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[Music] Magazine: Unused Images

  1. 1. FRONT COVER:
  2. 2. As well as there being too many fingers, I couldn’t use this image as part of the hat was cut off which would look unprofessional on my magazine I didn’t use this picture because using the whole five fingers seemed too much –there were too many fingers in one shot
  3. 3. There were no levels in this image, everything looked too balanced out, the picture looked as though everything had been squashed together (making some areas not as clear as they could have been) and toward the right edge the image is slightly blurred
  4. 4. This picture was too big, the shadow was in the wrong place, and it was cut off towards the right side
  5. 5. This image was slightly cut off around the edges, and the background was too dark
  6. 6. These images don’t appear on my front cover or anywhere else on my magazine but originally, they were going to be used to accompany the feature article in my top strip which was going to be ‘CD’s VS Cassettes’. This idea didn’t make it onto my final product because, when put into place, they looked too symmetrical and, ultimately, they didn’t fit in with the edgy layout I was going for and, in a way, by being there I feel that they would have disrupted the flow of the magazine
  7. 7. This picture wasn’t straight and it was taken at an angle which failed to clearly show all of the album covers; plus, most of my albums are cracked from being overplayed, the albums in the image are the ones that were least cracked or not cracked at all, so even if the image was taken in a way that made the albums look clear, the cracks would make them look unclear anyway The cassettes in this image were not aligned; some of them were in cases and some weren’t which I thought made the picture look odd [ In both of these pictures, there are some artists that do not fit in with genres of my magazine, so if I did use them I think they would have confused readers, but I did pick the artists so it was my fault ]
  8. 8. CONTENTS:
  9. 9. Primarily, I took pictures of random magnets on my fridge which would act as a background with the words ‘The Magnets’ on top –it wasn’t until later that I realised that I could use the magnets I already had to create the text I was planning to search for on a font website, this would be easier for me and save me some time I took a range of pictures with the limited amount of letters I had, I repeatedly changed certain parts because the colours looked wrong to me (sometimes there was too much blue and at other times there was too much green) I also had to replace some of the letters with numbers and other letters because the colours looked wrong e.g. I had to replace the ‘A’ with an upside down ‘V’
  10. 10. I think this is a good picture but it was taken at the wrong angle and because of this, it wouldn’t have done anything for my contents page I wanted to incorporate some kind of humour in my magazine and I was considering involving The Simpsons to do this, however, thinking this over, I decided against the idea as if I put The Simpsons on my contents, it would distract the reader from the main point of the page (which is The Magnets)
  11. 11. Usually, the pictures in magazines have a caption nearby, instead of a caption I wanted to use a separate picture which held a humorous comment to replace the role of a caption; I couldn’t use this image because a lot of it was cut off and also, I don’t think readers would have found the comment funny or particularly understand it
  12. 12. This was the magnet I chose to use as my ‘replacement’ caption, I thought everyone would understand it and find it entertaining; the reason I didn’t use these images was that the angles I took them at would look weird if I put them onto the image I chose for ‘The Magnets’ so the overall image wouldn’t flow
  14. 14. Even though I was going for a dark edge in these pictures, this image proved to be too dark and even if I tried to manipulate it so it was lighter, the ‘flash’ created by the camera I was using would become brighter along with the image
  15. 15. These images look similar, the only difference being that the one on the left is a closer shot that the one on the right The reason I didn’t use them was they didn’t fit the image that wanted my magazine to portray; I was going for quite a dark, edgy, old look where the model in the pictures looked abandoned and these images just didn’t achieve this in my opinion
  16. 16. This picture wasn’t clear enough and it didn’t give out the effect that I wanted I liked this picture and there isn’t anything wrong with it in particular, the only reason I didn’t use it was that if I did, my model would be too near to the fold of the magazine pages and the long shot image, overall, wouldn’t give a clear indication as to what the artist is about
  17. 17. I knew these pictures wouldn’t have suited my D.P.S because certain elements in the background were too modern, for example the recycling box in the left picture, also the colours wouldn’t have worked with the colours of my magazine
  18. 18. When I first looked at this picture my attention went straight to luminous street sign which meant that if I used this image in my magazine the main objective of my article (BoxHead) would be overlooked by readers There was too much greenery in this picture and the tree takes up over half of it so, once again, the objective of the article would be overlooked and the reader distracted
  19. 19. This image was not included in my magazine for a number of reasons a couple of them being that when enlarged, the picture looks blurry, and the genres of my magazine are indie/rock, graffiti is not something usually associated with these genres so the graffiti in the background would confuse readers