Mystery Jets - Young Love


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Mystery Jets - Young Love

  1. 1. The entire video is taken from a birds eye view and begins with the words ‘MYSTERY JETS YOUNG LOVE’ in the centre of the screen. We see that the band name is of a larger font, enabling us to distinguish the band name from the song name. These words are surrounded by the colour white, representing the purity of childhood and the innocence of being young. This purity seems to be disturbed by the presence of the words -possibly representing the rebellious stages of being a teenager; the fact that the words incorporate the use of various bright colours suggests the different personalities and groups of young people in today’s society, such as Rockers and Emos. As well as this, the words are all in capital letters, reflecting the stereotypically ‘loud’ nature of being a teenager and young. The purity of the white is also being disrupted by the, slight, fades into black on either side of the frame, indicating to the darker side of being young and, in relation to the song, the darker side of being in love. As the video continues, the words are then swept away, possibly, representing the ‘phases’ that young people go through, including relationship phases, being short and soon passing; they are being swept toward the faded black area, suggesting that these phases often end badly. In this case the bright colours represent the happier times going into the past. The broom being used to sweep the words away, seems to be a regular household broom, suggesting that these phases of being in love are as normal as the cleaning utensils used everyday. In addition to this, the person doing the sweeping is possibly representative of a someone older, such as a parent, taking control of the situation, re-enforcing the ‘Young’ part of the song title –the person also wears white cleaning overalls to match the colour of the background, suggesting that the carer has pure intentions, such as protecting their young from being hurt.
  2. 2. A jump cut is then used to show the members of the band being rolled into their positions one after the other. They are rolled in quite quickly, possibly representing the swift steps and the fast progression the young take on when it comes to the fresh and new idea of love. They continue to be rolled up and down so that they are all at different levels to one another, possibly representing the ‘rollercoaster’ journey young people experience when it comes to being in love; this idea is emphasized as they are all wearing different styles of clothing, again, possibly representing the different phases of ‘Young Love’. Alternatively, as they are all wearing different styles of clothing, this possibly represents the individuality young people tend to express. The speakers on either side of the frame are not on an equal level, suggesting inequality or, as the speaker on the left is placed higher than the one on the right, possibly represents the downfall of a relationship.
  3. 3. A series of cuts take place, possibly acting as an introduction to each member of the band –in addition to previous comments on their clothing, the fact that they are wearing different colours to each other, further emphasizes the idea that bright colours are being used to represent the importance of individuality when you are young. Also, the different styles being portrayed, again emphasizes the idea of the different social groups young people define themselves by.
  4. 4. Another jump cut shows the singer on his own. His guitar is taken away from him possibly representing growing up and how, as young people, our interests quickly change. In this case, the guitar represents the toys of childhood, he makes a face whilst it is taken away, possibly representing the confusion of growing up. He then moves his arms up and down as though he’s flying, symbolizing the freedom young people experience. His face also returns to normal as his guitar is replaced with a microphone, further emphasizing this idea that ‘Young Love’ is fickle and when we are young, love comes and goes. At the same time as his singing, through the use of special effects, coloured words appear to make it look as though he’s speaking through a speech bubble, by doing this the video gains a, sort of, cartoon-like element adding to the idea that ‘Young Love’ is comical and simplistic.
  5. 5. In addition to the previous slide, the person in the white overalls is present once again, this time holding the microphone. Expanding on an earlier comment on this person representing the carer, the white overalls being worn blend in with the background, allowing us to see that the carer is an unnoticed guidance. This point is emphasized as the lead singer turns away from the ‘carer’ to focus his attention on his band mates, possibly showing us how young people confide in and rely on their friends rather than the support of their carers. As he repeats the, slightly modified, lyrics of the second verse, the coloured words next to him change and turn white, again through special effects, suggesting that a first love (represented as the coloured words of the first verse) is more exciting than any other (represented by the change in words to white in the second verse). The words are then swept away, possibly signifying an end of a relationship, as well as allowing us to recognise that ‘sweeping’ is a running theme used to represent how fast the young move on.
  6. 6. Another cut is used to show the band on their ‘rollers’ -they are all on the same level, however there is no interaction between the four to show that they are connected, possibly representing their vulnerability as individuals. Through further use of special effects, individual strips come up, one at a time, over each of the band mate’s positions, this further introduces the band members as well as the start of a storyline, making the video part of the Mixed category as it is both performance and narrative based.
  7. 7. In contrast to the previous frames, these shots show the band members swapping coloured lanes with one another, showing us that they’re friends and also how social groups can interlink with one another. The fact that they are acting silly while on these lanes reflects the fun within the song.
  8. 8. Overall, the video takes on an unconventional approach to portraying the lyrics of the song, as the narrative I feel the video incorporates, is not obvious to viewers and, as well as this, the video is not purely performance based. However, with the introduction of featuring artist Laura Marling, we see the protruding use of the colour green, connoting nature and new life; this is accentuated by the fact that she is laying on surfaces that replicate grass. Referring back to the song title, the use of the colour green suggests that ‘Young Love’ is a natural occurrence. In addition to this, Laura Marling also employs a ‘natural’ image through the use of a straightforward outfit and minimal make up. Furthermore, the white colour of her t-shirt allow us to see her as innocent, again, allowing viewers to make reference back to the innocence of youth originating from the song title. The fact that she wears this colour, may also act as an indication to the stereotypical views of females being pure and innocent. It is clear that the main colour of her t-shirt is white, however, the predominance of this colour is disrupted by the presence of the word ‘reproduced’ across her chest, this possibly refers to today's modern youth culture where it is more common to have young mothers. Additionally, the word itself may refer to the numerous relationships young people go through; as well as this, the word is set out as a statement, engaging viewers as it allows them to think about how it relates to the song. Looking at the second half of her outfit, the trousers she wears presents a sense of masculinity, contradicting the, earlier mentioned, stereotypical views of females. In addition to this her trousers are black –a strong and dominating colour- indicating to an equal amount of importance between the roles within the narrative. This strength of character, portrayed through specific aspects of her trousers, is emphasized through the fact that the word on her t-shirt is grey –suggesting that her strength runs throughout her being. Going back to her introduction, she enters the frame by simply walking on, suggesting that there is no extravagance to love and that it is simple. Looking further into these shots, there is the possibility that the rug-like square represents love itself, and as it is labelled with Laura’s name, suggests that love chooses the people involved and is inevitable. As she later lays on the rug-like square, this indicates to the comfort love provides and, in addition to this, the fact that she fits within it suggests that love has the ability to consume her. This idea is emphasized by the presence of the word ‘love’ on a pillow next to her within the square, in which a ‘handwritten’ font has been used in order to allow viewers to be able to relate to the concept of ‘Young Love’ in a way that is more personal and less formal -this is because a handwritten font gives off a sense of sincerity. In addition to this the pillow is both red and white, suggesting an ‘innocent’ love and at the same time, indicating to the more dangerous and serious side to being in a relationship; this is done through the use of the colour red. In regards to the setting, the significance of her role is again emphasized by the appearance of her name, noticed as the upper case, bold lettering (applied through special effects); the colour of her name is a lighter shade of green, allowing us to identify that the two are connected but also to recognise that love (the darker shaded square) is more powerful. Moreover, her first name is bigger than her last, either, suggesting that she, specifically, is important, or, in order to suit the presentational aspects of the video.
  9. 9. In addition to the previous slide, the setting also includes the presence of a mug displaying spilt contents, presumably, spelling out the words ‘Young Love’, further reinforcing the links between the video and the song. Looking at the conventions of the video, as a whole, it is clear to see that it is a video of amplification as it combines both performance and narrative categories as well as intensifying both the lyrics and sounds, with creative and unusual ideas; this is done throughout this video but shown within these shots in particular. Saying this, however, there is still a direct link to the song. It is possible that the three arms that join her on screen, represent the involvement of friends. They appear to be men’s arms, contributing to the emphasis on the element of her masculinity mentioned earlier, however, they wear drawn on lips resembling those of a woman’s, allowing us to see that there is a balance in her personality. Looking at her body language, her hands are held together suggesting that she is defensive, further enforcing the strength of her character, her body language may also act as an indication to the comfort she feels as a result of being in love. In terms of camera angles, even though the video is taken from a birds eye view, her eyes look up to the camera making it seem as though the camera is looking down on her, possibly reflecting her vulnerability.
  10. 10. As the video progresses, the lead singer is rolled in, joining Laura on screen. They are laying in opposite directions, suggesting that opposites attract, also reflecting the problems portrayed within the narrative, i.e. not being able to find one another; the fact that their body language mirrors one another allows us to see the connections between them as the leading characters within the storyline. There are a number of jump cuts to shots showing the members of the band being rolled back and forth from all four corners of the screen, showing unity, they are being rolled, at the same time, towards the centre of the shot reinforcing this sense of unison and friendship. Their expressions either show happiness, in relation to the narrative, or reflect the sound of the song further showing that this is a video of amplification. Referring back to scenes involving Laura Marling, as she sings, the words appear so that they cover the lead singer. This is done in a similar way to earlier scenes where the lead singer is performing, in the sense that the words act as a speech bubble and that the most important words have been enlarged. The difference, in this case, is that the words do not employ the same use of various colours as previously shown, suggesting that she is not in a position as happy as his. In addition to this, the fact that the words appear on top of him resemble the format of a ‘MISSING’ poster, linking to the lyrics of the song -i.e. ‘TELL ME HAVE YOU SEEN THE BOY I MET JUST ONCE BEFORE’, also allowing us to get a sense of the brevity ‘Young Love’ can have. Her expression as she later joins the band, along with the others, does not show happiness, suggesting an unhappy ending to the narrative, furthermore, she has left the green square indicating that she has moved on and is no longer in love.
  11. 11. The artist(s) then revolve around in a circle, controlled by the people in white overalls –reinforcing the idea that ‘Young Love’ is supervised. As well as this, the circle they are going around in possibly reflects the ongoing cycle ‘Young Love’ takes on. While being revolved, they carry out small movements between them, in a way, re-enacting the progression of the video’s narrative i.e. how they become connected, their happiness and their finish.
  12. 12. These gestures carry on for a few more frames, also contributing to the amplification of the sound/beat of the song, further emphasized by the use of special effects as the word ‘WOW’ comes out from the centre of the screen, in different directions; the word, overall, leaves a trail of the same word, each of which are different colours used to represent the colour of each involved member of the video –e.g. Laura Marling wears white and is represented by the white word- as the word she is represented by is the most prominent, this suggests that she is the most important character.
  13. 13. The video ends with confetti being released over the characters, possibly reflecting the happiness that comes from being young and in love, and as confetti is usually used at parties, reflects the fun that comes with it; these ideas are reinforced by the fact that the confetti is multi-coloured. There is a cut to an ‘overalled’ person sweeping, again, emphasizing the idea that the carers are left to ‘clean up the mess’ –however, right at the end, another ‘overalled’ person walks into shot, through the pile created by the first, adding a humorous element to the video as well as continuing the songs light-hearted sound.