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Westchester County Presentation at 2013 Long Island Sound Citizens Summit


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Westchester County Presentation at 2013 Long Island Sound Citizens Summit

  1. 1. 22nd AnnualLong Island Sound Citizens SummitExperiences From Super Storm Sandy p p yat Yonkers Joint WWTPG. Michael Coley, P.E., Deputy CommissionerWestchester CountyDepartment of Environmental FacilitiesIona College April 26, 2013April 26, 2013
  2. 2. 13 Sewer Di t i tDistricts7 WWTP’s43 Pumping43 Pumping Stations
  3. 3. Start of Super Storm SandyStart of Super Storm Sandy
  4. 4. Flooding Through Storm DrainsFlooding Through Storm Drains
  5. 5. Flood Reaching Entrance to Administration BuildingFlood Reaching Entrance to Administration Building
  6. 6. Primary Tunnel FloodingPrimary Tunnel Flooding
  7. 7. Administration Lobby FloodingAdministration Lobby Flooding
  8. 8. Water Entering Administration BasementWater Entering Administration Basement
  9. 9. Administration Basement FloodedAdministration Basement Flooded
  10. 10. Polymer SpillPolymer Spill
  11. 11. Concrete Block Wall FailureConcrete Block Wall Failure
  12. 12. Damage EvaluationDamage Evaluation
  13. 13. Screen and Grit Building AftermathScreen and Grit Building Aftermath
  14. 14. Secondary Control RoomSecondary Control Room
  15. 15. Entry to Secondary Digester BasementEntry to Secondary Digester Basement
  16. 16. Secondary Digester BasementSecondary Digester Basement
  17. 17. Cleanup OngoingCleanup Ongoing
  18. 18. Mamaroneck WWTPMamaroneck WWTP