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Flor Essence – Folk Cancer Cure Made Mainstream!
For those on the lookout for alternative medical treatment, you...
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Fight Off Body Toxins with Herbal Cleanse or Herbal Cleansing!
It has become a truly necessary and vital procedu...
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Flor Essence – Folk Cancer Cure Made Mainstream!


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Flor Essence – Folk Cancer Cure Made Mainstream!

  1. 1. Article 1 Flor Essence – Folk Cancer Cure Made Mainstream! For those on the lookout for alternative medical treatment, you might want to read more about something called Essiac Tea. You can find a lot of information about it on the internet, especially about benefits. There’s not much to it regarding disadvantages and words of caution about who can’t use it though, since most medicinal herbs have certain effects on the human body which may prove to be beneficial while undesirable and unwanted in others. We can breeze through some of those precautionary words in a few, but for now, here’s a little more detail on this seldom heard-of item. Also known as Flor Essence, it is a popular folk cure for cancer that is comprised of 4 different herbs, mixed in a very specific formula. The original herbal mixture has helped hundreds of thousands of people over the world. Herbologists and lay people alike have been making this recipe since Rene Caisse developed the recipe. Keep in mind that nothing works for everyone, and some people should not take certain things at all. This tea, for the most part, is a safe mixture of herbs that can contribute to detoxification of the human body, as well as some healing properties which provide much benefit. There are a few precautions to take though, so don’t take Essiac Tea: ● If you’re pregnant or attempting to become so. Essiac Tea has Rhubarb as one of its components, and it’s used for the treatment of amenorrhea, thus stimulating women to have irregular monthly periods. It can also cause contractions of the uterus. ● If you’re prone to kidney stones. Rhubarb also contains oxalic acid, which contribute in the formation of kidney stones, so avoid taking in Essiac Tea. ● If you constantly experience diarrhea. One of Essiac Tea’s components Sheep Sorrel can be a substitute for laxatives, and can cause the bowels to contract, thus causing cramps in the anal muscles. If you experience none of the above, then here are some reasons on why you should take Essiac Tea.: ● If you’re prone or are actually experiencing Diabetes. Take extra caution in monitoring your blood sugar level when ingesting Essiac Tea, as the herbal blend itself can make your cells a lot less resistant to insulin, maybe even resulting to hypoglycemia. ● You can take Essiac Tea to increase your blood iron levels. ● If you happen to take digoxin, which is a heart medicine, Essiac tea increases its effect. Taking Flor Essence has its benefits, more so than contraindications. But it’s always wise to make a well thought-out decision before jumping into conclusions that you need this. You’ll have to do the research yourself whether you need it or not.
  2. 2. Article 2 Fight Off Body Toxins with Herbal Cleanse or Herbal Cleansing! It has become a truly necessary and vital procedure for people who are very much concerned about their health. Undergoing a herbal cleanse or herbal cleansing, it fights off all the unnecessary chemicals and toxins that may serve as antagonistic presences in the proper function of your body. These toxins can interfere in the proper functioning of your organs, thus in turn posing a lot of possible health risks. In order to maintain proper function and good health, you can undergo cleansing and pretty soon you’ll even feel better about yourself, internally and externally. A lot of the organs in the human body have accumulated a lot of foreign substances over the years of growth and maturity, exposing ourselves to different environments in which dirt, chemicals, and other substances which can be found even in the food we eat. This results in a degradation of health which may come to a full halt in the later years of one’s life, causing all sorts of illnesses. One major organ to be taken note of is the liver, which is responsible for the detoxification of a lot of biochemical substances found in our body. With a lot of toxins accumulate around this organ and even spreading throughout our blood stream, the liver cannot function and perform its task properly. In getting a cleansing, you are helping your liver serve its purpose well. Your lungs serve as the organs that help you breathe, and with breathing comes the inhalation of several tiny foreign substances which may hinder us from performing our daily tasks at a healthy state. The air we breathe is considered to be highly polluted with toxins, and having all that accumulated in the lungs can cause bronchitis or even worse, lung cancer. Your kidney also helps detoxify the human body by eliminating all toxic wastes from your body by filtering all these unwanted substances through the blood. Of course, you’d have to take herbal supplements that help you cleanse your blood even more, but be aware that frequent cleansing can lead to poor kidney function in the long run so best take precaution and cleanse only every now and then instead of all the time. The one organ that is most well known for cleansing is the colon, where a lot of the dirty materials and toxins consume on a daily basis pile up. Having a colon cleansing can do much benefit in performing regular bowel movement, as an unhealthy colon can cause some problems, such as hard fecal matter, which may damage even your anal orifice due to extreme exertion. Through herbal cleanse or herbal cleansing, you are avoiding any toxins from taking over your body, cleaning your major organs so they can perform highly important functions properly. Doing so helps you maintain good health, and that is one top priority every person should think about daily.