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Big Data for the Rest of Us


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Google Analytics can provide business insights... for free.

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Big Data for the Rest of Us

  1. 1. ANALYTICS …and what they can do for us BIG DATA FOR THE REST OF US Analytics can provide business Google insights, not just SEO insights.
  2. 2. About Us Haden Interactive builds, optimizes, and manages WordPress websites for large and small organizations on four continents. WWW.HADENINTERACTIVE.CO M Haden Interactive Address: 1337 E. Ash, Fayetteville, AR Phone: 479.966.9761 Email: 02
  3. 3. Our Team Meet us at John Doe 06
  4. 4. Say thanks to our sponsors!
  5. 5. Big Data A corpus of data too big to handle with low-tech tools. •20th Century: Big companies had access to Big Data. •21st Century: We all have access to Big Data. …sort of.
  6. 6. We have relatively greater access Crowdsource Extrapolate from large questions and public data sets to our tolerate low own population. accuracy. Pay for relevant data sets and reports. $499…$45,000 05
  7. 7. An Alternative: Google Analytics Big data collection and analysis tool with the power to It’s free. business insights. provide • • It captures and analyzes your data. • It shows more than just web traffic. 10
  8. 8. Example #1: A CPG Manufacturer Web traffic increases, but sales don’t. What’s up? • Identify a signal of intent to buy. • Measure increase in that signal. • Discover that only 35% of visitors have access. • This is a distribution, not a marketing issue.
  9. 9. Example #2: B2B E-Commerce Looks like bing brings big spenders. Should we optimize for bing? • Bing visitors don’t have a higher conversion rate and they’re searching for the company name. • We’re seeing a different pattern. • Visits from corporate centers followed by same-city purchases. • Develop partnership with the corporation.
  10. 10. Are we theorizing beyond the facts?
  11. 11. Example #3: Thought Leader Are we influencing people, or just getting traffic? How do we know? Who’s visited? Executive office of the president: Visits: 17 Unique Visitors: 12 Pageviews: 77 Visits: 29 Unique Visitors: 23 Pageviews: 139 Visits: 336 Unique Visitors: 70 Pageviews: 1,939 We can say confidently: this is not typical.
  12. 12. Avoiding the Memorial Day Fallacy News shows always report the number of auto accidents over Memorial Day weekend… But how many auto accidents are there on an average weekend? You need enough data to know what’s average and what’s awesome.
  13. 13. The other part of the problem: what do we do with the data?
  14. 14. “What clients really want to see…”
  15. 15. How do we find actionable data? You have to capture the data in order to be able to use it. No going back in time. Use your business goals to plan your analytics configuration. •Brand awareness? •Thought leadership? •Sales? •Market research? •Leads? 15
  16. 16. Once you identify a goal… • Identify a customer behavior. • Identify an online action that shows the behavior or a sign of intention. • Make sure your website offers a way to track the behavior: • • • A URL visited A length of time on site. An item downloaded. • Set up a goal in Google Analytics.
  17. 17. Set up a goal in Google Analytics
  18. 18. Describe your goal
  19. 19. Add goal details and create goal
  20. 20. Segments
  21. 21. Set up a segment
  22. 22. Then what? Once we understand consumer behavior, we should respond to the insights. •Make changes at the website to encourage the behaviors we want to increase. •Fix areas of confusion or abandonment. •Use what we learn about visitor acquisition to make the best allocation of resources. Continue to monitor and respond, because things change.
  23. 23. Google tools that give us insights beyond our own sites
  24. 24. Google Webmaster Tools
  25. 25. Ngram Viewer
  26. 26. Google Trends