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Decision tree


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Decision tree

  1. 1. DECISION TREE Can you identify the topic of the question? 1 NO Read answer choices for clues. Identify the topic of the question Proceed to Step 2 YES Proceed to Step 2 Trap: NCLEX “hides” the topic of the question. Are the answers assessments or implementations? 2 A MIX OF ASSESSMENTS AND IMPLEMENTATION Read stems to determine If you should assess or implement. Select correct answer ARE ANSWERS ALL ASSESSMENT OR IMPLEMENTATION? Proceed to Step 3 Trap: Is validation required? Does Maslow’s fit? 3 NO Are all answers physical? Proceed to Step 4 Are all answers psychosocial? Proceed to Step 5 YES Eliminate psychosocial answers Do the physical needs make sense? Apply ABCs Trap: Physical needs take priority over psychosocial needs Are all answers physical? 4 NO Proceed to Step 5 YES Apply ABCs Trap: Don’t automatically select respiratory answers. (Make sure the answer makes sense) What is the outcome of each of the remaining answers? 5 DETERMINE OUTCOME OF EACH ANSWER. IS IT DESIRED? Select correct answer Trap: Don’t select answers that “sound” right. (Make sure the answer makes sense)