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Be the Peacock: Creating and Loving Your Online Brand

The internet has grown so great, that it is difficult to stand out and make yourself distinguishable. To attract and capture a solid audience, you have to be the peacock. You have to be bold and colorful. This session will teach you how to find your inner peacock, so that you can strut like no one has ever seen you strut before.

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Be the Peacock: Creating and Loving Your Online Brand

  1. 1. Be the Peacock: Creating and Loving Your Online Brand Rebecca Gill, Web Savvy Marketing
  2. 2. Who Do You See? When you look in the mirror do you see the past, present or future you?
  3. 3. Peacocks are Memorable The peacock’s extravagant plumage is nature’s version of branding and marketing.
  4. 4. Peacocks are Unforgettable ü Unique and easy to identify ü Beautiful vibrant colors ü Far reaching feathers ü Confident ü Leader ü Commands attention ü Captivates his audience
  5. 5. We are Born Peahens Through time we can grow and evolve into peacocks.
  6. 6. Nature is Cruel We are born ordinary. We do not have to remain ordinary. ü Drab ü Lacks color ü Blends into the background ü Follows ü Afraid to be noticed ü Focused on protection
  7. 7. Find Your Passion Software sucked me in, empowered me and it was the birth of my inner peacock.
  8. 8. CODE EQUALS PURPOSE Passion Will Lead to Purpose Once you find your passion everything comes together.
  9. 9. Find Focus and Clarity Identify who you are before you try and build a brand.
  10. 10. We are… ü Wordpress consultants ü Genesis developers ü Graphic designers ü SEO advisors We are not… ü Content writers ü Social media experts ü Pay per click gurus ü Online advertisors ü Link builders ü Guest bloggers ü Public relation specialists ü Reputation managers ü Infographic creators ü Mobile app developers ü Videographers ü Marketing managers
  11. 11. Find the Uniqueness Within You Articulate what makes you unique. If you don’t know, neither will anyone else.
  12. 12. Tell a Story Use words to articulate what makes you unique. Connect with your readers. Answer the who, what, and why of you. ü Who you are ü What is your background ü What you do ü Who you help ü How you help ü How you can help your website visitor
  13. 13. Create a Strong Brand The key is to start start simple and then maintain consistency across brand elements.
  14. 14. ü Business name ü Tagline ü Tone of voice ü Key messaging ü Your story ü Product names ü Website ü Blog posts ü Presentations Be Consistent and Authentic Great brands connect with their audiences and tell a story. They are recognizable. They stand for something. They speak a common language. ü Logos and marks ü Color palette ü Typography and fonts ü Graphic elements ü Email signatures ü Newsletter ü Social media profiles ü Banner ads ü Business cards
  15. 15. Be the Brand Own it – no matter what colors you have, be the brand.
  16. 16. Don’t Hide or Focus on Drab ü I can’t code ü I’m not a graphic designer ü Blah, blah, blah Focus on What Makes Your Colors Vibrant ü I see website personas ü I see call to actions ü I see content marketing opportunities ü I see keywords and SEO ü I see data flow ü I see ugly (and I remove it) ü I bring it all together into one cohesive website
  17. 17. Embrace Community You might be surprised at how many wonderful colleagues, business partners, and friends are awaiting your arrival.
  18. 18. Mingle, Strut, Teach Show off your new found colors. Surround yourself with other peacocks and embrace them. Help build others up so they can discover their inner peacock. ü Be personable ü Read blogs and comment ü Make friends on Facebook ü Tweet it up ü Connect on LinkedIn ü Join an community on Google+ ü Help or share in a Facebook group ü Answer forum questions ü Attend conferences ü Become an event organizer ü Speak at events ü Jump onto a Google hangout ü Become a podcast guest ü Give back
  19. 19. Remember the Superhero Within You Don’t let imposter syndrome constrain you or hide your inner peacock.
  20. 20. Peahen by Birth, Peacock by Choice passion + purpose + focus + branding = beauty
  21. 21. I’m Rebecca Gill and I am Peacock I am a wife and mother of two. I’m the founder of Web Savvy Marketing and I am an accidential entrepreneur. Learn what makes me unique at @RebeccaGill #BethePeacock #WCa2