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Audience feedback

  1. 1. What we learnt through our audience feedback...<br />Rebecca Bamfield & Emily Chawner<br />
  2. 2. Teaser Trailer...<br />To collect feedback for our trailer, we asked a variety of people; both genders, and different ages. We uploaded the trailer to facebook to allow anyone to comment with any feedback, giving us many different opinions. We mostly asked our target audience - teenage girls to comment and leave feedback so that we could understand if our trailer had reached mostly the correct audience. Here are what some of our peers said about our teaser trailer...<br />
  3. 3. Excellent editing. Camera work could sometimes be improved.<br />Looks very realistic, I would watch the film!<br />I would definitely watch it in the cinema!<br />Really entertaining trailer, would definitely watch it at the cinema. Some really good shots used.<br />Careful and precise editing! <br />I Really like the opening titles. Its believable as a trailer and shows what the film will be about. I like the transitions between each clip.<br />Extremely brilliant trailer, looks very realistic and shows some super camera shots and angles. It suited the target audience very well.<br />Suits target audience and is well organised and put together. Good work girls.<br />Professionally put together and well organised, well done!<br />
  4. 4. BRILLIANT.<br />Suits target audience really well, good editing and camera work. Looks professional and realistic. <br />Really well put together and very entertaining. Was great to watch, well done to you both!<br />The trailer was very entertaining and had a good storyline. I would watch it in the cinema.<br />Well presented and entertaining to watch. Looks organised and realistic. <br />Humorous and exciting. Made me want to watch the actual film. Well done.<br />Fun and interesting! <br />
  5. 5. From our feedback we learnt that nearly all of the viewers understood who the trailer’s target audience was. We found that both genders found the storyline entertaining and thought that it looked realistic. We found that our audience found the trailer interesting and some said that they would like to see the film. This tells us that we have created a piece of work that is aimed at the correct audience, and the genre and narrative are precise. We think that if we was to do anything to improve the work, some of our camera work could be filmed more carefully to avoid any shaking camera movement. Only a couple of the people that we asked picked up on this. Overall we have learnt that our trailer has been entertaining for our target audience, and they enjoyed watching it.<br />
  6. 6. Ancillary Products...<br />We approached the ancillary feedback with a different approach. We choose to hand out questions to our class to ask them to fill these in. We chose to only ask our target audience – teenage girls, so that we had a clear idea that we had achieved our task. These are the questions that we asked...<br />1.What are you initial thoughts on our ancillary product?<br />2.Do you think that it looks realistic?<br />3.Do you think that the print work fits in with the correct genre? How?<br />4.Do you think that the print work links well with our teaser trailer? How?<br />Here are some of our peers answers to the questions which we asked...<br />
  7. 7. FILM POSTER FEEDBACK...<br />I think that the ancillary product looks very professional and fun.<br />Yes , the style and layout make it seem real.<br />Yes it looks feminine and gives a hint of the narrative.<br />The character images and the use of clothing etc. <br />The poster looks fab, very realistic and interesting.<br />Yes!! <br />Yes, the use of colours target a specific teenage girl audience.<br />Yes, the main characters are obvious in both and the genre is shown through both.<br />It stands out and would attract the right audience.<br />It looks very realistic.<br />Yes the colours link well with the genre.<br />Very well, it shows continuity and consistency throughout!<br />
  8. 8. FILM POSTER FEEDBACK...<br />I think it looks brilliantly put together and attractive.<br />Yes, it looks professional.<br />Yes very well, the colours and fonts are a similar style and attract the right audience,<br />It links well, the logo and characters show consistency.<br />1.The Film poster looks great, the images are very realistic.<br />2. Yes although the slogan fonts could be worked on.<br />3. Yes, the poster looks feminine and bright.<br />4. The theme is obvious and makes the audience able to recognise the genre.<br />
  9. 9. FILM MAGAZINE FEEDBACK...<br />The film magazine looks professional and attractive, definitely something I would buy from a shop!<br />Yes very realistic.<br />Mostly, it looks a little like it could be more aimed at females than males.<br />The images and clear genre allow it to fit in well with the trailer.<br />It is well organised and has a good layout. <br />Yes the layout is very similar to a real magazine.<br />The colours show that its for a mixed gender type. But the title of the ‘Girl Wars’ promotes the film and through colour connotation shows that this is mostly aimed at a female audience. <br />Yes as its features run through aspects of the trailer too.<br />It looks entertaining and non-gender bias.<br />Yes it looks fun and attractive like a typical magazine<br />The colours show that it fits the correct genre.<br />Very well, the style is similar.<br />
  10. 10. It looks tidy and professional. <br />Yes, professional and attractive.<br />Yes, however more feminine colours could be used to promote the film.<br />Yes the characters and the storylines link to the trailer really well.<br />The magazine looks great. It looks very interesting and colourful.<br />Yes the style and layout make it look realistic.<br />The story lines show that the magazine is aimed at both genders, so yes!<br />The colours fonts and images link in with the teaser trailer.<br />
  11. 11. This is my friend Emma, she is 21 years old, so is a little over our supposed target audience age range. She enjoys reading magazines such as ‘Heat’ and ‘Now’, and has interest in Rom-com and Chick Flick movies, and listens to dance, R ‘n’ B and pop music. Which is typical of most girls this age. I asked her to give me some constructive criticism on both my teaser trailer and my ancillary tasks...<br />I think that the ancillary tasks and the teaser trailer both link together really well. They show continuity through the colour theme and the style within the clothing etc. this allows the audience to be attracted to the film, as they have some kind of idea of what its going to be about. The humorous parts in the trailer allow audiences to be interested in watching the film, and the promotion through the magazine and film poster also gives a sense of entertainment. I usually read magazines such as heat, and the front cover attracts me through the bright colours and images, which is exactly what the ‘Cool Film’ magazine did too! <br />
  12. 12. We learnt that our target audience all found the ancillary tasks realistic, and all thought that they linked in well with our teaser trailer. This makes us aware that we have created work that clearly states the correct genre, and that interests the target audience. As an improvement, from our feedback we learnt that if we was to do our print work again, we could make small alterations such as the slogan on our film poster, or the colours on our magazine. Although we thought that the colours on our magazine attracted both audiences, an audience comment doesn’t entirely agree. If we was to re do our work, we would take on board all comments from our class friends and make the small alterations to make our work seem as realistic and as interesting as possible. Overall we have learnt that our ancillary tasks have appealed to the correct audience and have been consistent throughout.<br />