Media evaluation final


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Media evaluation final

  1. 1. Evaluation P2Rebecca Paterson
  2. 2. As I saw in other magazines, the colourscheme stayed the same through themagazine so I used this code andconvention in my magazine using thesame colours all the way through. Ichose Red, Turquoise, Black and Whitebecause that they were bright andbold. The Red and Turquoise clashedagainst each other which made themagazine bold attracting the audienceif the magazine was amongst othermagazine on a shelf. I also chose blackand white as they seemed to mostpopular in other magazines.I chose to keep my contents pagebackground layer white as NME,Kerrang! And Q has done in theirmagazines, as I thought a block colourwould be overpowering. I choseinstead to use smaller blocks of colourto use as backgrounds for theconventions like the Masthead, “BANDINDEX” and “EDITORS LETTER”
  3. 3. On my contents page I used only 2 small images as I didn’t want it too look crowded and I thought that the boarding effect followed other magazines conventions, and made the page look appealing. I found that the images that other similar genre magazines used were of the artists or live shots of artists performing so I used both to follow this trend.I also used a guitar in my images as I saw in similar genres ofmagazines they used instruments because this would attract theaudience as it is a key factor of this genre of music . I also used a code and convention in NME’s contents page of a Band Index I decided to use this convention because it makes the reader’s life easier so they can find their bands that they like quickly and easier.
  4. 4. Another code and convention I used from NMEcontents page was the section that they spilttheir articles up into. This was because I foundthat the sections made it simple and easier toread and find what the reader wants tospecifically look at.I also used the code and convention in mostmagazines of a editors note or letter, andthought this wold personalise my magazine.
  5. 5. When I looked at other double page spreads from overmagazines such as Kerrang!, Q and NME the articles werein columns so I used this in my product so I followed codeand conventions of existing products. I also found that thecopy of the double page spread was mostly on a white orplain background so I also applied this to my double pagespread.
  6. 6. The images I used on my double page spread is a mid shot of my model I chose to use a mid to long shot as it was most common in similar genre of magazines. I also chose to dress her in an indie/rock style because this would be appealing to my audience as it would be the style they would dress in as well as it being the style of most indie/rock genre magazines. The setting is quite dark, also relating the genre of music.I also found that in most similar genre of magazinesthey do not have the artists name in the mast head buta caption like masthead. I applied this to my magazinewith the title of “THE UK’S NEW SPARK FLIES TO THETOP”. I also found that another way I could follow otherproducts codes and conventions would be to have mymast head over the edge of the boarder of my copy. Ialso followed the convention having a subheadingunderneath like most other similar genre magazines.
  7. 7. When I was looking at the layout and code and conventions within this, I found that most of the double page spreads used a bold bigger headline in the masthead and then a smaller summary of the article. I used this to attract the audience to the article with a catchy headline.Another code and convention I usedwas a pull out quote. I found thaton most double page spreads had apull out quote on or underneath theimage. This made my double pagelook more interesting and moreappealing to the audience.
  8. 8. How does your media product represent a particular social group?The social group I have represented belong to B, C1, C2, social grades. The social group of 19-25 year oldof both genders this is represented through my colour scheme, turquoise, red, black and white becausemy questionnaire suggested that this would be most appealing to my audience because my targetaudience associated these colours with this genre of music. I used simple fonts throughout my magazineto ensure that it was quite simple and easy to read, and that it was attractive and consistent all the waythrough because I found that magazines which were consistent in colour scheme and font were mostsuccessful an professional looking.The images I used I tried to reflect my social group in. for example the way model is dressed in a leatherjacket and in a “rock chick style" mirrored the way that the people who would buy this magazine woulddress because it was associated with this genre. Aswelll as this on my front cover, double page spreadand contents page the same model is depicted holding a guitar which is also associated with this genre somy target audience would be interested by this, this is also a representation of my social group as theaudience is likely to pay or listen to this instrument and would be attracted by this. On my context pagethere is a picture of Kasabian as they are a well known band of my music genre my target audience wouldalso be attracted to this as they are iconic of this music genre and represented the kind of music my socialgroup would be listening to
  9. 9. What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?When I started researching magazine Bauer media is also a very successfuldistributers I found IPC media who published publishing company and are a worldwideNME and Uncut which are rockindie media institution that would distribute mymagazines, and which I have taken some code magazine as the produce similar genre ofand conventions from to make my magazine music magazine such as Kerrang, Q and MOJOsuccessful, and therefore IPC media would be which I have used a lot in inspiration from so itsuitable to distribute my magazine. would be successful in sales. Aswelll as thisAswelll as having 2 other similar genres of the produce 230 magazine to the massmagazine, adding my magazine to their market, as well as online, TV and radioproduction would beneficial to my magazine they already sell successful magazine in my They offer a wider range of ways to publicisemusic genre. They also publish for a wide my product Aswelll as more experience inaudience of men and women, and this also production and advertisement of my productmay be beneficial as it would allow my as they have successfully produced othermagazine to be attracted to by a wider magazines in my genre, because of the idealaudience as their other magazine ranging from targeted audience that would be provided andlifestyle to sport would help boost sales in they substantial experience I would choseadvertisement. Bauer media as my publisher and distributorIPC distribute their brand to a range of for my product over IPC Media which wouldsupermarkets which broadens the audience also be suitable but offer less experience andfor my magazine and make it available to more prospects for my product.
  10. 10. Who would be the audience for your media product?The target audience for my product is 19-25 year old mostly male but a small percentage offemales, who are interested in Rock/indie music going to gigs , instruments etc… I made a readerprofile like many other magazines for my product, sowing images of the sort of product andthings my intended audience would be attracted by in my magazine because they represent mysocial group like playing the guitar and social network sights and browsing the internet on thelatest technology, and having an Xbox. My target audience occupation on average would becollege, full time student, university or part time work. When speaking to my Target audience they said that they enjoyed playing instruments like guitars to create their own music and that they were influenced by other indie/rock artists in music and fashion and often spend money going to gigs and on band merchandise.READER PROFILE AS my target audience are students orLIFESTYLE: minimum wage part time or full time workersOwns an IPOD or MP3: 85% the magazine comes out monthly with aOwns a IPHONE or smartphone: 80% price tally cheap subscription advertised on myAttends gigs regularly: 50%Has a Facebook account: 97% READERSHIP £1.50 /// magazine (See slide 7) and without the Male: 75%Owns a games console: 95% Female: 25% £2.50 /// subscription costs £3.50 this was the mostOur readers say that theydownload music rather than Average age: 19 popular price on the questionnaire cd’sAverage amount of money Readership: 20,000 Student: 80% £3.50 /////spent on music annually: £150 Work part time: 14% Work full time: 6% £4.50 ///
  11. 11. How did you attract your audience?• I created my magazine using code and conventions used in popular and similar genre magazines to ensure hat my magazine would attract my intended audience as I knew that the magazines I were following were successful and popular. I also created a questionnaire that allowed me to gain an insight of what kind of techniques I could use to attract the audience and give them opportunity to give their opinion of what they would like to see in a magazine. my questionnaire came back and the most popular selling point on a magazine was the image, and a free give away. Selling tally pointsFrom my results I there fore used an attractive midshot of mymodel who is dressed like my target audience so that male 19-25 images ///// 5year old would be attracted to the image and used a sticker type Free gifts ///// 5technique to lure them in with a free give away as well as into the articles // 2banner at the top of the front cover. These were all conventions ofother magazine which attracted their audiences so this would be colour // 2affective in attracting our intended audience as well as using thequestionnaire to get the audiences view.Aswelll as this I gained from my result what type of articles would attract my intended audienceto my product I found that they wanted gossip stories, latest information in gigs and tours andalso well known artist stories that would help them get more of an insight to the Rock/indiemusic scene
  12. 12. What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product? I used Photoshop elements 9 to create most of my product, I had some basic knowledge by during the making of my product I learn how to effectively create an attractive and professional magazine front cover, double page spread and contents page. I learnt how to effectively manipulate photographs, layer text and images together, and how to resize the images without losing detail that could have not been achieved on publisher or word. I also learnt how to effectively create effects on images and text to make it stand out or add a drop –shadow. I also learnt how to use sights effectively such as blogger which keeps a digital record of all my media coursework and how to use sights such as slide share to upload my power points to blogger and how to use zoomerang to help me with my research each technology has allowed me to successfully develop and research my product aand make my product more effective.
  13. 13. Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product?I named my preliminary task magazine Wickhem wonders and used thecolour scheme of Turquiose, and Black. I have learnt that consiteancy inthe cololur scheme makes it look more proffesional by keeping arunning theme thriugh the magzine.I also learny that publiksher didn’t not allow you to make changes toyour images as effectivly as PSE did .Aswell as colours the layout of you magazine like text and images isimportant as it can make a magzine front cover look attractive and grabthe audience attention or not. The images are important as they attractthe audience. I used a long shot and a midshot which I later learned is acode and convention ofIndie/rock music magazines. Aswelll as the quality of the image which Ilater learned was important when using PSE.On my preliminary taske I used 2 smaller images instead of using onelarge image, and text on the front cover I think that tis isnt as effectivehas having a limited amount of text and one large image on the frontcover as it isnt as attention grabbing but on other siilar types of school.Magazines I found that this is how it is set out but it would not lookeeffective on my music magazine.
  14. 14. Contents Page LOGO I used the same colour scheme that I used on on preliminary front coveri though that this wasn’t ffectivent suit the genre that I was Images thatPage numbers and relate to stories representaing. Although it would looked on my music magazine as itinformation on stories. with page numbers would associate with the genre was producing. I used the layout of a similar college magazine, and would have the articles heading and page number down the right and the images that go with some of the stories down the left . Also I would have the logo to act as a masthead as I followed code and conventions of mother Date and issue college magazine. number Aswelll as this I used the same text as on the front cover to keep theExclusive Stories theme running to make it look professional. Also I found that language would be important ion different styles of magazine, as this was a college magazine written by students it would not have the same style as a music Edie/Rock genre magazines because they are targeting different types of people. I tried to keep the layout smile as it would hold a lot of information and needed to be clear and easy to read. Looking back across my preliminary task I fund that I should use a better software to create my magazine as Publisher was no suitable for creating a well produced effective magazine, as well as this I found that the images hold be of high quality so it can be easily manipulated on software such as PSE, so that your magazine looks more successful as well as looking at code and convention of similar genre magazines to make sure that my magazine would be as effective and successful as popular and that would fit in to the magazine market already
  15. 15. My ProgressionI made a draft of my layout of the music magazine, I then made amock up on publisher which didn’t allow me to manipulate my imageor edit and add effects to my text. I then created the same magazineon PSE manipulating image and chg. the layout and text fonts. I thendecreed to use a different image to make it oak more effective andattractive to the audience as the image I was originally using was darkand not appealing to the intended audience. I then experimented withdifferent texts and layouts and design features, to most represent myintended audience and create an attractive effective magazine thatfollows other codes and conventions of other successful, Indie/rockGenre music magazine. I also did this for my double age spread andcontents page which you can see on my blog.
  16. 16. I think that my product is successful. However I think that my magazine front covercould have more text on it as it has a lot of free space, as well as this I think that someof the text could have been more interesting as I think that it doesn’t follow the genreof my music magazine like Kerrang.As well as this I think my contents page could have more images on it as it is quite plain,and have a more interesting Background colour as it isnt as bold as it could be.I think my double page looks professional and is effective, but the text for the mastheaddoes not follow the Indie/rock genre. To make it look more attractive.
  17. 17. I asked my intended audience to look at my magazine and fine any improvements thatwould make my magazine more successful in appealing to an audience.On my front cover I changed the layout, and the text so that it would look moreappealing to the audience,. I moved the banner at the top to the bottom and changedthe type of sticker effect . I also changed the size of the title of my magazine so it wasbold and then changed the font type and size of the main article so that it was theeffective in grabbing the readers attention.On my contents page I also changed the layout of this as well to make it more simplerand less crowded. I made the band index longer, the contents banner larger andchanged the font to make it more affective I made the subscription bar and theeditors letter bigger so it looked more professional and so that the page was simpleand easy to read.On my double page spread I changed the size of the quote , the colour and the font sothat it was easier to read on top of the images. I added a small banner with the artistsname on so that it was easy to make out the name of the artist. I then changed thelayout of the article, changing the colour of the boxes and the font type of the title.Also making the sub-heading easier to read by re-wording it.I made these changes so that the intended audience would be more attracted to mymagazine. so that it would be successful in accordance to the successfulness of thismagazine.