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Front cover evaluation


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Front cover evaluation

  1. 1. Front Cover Magazine Evaluation Rebecca Paterson
  2. 2. Title of the front cover of the magazine, I chose to use “Empire” because its published monthly, is a well known publication for mainstream films, and has regular features that I could use to make my magazine conform to functions and conventions like news, previews, mainstream films, top 10 or 100 lists. The image is of the main character of the film, looking directly out at the audience and is the main focus of the front cover. Some issues have a “sticker” or “banner”The small text allows the reader to see what type of feature on the front cover which isthe main, big articles are in this months the next big feature in the magazine. Alsoissue. Dividing the text up and giving it a in some issues they have smaller picturesheading in a different colour makes the text on the front cover, however they shouldn’teasier to read. On the headings I used a intrude on the main focus of the maindrop shadow just emphasise the headings feature.and to allow the reader to differentiatebetween the headings and the text below. Italso makes it easier to read.
  3. 3. The title of the film which is the main feature is thelargest text on the front cover, this is so that thereader knows that this piece of text links to theimage. The word “the” is smaller and in italics tobreak the text up and exaggerate the size of the“GIRL NEXT DOOR”. I thought it was most effective On some of the empire issuesto fit around the text instead in one line. they have a sell line, that gives the audience an indication of what the theme of the issue is.COLOUR SCHEME – I chose to use the classic, red,white and black as it was authentic and symboliseshorror. as in my research and analysis of the frontcover magazines I found that they also used a fourthcolour like yellow, green or blue, to emphasis a fewwords to make them stand out and break the colourscheme so that it was easier to read. Barcode, date, issue and price are located at the bottom out of the way so that they do not intrude and pull attention away from the rest of the magazine front cover.