Using online genealogy programs


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Using Online Genealogy Programs

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Using online genealogy programs

  1. 1. Using Online Genealogy Programs By Dick Eastman April 25, 2015
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  3. 3. Genealogy Software in the Cloud
  4. 4. Today’s slides are available at:
  5. 5. Today’s Trend • I am fortunate in that I am able to attend several genealogy conferences most years. After listening to presentations and talking with presenters and attendees, I often walk away with one phrase echoing in my mind: “the Cloud.”
  6. 6. Traditional programs to record your genealogy research • Family Tree Maker • Legacy Family Tree • RootsMagic • Reunion • MacFamilyTree • ...others
  7. 7. Traditional programs to record your genealogy research • These programs all install on your computer's hard drive
  8. 8. Traditional programs to record your genealogy research • Advantages – Easy to install and maintain – Totally under your control
  9. 9. Traditional programs to record your genealogy research • Disadvantages – You need to install and maintain the program(s) – High risk from hackers trying to access your PC to steal your information – High risk from viruses and other "malware" – YOU must perform backups – YOU must install software upgrades – YOU must troubleshoot problems – Difficult to use in group collaboration
  10. 10. Traditional programs to record your genealogy research • Disadvantages – If used in group collaboration, everyone must use the same program on the same operating system. – Windows vs. Macintosh – Windows 7 vs. Windows XP – May not be portable – No easy method to compare your research with that of others This is so 1980s!
  11. 11. We are in the midst of a computer revolution, both in genealogy and in almost all other uses of personal computers. For the past 25 years or so, home computers have exploded in use. During that time, almost all programs we have used were obtained on disk or possibly by download, then installed and executed directly on each computer, usually without connection to any other computer system. This has worked well although each home computer operated as an “island,” isolated from other computers in the neighborhood and around the world.
  12. 12. The Better(?) Way • Place your data online in a genealogy program running on a Web server • The data might be public or private… your choice • Security may be BETTER than keeping data on your own computer at home where it is exposed to hackers around the world
  13. 13. The Better(?) Way • Online Everywhere • Easy access all the time, from anywhere • Someone else installs and maintains the program • Someone else performs backups • Someone else troubleshoots the problems • Easy to use in group collaboration • Easy to use with mixed operating systems (Windows, Macintosh, iPhone, Android, etc.) • Easy to compare your research with that of others
  14. 14. The Better(?) Way • Think of Wikipedia – Content pages: 4,724,311 – Edits: 757,370,734 – Registered users: 24,129,838 – Administrators: 1,364
  15. 15. Online Genealogy Products • Similar to traditional genealogy programs except the install in the cloud: – PhpGedView – WebTrees – The Next Generation
  16. 16. Online Genealogy Products • Collaborative products: – – – – – – WikiTree
  17. 17. What Do These Web Sites Look Like? • They vary widely, just like traditional genealogy programs! • Let’s look at a few:
  18. 18. The Next Generation (TNG) • One person (or organization) runs the web site as a private online service • One person (or organization) installs the software • One person (or organization) provides the maintenance • One person or (optionally) multiple people provide the data • Works great for group collaboration!
  19. 19. The Next Generation (TNG) • Key Features: • GEDCOM Import/Export: No need to retype everything. • Search: Easy lookup by name, or advanced search on dates, places and more. • Dynamic Charts: Pedigree, descendants, relationship, timeline, family group, etc. • Clean, Easy to Read: One person per page, sensible layout, clear navigation. • Surname Lists: Quickly display your main lines alphabetically and by popularity. • Customizeable: Choose from pre-built templates, or create your own.
  20. 20. The Next Generation (TNG) • Security: Create users with various rights, protect living/private data. • Media: Upload and link photos, histories, videos, you name it. • Administration: Manage everything from a central admin menu. • Backup/Restore: Safeguard your data, recover from disaster. • Multiple Trees: Host more than one GEDCOM at a time. • Strong Support: Make use of a forum, a wiki and two mailing lists, or ask the author. • Much More: Google Maps, LDS data supported, Cemeteries, Dates & Anniversaries, "What's New", etc. etc.!
  21. 21. The Next Generation (TNG) $32.99 Learn more at:
  22. 22. The Next Generation (TNG)
  23. 23. The Next Generation (TNG)
  24. 24. PhpGedView • One person (or organization) runs the web site as a private online service • One person (or organization) installs the software • One person (or organization) provides the maintenance • One person or (optionally) multiple people provide the data • Works great for group collaboration!
  25. 25. PhpGedView • Price: FREE! • NOTE: Not as sophisticated as the other programs • More information is available at:
  26. 26. PhpGedView
  27. 27. Shared Databases These sites try to make one database containing records of all the people who ever lived and left records Everyone can access all records • • •
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  33. 33. Shared and/or Private Databases You control your data! You can share it or not, as you wish. • •
  34. 34. MyHeritage is Now the 3rd or 4thLargest Family History Site • and are #1 and #2 • MyHeritage and FindMyPast are #3 and #4 – The exact numbers vary depending upon who compiles the numbers!
  35. 35. MyHeritage: • Is a large collection of vital records from all over the world • Contains a large collection of digitized newspapers from many different countries • Contains billions of other records from all over the world • Is a web site to store your family tree • Is a place to compare your family tree against those submitted by others • Is a photo storage and matching web
  36. 36. MyHeritage is available: • In more than 40 languages (far more than any other genealogy web site). • In countries all over the world.
  37. 37. Build Your Own Family Tree Web site • Upload a GEDCOM file • Use the MyHeritage Mobile App for iPhone and Android • Use Family Tree Builder, a free genealogy program for Windows and Macintosh • Enter the data on the web site, one item at a time
  38. 38. Build Your Own Family Tree Web site • You always own the data! • You may add, delete, or modify your contributed data at any time.
  39. 39. Build Your Own Family Tree Web site • Use Smart Matches, Record Matches, and SuperSearch to compare your entries against vital records, census records, newspapers, entries contributed by other MyHeritage users, and more. • Searches may be performed on U.S. records as well as records from many other countries, especially from both Eastern and Western Europe.
  40. 40. Build Your Own Family Tree Web site
  41. 41. The Best Things in Life are FREE! • MyHeritage has three levels of users: • A FREE basic website for registered users, with up to 250 persons permitted in the tree • A Premium website permits 2,500 persons in the tree • A Premium Plus website permits an unlimited number of persons in the tree
  42. 42. The Best Things in Life are FREE! • A Data Plan to view a few databases also may incur additional fees. These are because MyHeritage PURCHASED these databases from other companies. Much of the content is EXCLUSIVE to MyHeritage. • You never enter a for-pay service without being warned ahead of time and being asked if you wish to proceed.
  43. 43. MyHeritage: • Contains no publicly-visible info about living persons • Contains family trees, historical photos, census records, birth/death/marriage records, military records, immigration records, newspapers, yearbooks, historical maps… • Is built by genealogists for genealogists
  44. 44. Search for names • 1,500 databases • Records from 75 million users • 1.2 billion profiles • 200 million images • Search for Exact, Soundex and Megadex options • Save the search results to your MyHeritage site and click through the matches at your leisure
  45. 45. SuperSearch contains • Super algorithms • Super Name Matching
  46. 46. Smart Matches • Once the tree is online on MyHeritage, the their "Smart Matches" system finds potential matches of the user's tree persons with persons in the trees of other MyHeritage users. • These Smart Matches come in the online email at MyHeritage and at the user's home email address. This is truly "finding relatives without searching.”
  47. 47. SuperSearch looks like this:
  48. 48. Advanced SuperSearch looks like this:
  49. 49. “But Wait, There’s More!” • The Name Dictionary is Amazing! • For instance, let’s say you are looking for a person named Alexander who may have lived in any of several countries. Family members called him “Alex.” • Should you search for “Alex” or “Alexander?”
  50. 50. “But Wait, There’s More!”
  51. 51. Different Records Automatically Use Different Search Methods • Newspaper searches are non-structured. That is, all words are searched. • In contrast, census records are always very structured in columns. Only names will be searched when you specify a name. – Photos are searched by metadata
  52. 52. International Search Engine • Can search the world or • Can search by continents or • Can search by country • Or combinations of these areas.
  53. 53. All Records Found may be (optionally) Saved Directly to Your Family Tree • It will be visible to you and… • (optionally) visible to others • Including complete source citations
  54. 54. Your Data May be Saved… • A member's tree on the MyHeritage website can be downloaded in GEDCOM format to import to a user's desktop software. • A member's tree on the MyHeritage website can be synchronized with the Family Tree Builder software for Windows and Macintosh as well as with handheld iPhone/iPad and Android apps.
  55. 55. Collections Include: • One of the largest online collections of newspapers • High School yearbooks • Other members’ family trees • Census records • Military records • Many vital records
  56. 56. “But Wait, There’s More!” • Family Tree Builder – A full-featured genealogy program for Windows and Macintosh – Fun to use – Supports SmartMatching Technology – Private family sites
  57. 57. “But Wait, There’s More!”
  58. 58. “But Wait, There’s More!”
  59. 59. Pricing
  60. 60. Pricing
  61. 61. Access your genealogy from anywhere With Windows, Macintosh, iPhone, iPad tablet, Android, ANYTHING!
  62. 62. Share your information or not As you wish
  63. 63. Is Your Family in the Cloud?
  64. 64. Today’s slides are available at: