Happiness, a Writing Experience, by Rebecca Haden


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Happiness, a Writing Experience, by Rebecca Haden

  1. 1. Happinessa writing experience
  2. 2. “Happiness is themeaning and thepurpose of life, thewhole aim and endof humanexistence”--Aristotle said this. Do youagree?
  3. 3. "Who said youshould be happy?Do your work."Colette said this. Does shehave a point?
  4. 4. “If you want to livea happy life, tie it toa goal, not topeople or things.”Albert Einstein said this. Wouldyou take his advice?
  5. 5. “Happiness is notthe absence ofproblems but theability to deal withthem.”This is an anonymous statementabout happiness. Is it true?
  6. 6. “There is only onehappiness in this life,to love and beloved.”George Sand said this. Whatdo you think?
  7. 7. Now that you know whatothers have said...Its time to develop your own ideas. Think about it. Talk about it. Use a mind map. Do some research. See what information you can find.
  8. 8. Develop aresearchquestion.The answer can be yourthesis.
  9. 9. Is happiness under ourcontrol? maybe maybe not One global study  One long-term concluded that study found that the causes of peoples happiness happiness can be didnt depend on identified. their circumstances.
  10. 10. Once you have a question,look for an answer. Do preliminary research on the internet. Visit the library and find some sources. Interview some experts. Develop a hypothesis -- a tentative answer to your question.
  11. 11. Keep track of your sources asyou go. Rath, Tom and Jim Harter. Wellbeing: The Five Essential Elements. New York: Gallup Press, 2010. Print.Looks at five aspects of well being (career,social, financial, physical, and community)with research and recommendations forincreasing them.
  12. 12. Identify quotes with quotationmarks. Henslin,Earl, and Daniel G. This Is Your Brain on Joy: A Revolutionary Program for Balancing Mood, Restoring Brain Health, and Nurturing Spiritual Growth. Nashville: Thomas Nelson Inc, 2009. 54. Print."When you are totally immersed in learningsomething new... your brain buzzes with joy."
  13. 13. Organize your thoughts andinformation into an outline. Physical wellbeing is essential for happiness. I. Chemical and physical changes in the brain affect happiness. II. Healthy habits create positive changes in the brain. A. Nutrition affects brain function. B. Exercise affects mood. C. Sleep affects brain function. III. Unhealthy habits create negative changes in the brain. A. Drug use affects brain function. B. Negative thought patterns affect mood.
  14. 14. Organize all yournotes andsources.Have your supporting evidenceready when you write.
  15. 15. Write a draft ofyour paper.Then set it aside for a while. Goback and edit it. Dont forget toproofread!
  16. 16. Congratulations!Youve written a successfulpaper. Did it make you feelhappy?
  17. 17. Rebecca HadenNorthwest ArkansasCommunity College