Analysing Cellar Door Survey Results


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Analysing Cellar Door Survey Results

  1. 1. Analysing Cellar Door Survey Results
  2. 2. What were your first impressions upon seeing 'Cellar Door'? Half of the people who took part in my survey said that they loved my 0% magazine upon first seeing it, and 0% 0% the other half said that they liked it. Loved it No one said that they disliked or 48% Like it It was OK hated it. This shows that visually, 52% Disliked it my magazine is effective in Hated it appealing to the target audience. What genre of music do you think 'Cellar Door' is aiming for? 0% 73% of the people who took my survey 0% 7% answered correctly that the magazine 20% is going for an indie genre. 20% said Pop Rock rock, and 7% said pop, this is still good Indie R&B because both of these genres overlap Dance in indie music. 73%
  3. 3. What would you say was the age group of 'Cellar Door's target audience? 93% of people who took my survey guessed correctly that the target age 0% group was 16-20 years old. The other 7% 7% 0% guessed 20-30 years, probably because 12-16 yrs 16-20 yrs the magazine looks quite mature. 20-30 yrs 30-40 yrs 93% Which social group do you think 'Cellar Door' is aimed at? When asked which social group ‘Cellar 0% Door’ was aimed at, 3 were picked 0% 0% pretty much evenly, indie, students, and 38% 37% Emo/Goth Indie gig/festivals goers. This shows that my Gig/Festival Goers Students magazine was clear about who it was Clubbers trying to appeal to because all 3 of 25% Pre-Teens these groups were in my target audience.
  4. 4. Do you think the colour scheme of 'Cellar Door' is effective? When asked if they thought the colour scheme of ‘Cellar Door’ was effective, 93% answered ‘Yes’. Only 7% voted 7% 0% Yes, the complicated ‘Partially’ and no one voted ‘No’, this eachother well Partially shows that my magazine has an appealing colour scheme. No, they looked awful together 93% Can you tell that my front cover, contents page, and double page spread are from the same magazine? 89% of people who took the survey could tell that the different pages were from the same magazine. This shows 11% 0% that ‘Cellar Door’ was effective in Yes, they link well Sort of, there are things having a consistent house theme. which don't quite fit No, none of them relate to However one person said that my front 89% eachother cover looked more ‘rock’ that the rest of the magazine because of the darker use of colour.
  5. 5. Do you think that 'Cellar Door' could be sold in shops? 100% of people said that ‘Cellar Door’ 0% could be sold in a shop – this shows Yes, it wouldn't look out 0% of place on a shelf that people think my magazine looks Maybe, after some editing professional and worth reading. No, it does not look 100% professional Do you think that 'Cellar Door' breaks any of the normal music magazine conventions? When asked if my magazine differs from normal music magazines, 67% 33% said ‘Yes’, and 33% said ‘No’ – those No that said no commented also on how Yes the double page spread has a unique 67% layout differing to most other magazines.
  6. 6. ADDITIONAL COMMENTS ON MAGAZINE ‘On first glance it looks much like your standard magazine, picture of the main act, reviews etc. However I believe the style and layout give the magazine a very arty feel, its tasteful and smart.’ ‘The layout is more stylized than most conventional magazines.’ ‘It looks like a really professional piece of work. Very impressed!’ ‘Interesting photography. The contents page has a really cool layout, which is pretty different to most magazines I've seen before.’