Rev Up Your Resume : Jump Start Your Career


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My career objective is blah, blah, blah--boooring! A powerful resume states who you are, your expertise, and most importantly, your achievements. Tell companies what you can do for them. Don't write the average Joe's resume. That won't get you the interviews.

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Rev Up Your Resume : Jump Start Your Career

  1. 1. Rebecca Page Stand Out from the Pack
  2. 2. 1st Impression to Employer Sub Goal — To Have It Read Main Goal — To Land an INTERVIEW! Tip: Vagueness and modesty aren’t effective approaches Make It Lasting
  3. 3. Before We Start LIES misspellings punctuation syntax errors TYPOS
  4. 4. Reality Check on Hiring Managers Review resumes in 5-10 seconds each Receive 50-500 others Tip: Distinguish your value proposition effectively, concisely, dynamically
  5. 5. Types of Resumes Tip: Skip to slide 28 for different strategies. Chronology HybridFunction Reverse Career History (Boring) Skill Sets (Loathed) Combination (Preferred!)
  6. 6. Resume Sections Heading Job Title / Profile Core Competencies Career Highlights Work History Education Distinctions
  7. 7. Focus on Your Future Job are you targeting? Corporate culture and size fits you best? Skills do you offer—soft and hard? Experience relates specifically to this job? Professional language is spoken— buzzwords & acronyms? What …
  8. 8. Grab ‘Em Above the Fold
  9. 9. Role Play Before Writing Can (your name) achieve job’s deliverables? Will (your name) solve our problems? Why is (your name) better than the others? Pretend You’re Hiring Manager
  10. 10. Discover Your Value Start with blank sheet or Word document Develop success stories for each job Brainstorm about your accomplishments Open up your creativity ! Tip: Read past performance evaluations
  11. 11. How Did You Help Employer … Make / Save money Save time Create efficient process Solve specific problem Reduce / Grow staff Beat a deadline Expand business Attract new customers Increase market penetration Develop, market or sell new product or service
  12. 12. Avoid Generalizations High impact ACHIEVEMENTS NOT responsibilities Specifics—figures, percentages, dollar amounts
  13. 13. Which is More Impressive ? Responsible for increasing recoveries. Grew recoveries from 2% to 14%, resulting in $15M increase by creating 3rd party recognition templates.
  14. 14. Action Verbs Show Impact Achieve Analyze Assist Author Bridge Build Code Conceptualize Configure Consolidate Create Design Develop Edit Eliminate Finalize Guide Head Hire Evaluate Implement Increase Initiate Instruct Lead Lecture Litigate Manage Maximize Mediate Mentor Model Modernize Motivate Negotiate Operate Optimize Organize Oversee Perform Partner Plan Prepare Procure Promote Quantify Raise Re-engineer Regulate Research Secure Serve Solve Spearhead Streamline Supervise Train Translate Update Write
  15. 15. Now Throw Some Out What to … It’s your future job – not everything you did is relevant Feature Downplay Toss out
  16. 16. Format is Everything Ample white space Modern fonts Arial, Helvetica, Calibri Traditional fonts Times, CenturyCenturyCenturyCentury, Palatino Font size 11 or 12 points Usual techniques Bold, italics, ALL CAPITALS Simple lines But minimize use No Denseness / Clutter
  17. 17. Let’s Get Started ! SUZANNE “SUE” WILLIAMS, J.D. Heading 555.234.5721 555 Hire Me Lane Wilmet, AZ 55123 Tips: Include everyday name Use professional e-mail
  18. 18. Title & Profile Operations Director 12 years’ success in enterprise software industry: re-engineer international business operations, increase workers’ efficiencies, develop technology standards, and reduce capital / payroll expenses. Awarded “Most Valuable Employee” out of 300.
  19. 19. Skills & Expertise Marketing Management Social Media / SMO New Product Launch Competitor Analysis Strategic Planning Branding Product Pricing SEO Tip: Read job listings & LinkedIn profiles for ideas
  20. 20. Vouch for a Skill Include a testimonial from a superior Refer to performance evaluation or recommendation letter “ We almost lost our 2nd largest customer. Dan was onsite until 11 that night to bring their server back up. That’s dedication! “ Mark Brennan, CIO Hitachi Corp.
  21. 21. Career Achievements Showcase what could otherwise be at bottom of page 2 Illustrate successes List 3-4 career highlights related to position sought
  22. 22. Leadership Achievements Membership Growth: 5-32% increase annually for multiple associations, even in times of contracting business climates. Expanded member reach to Europe and Middle East for the US Chamber of Commerce. Foundation Director: Created Business Information Analysis Center for the Chamber and secured federal grants for core operations funding. Grew to $650,000 budget in 2 years. From the Exercise
  23. 23. Reverse Work History Achievements from Exercise Software Engineer 2007-present General Dynamics, Fairfax, VA CAREER EXPERIENCE Create code for 1st ever SMS feature and support product, network and release testing. Design / code phases for wiretap and virtual circuits feature development. Exceed goals 20% for customer site testing and FAO (First Office Application) support for EMX releases. 92% survey rating as instructor at technical workshops for internal / customer knowledge sharing and functional areas.
  24. 24. Not Entire Career 10-15 years only is expected Previous positions only if relevant 20-year Government Affairs Director who began career as a … Legislative Assistant on Capitol Hill. Data Entry Assistant for a medical office.
  25. 25. Education Degrees in Reverse Order EDUCATION MA, Elementary Education • University of South Carolina, 2004 BA, Education • College of Charleston, SC, 2002 Tip: Move to the top if … - A recent grad - Graduate degree is preferred in job listing - In medicine, science, higher education, politics
  26. 26. You’re Not “Average Joe” LICENSURE & CERTIFICATIONS Registered Nurse, Virginia State License, 2006 CPR, American Heart Association Certified Nursing Assistant, Virginia Registry, 2003 AWARDS Most Outstanding Employee, General Electric – 2010 Safe Worker, Hybrid Warehouses – 2005-2008
  27. 27. Volunteer / Memberships PROFESSIONAL AFFILIATIONS Chairperson, Institute of Internal Auditors Committee Member, National Compliance Professionals Association Tip: Move to the top if … License, certification, award, military / government service, Fortune 500 companies are preferred for job
  28. 28. Strategies for Career Obstacles TELL employers situation to avoid their making wrong assumptions Many won’t contact you for answers
  29. 29. Need 1st Paid Gig ? Internships—paid & non Clinical & lab projects Specific upper level courses Volunteer activities Memberships List Relevant Experience
  30. 30. Returning to a Profession ? Use leadership / career achievements section Success stories specific to desired profession Minimize / delete unrelated bullets on latest jobs
  31. 31. Hopped Around after Steady Jobs ? List companies with longevity and years at top of resume Remember—reviewer won’t read page 2 to see this 10 years Executive Assistant at SAIC & 5 years Office Manager at British Aerospace
  32. 32. Changing Profession ? All relevant work, certifications, internships, volunteering above the fold In work history, focus on only applicable achievements and skills Minimize bullets that don’t apply Tip: Classes, certifications or internships assure employer you’re serious about a career change
  33. 33. Went Back to School ? In chronological experience, list your degree, school and years Fill in gap to avoid employer’s assumption Or put near top
  34. 34. Let Go from Job Not Performance Related ? Congressman replaced by opposing party Company downsized due to client reduction New CEO brought in his executive team Contract not renewed by DOE State the Reason
  35. 35. Left Workforce Altogether ? Sabbatical to volunteer at Sahabi Orphanage in Kenya Walked across America, then published book on experience with host families Assisted terminally ill parent Be Honest Tip: Include work if you can to minimize gap
  36. 36. Seeking Lower Position ? Dumb down responsibilities Focus profile & skills on those needed Remove advanced degrees—Master, JD, PhD If seeking straight sales position, don’t state you were Director over staff of 20
  37. 37. Over 50? List about 15 years of employment— even if with 1 employer for longer After create “Prior Experience” list only positions & employers— no responsibilities, NO DATES Education—NO DATES
  38. 38. Survive Electronic Black Hole MUST use title & key words in job posting Use .txt file extension, unformatted ASCII Choose sans serif font Left justify all text Strip formatting — no bullets, tabs, tables, text boxes, page breaks, page numbers No bold, italics, underlines Used by Larger Companies Tip: Use symbols to replace bullets •••• ∼∼∼∼ or create lines — — — — —
  39. 39. E-mailing Resume Follow ad’s instructions Word preferred over pdf (if not .txt) Name resume “FullName_Resume.doc” Helps employer file & find it In subject line, your name & job title In body, paste resume Attach resume & cover letter
  40. 40. Wanna Impress ‘Em ? Make different resumes specific to postions or industries seeking Take a few minutes to customize each sent Focus cover letter on position Include matrix of job requirements matched to your successes
  41. 41. Rebecca Page