Speech Expo Overview


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An overview of the Speech and Exposition course.

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Speech Expo Overview

  1. 1. Speech and Exposition<br />Fall 2010<br />L. Rebecca<br />Rm. 151/Library Computer Lab<br />
  2. 2. Overview<br /><ul><li>2nd Quarter:
  3. 3. Speeches: how to compose and effectively deliver speeches
  4. 4. 4 speeches total: first one is on your research process (NOT a summary of your paper)
  5. 5. Other 3 : Process Analysis, Personal Narrative, Partner
  6. 6. Graded on: written speech (“6 traits”), appearance, presentation, volume, enunciation, visual aids, and your Peer Evaluation
  7. 7. 1st Quarter:
  8. 8. Senior Research Paper: district graduation requirement
  9. 9. All phases of the process graded (research question, bibliography, draft)
  10. 10. Graded on content, format (MLA style, teacher-outlined criteria) and timeliness (points deducted for late papers)
  11. 11. Due October 21, 2010</li></li></ul><li>Are you ready for college?<br /><ul><li>An increasing number of  High School graduates say that they did not get enough experience writing Research Papers in High School
  12. 12. Most freshman level courses that require you to write a paper will NOT give instructions on how to do research/apply the format; you are expected to know how to do this already
  13. 13. You can expect to do between three and seven papers in your first semester of college next fall.</li></li></ul><li>Grading: First Quarter of Course:<br />-Introductory Activites (some "risk-free"): 25 pts.<br />-Research/Thesis Question: no student may begin research until they formulate and discuss their RESEARCH QUESTIONS with the instructor(5)<br />-Students must submit an ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY before drafting the paper(10)<br />-Students must participate in a DRAFT ADVISEMENT session prior to turning in the paper(10)<br />-FINAL PAPER(50): 25 points for the actual written paper;<br />25 points for a media presentation to accompany it (different types of delivery methods & media will be covered in class)<br />TOTAL POINTS: 100<br />Points are deducted in instances where the assignment fails <br />to meet criteria and/or is late; see website for full details.<br />
  14. 14. "Risk free" activities:<br />Some assignments are called "risk-free" activities. In other words, you are REQUIRED to complete it, but all you have to do to receive full credit is to do it.<br />
  15. 15. Grading: 2nd Quarter of course<br />Speech 1 (Research Paper): 20 points<br />Speech 2: Process Analysis: 20 points<br />Speech 3: Personal Narrative: 20 points<br />Speech 4: Partner Speech: 20 points<br />Written Individualized Peer Evaluation: 20 points <br />The speech grade will be an average of the grade on the WRITTEN speech<br />(which is submitted on the day of presentation) and the presentation of the Speech (refer to Speech Rubric for details). A range of delivery methods (live speech, video, podcast) are available.<br />
  16. 16. Okay, back to the Paper…<br /><ul><li>You MUST Register with http://turnitin.com by FRIDAY THE LATEST! (counts as a "risk-free" activity")
  17. 17. You will need a valid email address that you can check (verification emails are sent from turnitin to this address)
  18. 18. Even if you have registered previously: log in, click “Join a Class” and select 3380421Speech/Exposition Section 1 (the password is research)
  19. 19. OR select 3380423Speech/Exposition Section 2 (the password is research2)</li></li></ul><li>My Simple Rules:<br /><ul><li>Don’t come to class empty-handed 
  20. 20. You STILL have to come to class: you will NOT WRITE THE WHOLE PAPER AT HOME!
  21. 21. You turn in the assignments on time
  22. 22. You check the website at least once a week, ESPECIALLY if you are absent: 
  23. 23. You don’t make excuses for not using turnitin.com—IT’S MANDATORY!
  24. 24. You tell me in advance if you know you’re going to be out
  25. 25. You make up your work in 3 school days if you are out
  26. 26. Most important: You let me know ASAP if you are having any difficulty: communication is KEY! rebecca64@gmail.com or @TAFilmExpo60s (twitter)</li></li></ul><li>What’s due first?<br /><ul><li>Monday, February 8th: you will have
  27. 27. selected a TOPIC (please refer my list of
  28. 28. allowable topics we'll go over tomorrow) and have developed 2 to 3 research questions, which are things you want to find out about this topic (I’ll explain more on this tomorrow); have a backup topic, because students often change their minds based on the ‘researchability’ of their topics
  29. 29. -join NING and respond to the first forum post</li></li></ul><li>this is a PAPERLESS COURSE<br /><ul><li>Internet access; if you don’t have it at home, you MUST make sure your District User Agreement is updated (YOUR responsibility!)      
  30. 30. You MUST bookmark the class site:</li></ul>http://speechexpogchs.ning.com<br />    You will also need to be registered with          TURNITIN.COM. There is absolutely <br />no acceptable excuse not to use it. Your paper will not be accepted without turnitin submission.<br />
  31. 31. RIGHT NOW:<br /><ul><li>Answer the following questions as best you can:
  33. 33. How do I use the task of researching in my daily life? (Hint: you do!)</li>