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Social Media Strategy
Understanding Twitter
Using Twitter for business

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Wbn presentation v3

  1. 1. Learning to Love Social MediaWhat is Twitter?Why use Twitter?Taking a tour – Lingo & navigationHow to get startedEtiquetteTools & Resources Presented by Rebecca Page
  2. 2. What is Twitter?Microblogging site with 360 million profiles globally.460,000 new Twitter accounts are created every day.- Free and available to anyone- Public to anyone, even people not on Twitter- 140 character limit, including punctuation- Instant posting of what you enter- No need for special software or program
  3. 3. Why use Twitter? Conversation. Discussion. Sharing. Personal Interests Hobbies, stage of life, health issues Politics and Academic World events and issues, headlines, news stories Small Business - Networking in your community - Sharing information and asking advice Big Brands/Corporate - Customer service - Product launches, events, sales, surveysTwitter is a conversation. Participate consistently, or don’t bother.
  4. 4. Why use Twitter? Social Media Strategy & Issues to Consider Who is your audience? Are they on Twitter? What do you want to represent? What do you want to say? Message and image. Who do you want to follow? Beware of bots! Personal vs Business profiles Credibility and professionalismTwitter is a conversation. Participate consistently, or don’t bother.
  5. 5. Taking a tour – ProfileProfile Name Avatar Handle Bio Website link
  6. 6. Taking a tour - Lingo Followers are the other Twitter users who will see your tweets in their feed. When you follow someone, their Lists tweets show in your feed Feed is the stream of Tweets Following Followers tweets coming from How many and who How many and who your followersHow active on Twitter? do they follow? follows them? Lists is a way to organize your followers by whatever category you choose.
  7. 7. Background Feed or Stream Tweet
  8. 8. Review of TerminologyHandle - @RebeccaPageCHS , @ConciergeHomeS, @WBN_OttawaAvatar – photo of yourself or your company logoBio – 140 characters about you and why you are on TwitterFollowers – list of who is following your tweetsFollowing – whose tweets you are followingProfile – snapshot of the above informationTweet – message or post of up to 140 charactersFeed or Stream – flow of tweetsHashtag # - method of tracking content for measurement or searchesDM (Direct Message) – private message between followersRT (retweet) – Forwarding on a tweet to your followersTagging – using a handle in a tweet. “Met lots of awesome #Ottawawomen at @WBN_Ottawa event last night”Mentions – seeing when someone has tagged you in a tweet
  9. 9. Review of Terminology
  10. 10. How to get started1. Decide on handle, avatar, message, strategy2. Sign up and set up your profile3. Start following, listening, and looking for opportunities to engage
  11. 11. Twitter Etiquette1. Don’t oversell your business. Bring value to your followers.2. Thank RTs.3. Reply to DMs.4. You are not obligated to follow back. Have a reason to.5. Use good manners and language.
  12. 12. Tools & ResourcesFree websites which lets you set up a dashboards to manage lists and streams. Ideal when maintaining multiple accounts. Can also schedule Tweets.