher quality food during the holidays When: Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter We will host special lunches during Thanksgiving, Easter and Christmas. This is a great way for Heartland to gain more clientele and give seniors the opportunity to spend the holiday with friends that may not live close. Cost: $427 Tactic: Community Calendar About: Community Calendar displays special events, and different meals provided When: January-December Advertising in a monthly community calendar will provide information of times, dates, and locations for special lunches at Heartland. There will also be informational meetings about how seniors can maintain a well-balanced diet. Cost: Free Tactic: Church Bulletin Boards About: Displaying information about Heartlands congregate meal service and nutritional service When: January-December Our clients are actively involved within the religious community. In fact, 30% belong to Protestant, 16% Lutheran, and 11% are Catholic. Since they celebrate religious holidays, such as Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter, we will advertise through church bulletin boards. This has a direct impact on our target audience and will provide information about Heartland’s congregate meal services and nutritional counseling service. The information will be updated every quarter. Cost: Free Tactic: Web optimization update/website redesign About: Web optimization and website/redesign When: Ongoing The Heartland Senior Services website is out-dated and complicated for users to navigate through. Updating the website will allow users to search for and find information easier. Search optimization will increase Heartland’s online presence. We suggest that Heartland finds an intern to help with these updates. With these methods, it will be possible for Heartland to gain more attention through online media. Cost: Free19
  22. 22. Tactic: Attendee recordsAbout: Keeping an up-to-date spreadsheet of users of the nutritional servicesWhen: OngoingAfter meeting with Sharon, the nutrition director, we realized there wasn’t a systemfor keeping track of attendance and ways that people heard of Heartland’s services. Werecommend that Heartland use a simple survey as a way to justify which of their ad-vertising media is working the best. The records can simply be kept in an excel spread-sheet on the computer and updated monthly by a Heartland employee. The surveywould consist of: name, age, sex, race and where he or she heard of Heartland (Friendrecommendation, brochure, radio ad, community calendar, newspaper or other).Cost: Free Media Flighting January February March April May June Newspaper Radio Brochure Meal Production Community Calendar Church Bulleton Board Website optimization Attendance Records July August September October November December 20
  23. 23. Budget Summary 13% Brochure 33% 14% Radio Meal Production Newspaper 39% We decided to focus the largest percent of our advertising budget on newspapers and radio. These media are expensive, but very affective in reaching our target audience. According to our research, many seniors stay up-to-date by subscribing to the Ames Tribune, and they regularly listen to KASI morning talk radio for community events. Since radio is the second largest portion of our budget, the radio spots will focus on special events held by Heartland during the holiday periods. We are using brochures because recommendations by doctors and word of mouth advertising is mainly how seniors have become aware of Heartland and its nutrition department. This medium may be small when compared to newspaper and radio, but it will be very effective. Radio is our next largest source of advertising in the budget. We know that seniors are listening to the radio to hear about community events. Radio is the most expensive medium per unit that we are going to use in this campaign. Our radio spots are focused on special events that Heartland will host.21
  24. 24. RationaleWe decided to advertise by displaying vibrantly colored brochures in doctors’ offices,clinics, and hospitals, because many of the respondents from our surveys said theywere recommended to Heartland from doctors. Our audience likes to stay up-to-date with local news, so we have decided to advertise through a separate portion ofthe Ames Tribune, “Active After 50”, which has a circulation of 24,000 people, and isdistributed directly to our target audience every last Wednesday of each month. 12,000to 14,000 issues are delivered to current subscribers, and the remaining are deliveredto non-subscribers who are within the 50+ demographic.Radio is another vital way our audience gets its news. We have decided to takeadvantage of that and advertise through KASI morning talk radio. With a total of 9,450listeners, 3,177 of them them consist of our target audience of 65+. Religion is alsoimportant to our clients, so we have taken advantage of this medium and will advertisethrough church bulletins and community calendars. 30% of our audience belongsto Protestant, 16% belong to Lutheran, and 11% belong to Catholic, by advertisingthrough the churches it will have a direct impact on our audience. 22
  25. 25. Summary We will talk to seniors who are looking for a place to enjoy their lunch. We will convince them that the services they receive from Heartland will be beneficial in promoting successful aging. We have selected appropriate media and creative concepts to effectively reach our target and communicate these ideas with them.Survey Questions All participants were asked their age, gender and community. Questions for people at HyVee: •Are you familiar with any senior service provider in the area? If yes, who? •Are you familiar with Heartland Senior Services? If yes, how did you find out about them? Do you/someone you know use any of the services Heartland provides? •Do you/someone you know currently need nutritional services? •Will you/someone you know need any services Heartland provides within the near future (5 years)? Questions for congregate meal attendees: •How did you find out about Heartland Senior Services? •How many times a week do you eat congregate meals? •Do you use the Heartland Senior Services transportation system to get to and from the meals? •What do you like best about congregate meals? •Do you ever use the home-delivered meal services? •(Those over 60): Do you normally donate the suggested amount? •Do you utilize any other Heartland services? If so, what? •How long have you been visiting Heartland? •What type of media do you use most often? Is it local or national? •How often do you tune into television per week? •How often do you read the newspaper? Which do you prefer? •How often do you listen to the radio? Is it satellite or am/fm? •How often do you use the internet to find information? Do you have a favorite website? •What time do you usually use these media? •What is your favorite part of town? •At what stores do you usually shop?23
  26. 26. Works Cited2010 Census. (2010, Jan 1). Census. Retrieved Nov 10, 2010, from Census:, H. S. (2010, September 20). Target Audience Demographic. (J. Farley,Interviewer)customers, H.-V. (2010, Sept 29). Heartland Awareness. (R. tm, Interviewer)MRI Plus. (2010, Jan 1). (M. R. Intelligence, Producer, & MediamarkResearch & Intelligence) Retrieved Oct 3, 2010, from MRI: (2010). Listenership Demographic. KASI, Radio. Des Moines: Tapscan.Qualitap. (2010). Scarborough Instant Qualitative Profile. KASI, Listenership Profile.Des Moines: Tapscan.Representative, A. T. (2010, October 15). Newspaper ad Space. (J. Farley,Interviewer)