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A Sample Presentation from GretMar Productions


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Published in: Design
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A Sample Presentation from GretMar Productions

  1. 1. To Our Dear Friends and Family Please Share In Our Memorable Photo Gallery Reflecting Our Special Day
  2. 2. In the midst of the beautiful wine country.
  3. 3. March 29 2003 The Joining of In Marriage Los Olivios, California Dean and Betsy
  4. 4. On this day, Betsy WolF and Dean AbramS transformed their love into a commitment to each other.
  5. 5. The Bride and the Groom
  6. 6. The Guests….
  7. 7. Our Family and Friends
  8. 10. And….
  9. 11. Here Comes The Bride!
  10. 12. The Vows And Promises
  11. 16. We shared our hearts with you in our candle lighting ceremony.
  12. 21. Our families joined together
  13. 25. Looking to a bright future of happiness and bliss!
  14. 26. Sealed With a Kiss!
  15. 27. JUST MARRIED!
  16. 32. Congratulations from Dad Abrams!
  17. 40. And we danced and we danced……….
  18. 41. As Husband and Wife!
  19. 43. To all of our family and friends, Thank you for Attending and Sharing in our Wedding Day! Betsy and Dean Abrams
  20. 44. Congratulations, Betsy and Dean! May Joy and Happiness follow you, wherever life’s path may take you on. It was an awesome wedding and reception And all who were there will remember it Forever! With love, we give to you Betsy and Dean, this presentation to reflect upon the memories of your “ Special Day”. NOTE: This frame will be eliminated when your FINAL Presentation is completed! All of our thoughts, prayers and love to you both, Cary Nadler and Taryn DeChellis Always remember, 2 hearts are better than one... Your Wedding day was Perfect and you both make each other complete!
  21. 45. This Custom Presentation was created by : G www. gretmarproductions .com this Cary Nadler Taryn De Chellis 818.406.1345 GretMar Productions . Los Angeles