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RebelRespec apparel powerpnt

  1. 1. RebelRespec ApparelOwner, Suzette
  2. 2. Company Overview• RebelRespec Apparel is a start-up companythat will be known within the fashion industryas an inclusive brand, and with growth andexpansion, create and provide opportunity forfuture staff that is knowledgeable about theoperations within the fashion industry. Thecompany will target men and women betweenthe ages of 18 and 40.
  3. 3. Opportunity/ Solution• Our philosophy is to be a company of integrity, professionalism, andinclusiveness. To reach and market to an audience that is not onlyurban and mainstream, fashionable and stylish, but also, specificalternative lifestyles and demographics that are not normallyincluded in the marketing strategy of other competitive brands.• African American (LGBT marketplace). Article:• Acknowledging the acceptance of this community socially andculturally throughout the US and overseas, would only have thebrand’s message of inclusiveness resonate with the consumer.• Already being followed on twitter by fashion bloggers from the USwith a reach as far a Australia. This would expand the brand’s nameon a global level.
  4. 4. The Return to the Investor• Between 10-20% or Subject to discussion. Or…• Note to investor(s): A debt funding option of $250,000 @12% a year over five years. With INT accrued the firstyear, to be paid (INT only) on a quarterly basis at year twoand three.• Also, as initial investor, you will receive free merchandise ofall RebelRespec products to start and future lines to come.• Plans to take the venture public will be no sooner than fiveyears from now. The potential to multiply your originalinvestment is enormous to those investor(s) who come inat the start.
  5. 5. Market Definition• L. A.’s apparel industry is a $24.3 billion dollarindustry. There’s over 1 million people workingdirectly and indirectly in the fashion industry. LosAngeles county accounts for over 80% of apparelmanufacturing, while Orange County has asmaller base focused on surf-wear and active-wear.Source: LAEDC
  6. 6. Market SizeMarket Population Buying Power Buying PowerPer CapitaAfrican American 30 Million $535 Billion $17.8KGay American 16.5 Million $450 Billion $27.3KHispanicAmerican31 Million $383 Billion $12.4KAsian American 11 Million $229 Billion $21.0KSource: Selig Center for for Economic Growth, University of Georgia
  7. 7. CompetitionDirect:• Triumvir• Stussy• Publish ClothingIndirect:• Gap• Benetton
  8. 8. Management Team• Owner: Suzette Sargeant• Advisors: SCORE.ORG• CPA: Edwin Young• Designers: David Perez, Charles Ritchie• Photographer: Brandon Kuhn
  9. 9. FinancialsHistory of Funding:• Self FinancedFinancing and Use of Funds:• Production and Marketing
  10. 10. Financials 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017Revenues 127,350 540,085 1,540,935 1,864,531 2,864,531Expenditures 62,124 62,124 65,000 65,000 70,000Net 65,226 477,961 1,475,935 1,799,531 2,794,531Company Financial Projections 1-5 years:In thousandi
  11. 11. The Deal to the Investor• At this time the company is seeking capital in the amount of$250,000. Funding will go towards the startup of the businessincluding purchasing of garments and textiles from t-shirtmanufacturers at $5-$6 dollars a shirt standard as well asadvertising, and a reserve for unexpected expenses. The making ofthe clothing would include silk screen printing, embroidery Cut andSew. Pricing depends on the patterns and level of graphics. Thecompany’s promotional budget initially will be $5,500/mth• Funding will develop the company through marketing and salesprograms to create demand. Marketing will be in the form ofbusiness cards, flyers, email marketing, SEO (search engineoptimization), website hosting, social media. Also, includes tradeshows, festivals, product placement in different media outlets. Andcontracted projects experienced designers and manufacturers.
  12. 12. RebelRespec Products
  13. 13. Concept Samples
  14. 14. Comps. Sample Looks
  15. 15. Longsleeve Tees/Crews
  16. 16. Hoodies
  17. 17. DENIMS
  18. 18. Men and Women’s Suits
  19. 19. Accessories: Graphic Designed Scarves
  20. 20. Exit for the investors• In 3-5 years the company will either marketitself for sale to potential buyers. Possibly achain of retailers or manufacturers. Orinvestors stocks would be bought back on anacceptable formula.
  21. 21. Resources needed beyond capital• TBD
  22. 22. RebelRespec