9 Shot Analysis: Katy Perry - Wide Awake


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9 Shot Analysis: Katy Perry - Wide Awake

  1. 1. 9 shot analysisKaty Perry – Wide AwakeBy Rebecca Clarke
  2. 2. This wide shot of the artists at thebeginning of the video shows theuse of voyeurism as the artist isshown both on screen and off.Intertextual references from thisclip we see the artist on pinkclouds which is also seen inanother Katy Perry video making itassociated with all her videos.Also her pink wig is iconic inCalifornia girls’.
  3. 3. This mid shot also uses voyeurismas she looks at herself in themirror. There are also lots of closeups of the main artist. Pink is amain colour used in this part toaim at its target audience (girls)and also because it’s popular.
  4. 4. A close up of the artist is used sowe can clearly see her facialexpressions. In this shot we cansee the lighting is quiet dark whichcontrasts to the upbeat pop musicin the video.The relationship between thelyrics and visuals in this part of theclip could be amplified when shesays ‘Im wide awake’
  5. 5. This tracking shot of the artistholding a lantern is similar to thefairy tale snow white, this couldhave been used to show KatyPerry as one of the evil charactersin the story. Again the video looksquiet gloomy which contradicts thestereotypical themes of pop musicvideos.
  6. 6. Again this close up is similar to thesnow white fairy tale where thewicked witch pulls the apple fromthe tree, this could show she isrepresenting that character byfollowing the same characteristicsor trying to subvert through thevisuals.
  7. 7. This low angle shot allows us tosee what is in the background andalso the characters actions. Themusic and visuals have no linkand therefore contradict eachother.
  8. 8. This wide shot has no link with thelyrics but has many Intertextualreferences to Katy Perrysvideos, such as the bright coloursand flowers. This part of the clipdoesn’t match with the pace of thevideo but is the opposite to thebeginning of the clip where as shenow represents snow white in afairy tale world.
  9. 9. This over the shoulder shot allowsus to see a clear understanding ofthe other characters face. Thecolours in this part represent apop music video as there arebright. Her coloured hair is alsoshown in the video ‘Firework’.
  10. 10. The last shot shown is a low angleshot of Katy Perry performinglive, this could link to the popmusic genre and also to the songwhich is played. Throughout thevideo references to 6 other videosare made making this video seemlike an ending.