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Becky horror

  1. 1. Slasher Horror Trailers Rebecca Paterson
  2. 2. Conventions• Horror sub-genre- stimulates viewers mood, heightened levels of; terror, fear, anticipation, dread, anxiety and surprise.• Villain, mysterious psychopath killer or serial killer; strong, mental, stalks victim, physically deformed, violent and brutal, use of weapons and props; knife, cleaver, chainsaw, axe.• Victim; teenage, rebellious, unaware of their surroundings• Hero; female, sensible, senses killer, last woman standing, may or may not be killed at the end.• Location; isolated, college or campus like setting.• Thriller conventions; tension and suspension.
  3. 3. Narrative Structure of Slasher Trailers• Establishing shot, sets the scene and introduces characters, and shows equilibrium.• Building of a problem or crisis• Introduced to victim, and shows the disturbance of the equilibrium• Teasing shots of the film, reveals the problematic events but does not show the full extent• Further complication shown through a dramatic end• Trailer ends on a cliff-hanger, to keep the audience hanging so they go and see the film.
  4. 4. 1st Slasher Trailer – Texas Chainsaw Massacre• Establishing shot is an old woman singing to a teenage girl, implies that she is looking after her. (implied equilibrium)• Disturbance of the equilibrium is the teenage girl questions the woman, this implies that she doesnt know where she is and we get the idea that she is the victim.• We get tease shots of teenage couples, in an isolated setting driving, then tease shots of a car crash.• We see weapons; guns, chainsaw, knife, bear trap and brutal violence in tease shots in dark, low key lighting.• Heightens levels of fear, fast paced editing.• The contrapuntal sound of the lullaby and the brutal violence creates anticipation.• We don’t see the way the film ends – the new equilibrium – because then we wouldn’t go and see the film.
  5. 5. 2 Slasher Trailer - Urban Legend nd• Equilibrium at the beginning, college campus, students, party• Victims, teenage• Weapons, axe• Unknown villain• Stalks the victims• Serial killer• Anticipation• Fast paced• Quick editing
  6. 6. 3 Slasher Trailer - Prom Night rd• Equilibrium – teenage girls, on campus, prom, couples.• Fast paced editing low key lighting.• Villain, man, unknown identity.• Anticipation, fear, surprise.• Stalker obsession, serial killer.• Peeping tom, creeping, girl hiding from villain, cuts and he is next to her, creates fear.• Cut cross scenes enforcing fast pace• Isolated campus• Weapons – knife• Use of reflections – mirror• Silence to loud screams• Lighting, low key, flashing• Typography – “night to kill for” ironic• No resolution – cliff-hangers