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Profiles from Hub members all over the world.

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Hub Profiles

  1. 1. Kristin Walter & Talis ApudEducation & Global HealthFeelGood is a youth movement committed to endingworld hunger in our lifetime. On college campuses acrossthe U.S., FeelGood students run non-profit delis speciali-zing in grilled cheese sandwiches. 100% of deli proceedsare invested in organizations sustainably eradicating globalhunger.But FeelGood delis are more than a vehicle for raisingmoney. They’re also a place for creative interaction andeducation—an inviting environment for customers to learnabout hunger’s causes, consequences and solutions.By learning to run a successful social enterprise, whilebecoming knowledgeable and effective advocates of a criti-cal global issue, FeelGood students experience firsthandtheir capacity as changemakers: People with the ability torespond creatively, compassionately and strategically to theworlds most pressing needs.
  2. 2. Milicent Johnson Sharing is a nonprofit online magazine that tells thestory of sharing. We cover the people, places, and projectsbringing a shareable world to life. In a shareable world, things like car sharing, clothing swaps,childcare coops, potlucks, and cohousing make life more fun,green, and affordable.The remarkable successes of Zipcar, Wikipedia, Kiva, andCreative Commons show this. They tell a hopeful story abouthuman nature and our future, one we dont hear enough inthe mainstream media.They show that a new world is emerging where the moreyou share the more respect you get, and where life worksbecause everyone is motivated to help each other.A shareable world might be just whats needed to enjoy lifeto the fullest today while creating a better tomorrow. And itsbeing built by people from all walks of life right now. Sharea-ble is your invitation to join these innovators today.
  3. 3. Anu SridharanInternational Development“Will I get water today?” In almost all of the cities inSouth Asia and at least a third of those in the rest of Asia,Africa, and Latin America, families face this question every day.These millions of households have a piped water supply;however, water is only available through these pipes for a fewhours at a time. NextDrop leverages the recent proliferationof mobile phones in India to provide households with accura-te and timely information about local piped water delivery,while also enabling water utilities to access real-time informa-tion about the status of their distribution system. In Phase 1of our pilot project, NextDrop sourced this information fromwater consumers: by providing micro-payment incentives,consumers notified our automated interactive voice response(IVR) system when the water began flowing, and NextDrop inturn notified residents in the same locality of the currentdelivery of water. In Phase 2, we have partnered with thepublic water utility – the Hubli-Dharwad Water Board – andwill now receive updates directly from utility employees whophysically open the valves in order to provide advance noticeof water delivery.
  4. 4. Lloyd NimetzTechnology and Services for ChangeRippleQ powers good corporate culture. Companies useRippleQ to manage their employee engagement programs.For employees, RippleQ provides an engaging social mediaapplication to learn about company programs, connect withco-workers, and "check-in" their activity. For companies,RippleQ serves as a powerful tool to communicate their pro-grams, track employee activity in real-time, and collectstories/media from the group up.RippleQ was founded out of Stanford University by LloydNimetz and is run by an energetic team of entrepreneurs whocame together after all starting software companies on ourown. We have deep experience in cloud computing, socialsoftware, and social enterprise. We are passionate about ourwork and believe that enterprise social software, coupled withgreat vision and leadership, will transform the market economyover the next decade.
  5. 5. Colin Mutchler Crowd Funded MediaLoudSauce is the world’s first crowdfunded media buyingplatform, where users promote ideas that matter throughmainstream advertising channels like TV, billboards, and more.Our vision is to transform the medium of advertising fromdriving consumption to fueling civic participation.There are many great ideas and projects, but too many havelimited awareness and low marketing budgets. We believethat crowd funded media buying can uniquely bridge thismarketing gap by aggregating funders to help ideas movebeyond social networks to reach completely new audiences.
  6. 6. Edward Goossens sustainable racingGUTTS creates sustainable auto- and motorsports, buil-ding various race and rally cars that run on biofuels andhelping crews to become more sustainable. In the Nether-lands GUTTS has contributed to large number of sustainableprojects in motorsports. In total some 30 crews are racingon alternative fuels and making motorsports more sustaina-ble and we are looking to double that number in 2011.GUTTS is opening the first online store that is dedicated tosustainable racing: crews will be able to order their greenrace fuel, parts for converting cars to sustainable racecarsand find information on sustainable racing and info on crewsthat are already green.
  7. 7. Carl Lens & Stijn van BalenA platform for neighborhood improvement Verbeterdebuurt foundation runs a prizewinning platform that engages people to improving their neigh- borhood. With our mobile application and through our web application people can post problems and ideas in their neighborhoods that will appear as pushpins and lightbulbs on a map. 300 out of 418 councils in the Netherlands participate in our projects, solving the thousands of reports that we have gathered, resulting in many green flags on the map.
  8. 8. Rima Freeman FashionExtended life cycle: A Revolution In Material ApparelThe fashion Industry is a multi-billion dollar marketworld- wide. The amount of waste generated from makingnew fashion is astronomical. What the R.I.M.A. initiativewill do is to break the glass ceiling of what “upcycled”fashion is marketed as currently. Our goal; extended thelife cycle of all apparel and make a profit. This will createjobs and change the way fashion recycles itself. Throughcollaborating with brands to use their facilities in a moresustainable way from beginning to end, by “remixing”/re-making the dead-stock, overstock, samples and end ofroll fabrics, into new designs which sell at a higher pricedue to there limited production and unique status.
  9. 9. Carmen van de Vecht Streetwear made by streetkidsCarmen runs Rambler, a clothing label by and for home-less teenagers. These streetkids are the image and brand.They get a platform and a part of the profit.From following her passion for photography, Carmen star-ted to shoot portraits of children in Ghana’s orphanages,which she later exhibited on giant billboards Amsterdam. Bydoing so, she tried to bring youth indirect in contact witheach other. Then in London sparked by a curiosity to explo-re a similar situation in a western environment, she startedto photograph youth in orphanages in London. This is whenher fascination with clothing started. Intrigued by theirappearance, she started designing clothes with homelessyouth.She was first in line to sign up for a membership in HubAmsterdam. Every Friday for the first year and a half youwould find her at the Hub’s lunch table with a group ofhomeless youth working on the design of their own fashionitems.
  10. 10. Frederic Sanders & Vikram Kandula Sustainabale disposablesHampi’s natural leaf plates are based on a simple butbrilliant idea: use naturally shed leaves to create a wholerange of natural design tableware. Hampi plates are pro-duced by heat pressing leaves of a special kind of treegrown in tropical countries. The process uses no chemi-cals or waxes. It’s 100% natural.where recycling is a natural way of life. But being smartanywhere in the world.and restaurants have been using the plates and withoutfail their guests were delighted. Since April 2011 our Na-tural Tableware collection goes on sale in De Bijenkorf. InJanuary 2011 we won the Columbus Trofee at the BBBHorecavakbeurs in Maastricht.
  11. 11. Sean Wood Corporate Social MediaFreeworld Medias -
  12. 12. Jim Hackler Green CommunicationsThe Urbane Environmentalist is a new approach tocommunicating the benefits of green living and home construc-tion in an accessible and understandable way. As the formerhead of two of the country’s leading green building initiatives, JimHackler brings a unique industry insider’s perspective on what itmeans to be green. His professional background also includesbroadcast journalism working in local television news, CNN andthe exclusive eco-reporter for PumpTopTV; editor in chief ofmillion-dollar traveling exhibit on green building for the Museumcontinuing education on corporate messaging, blogging andonline video production. Jim is a member of the Atlanta PressClub, serves on the GreenPlate board and is a strategist for the
  13. 13. Beth BondEnvironmental/Sustainability News At Southeast Green, it is important for us to create a dynamic business community and communicate how busi- nesses, non-profits and governments in the Southeast are growing, changing and influencing sustainability. The mission - nomy. of companies, non-profits and governments who are com- mitted to impacting their environment and communities right here in the Southeast.
  14. 14. Paula Collins Expert Generalist & SustainabilityPeak Focus is the only soft skills training, coaching andpublishing group dedicated to helping select entrepreneu-rs, professionals and business owners create sustainablebusinesses by coaching them to maximize their abilities,activities, aim and passion. Whether you’re starting outwith only a novel idea or you’re responsible for a companyreinventing its future, we’ll work with you to select andbuild your best team, pushing past “best practices” fortransformative change.
  15. 15. More Associates Sustainability ConsultancyMore Associates is a ground-breaking sustainableinnovation practice with a specialism in creating carbonbehaviour change software, integrated with user-centreddesign.The organisation was created by founding Hub memberLuke Nicholson and has since grown to around ten mem-bers of staff. Their current initiative, CarbonCulture, ispioneering new ways for organisations to reduce energyconsumption and is running pilot schemes in a number ofUK government departments.
  16. 16. Kirsty SchneebergerEnvironmental & Youth AdvocacyKirsty Schneeberger is on the Board of Directors for theInternational Court for the Environment Coalition and iscoordinating the Department of Energy and ClimateChanges Youth Advisory Panel. She also coordinatesThink2050, an advocacy platform for young and futuregenerations.Kirsty was honoured as an MBE in the Queens BirthdayHonours list this year for services to environmental con-servation and her work as coordinator of the UK YouthClimate Coalition. She has been involved in the UNFCCCnegotiations as a policy analyst and youth advocate for theYouth Constituency since Poznan in 2008, and she led theUK youth delegation to 2009 COP in Copenhagen.
  17. 17. Arthur Potts-Dawson Sustainable food co-operativeArthur Potts-Dawson is a well-known chef and TV starwho founded the People’s Supermarket - a sustaina-ble food cooperative with 1,000 members that respondsto the needs of the local community and provides healthy,local food that’s fair to consumers and producers, at rea-sonable prices.A Channel 4 documentary series in February 2011followed Arthur’s journey to launch the supermarket, andthe Prime Minister David Cameron visited it that monthas part of his Big Society launch.
  18. 18. Imogen Martineau UN CampaignerImogen Martineau is a successful sustainability campaignsconsultant. Former Head of Communications for Forum forthe Future, she now works for the Sustainable UnitedNations team which oversees the UNs in-house perfor-mance on sustainable development.In November 2009 Imogen was profiled in national newspa-per The Independent in the article “Movers and Shakers atthe Vanguard of the Eco Revoluition”. http://www.
  19. 19. Richard Hammond Green travelGreentraveller is a well-known and respected sustai-nable travel and tourism website, which receives around45,000 unique visitors each month.Richard has been a Hub member for several years and hisorganisation is growing, and thriving at Islington. He hasrecently brought out the Green Guide to London in part-nership with Visit England and is often called upon toprovide thought leadership in the national media and con-ference circuit on sustainable travel.
  20. 20. Rémi Parmentier Environmental ProtectionThe Varda Group offers strategic advice and campaigningexpertise across a wide range of environmental and socialissues. Consultancy services are provided by Varda BV (TheNetherlands),Varda Desarrollo Sostenible SL (Spain),Varda(UK) Ltd, and Varda, Inc. (US). In addition, Stichting Varda, anot-for-profit non-governmental organisation, carries outindependent advocacy initiatives. The Varda Group was esta-blished in 2003 by Kelly Rigg and Rémi Parmentier.The Varda group mission is to provide strategic services andsupport, with the aim of creating maximum change for thebenefit of people and the planet.A pioneer of environmentalism since the mid-70, was direc-tor of Greenpeace International from its founding until2002.
  21. 21. Conchita Galdón social empowermentConchita Galdon is co-founder of Puentes Globalmeans which means “Global Bridges,” and our namereflects our purpose: bridging the global gaps in semi-skilled, specialized labor and alleviating poverty. Our mutualvalues sparked the creation of Puentes, and provide us withthe dedication, commitment, and impetus to promotesustainable, positive change through our mission.Why we do exist? Puentes is a non-profit internationalmobility specialist for semi-skilled and specialized peoplefromlow socio-economic backgrounds.How will we shape our world? Individuals have no controlover where they are born.Yet today our nationality is oneof the strongest determinants of our general welfare(economic and otherwise).
  22. 22. Germán Argüelles SportsGermán Argüelles is co-founder of InspiraSports whichis a social enterprise specialized in the field of sports fordevelopment.The sport has emerged as an increasinglyeffective tool in the field of social action and both NGOsand public and private organizations are beginning to incor-porate sport as part of its CSR strategy.Inspira Sports was created with the aim to fill this need bydeveloping tools to maximize the potential of sport andeducation as a catalyst for development."Sport has the power to change the world, has the powerto inspire, the power to unite people in a way that fewmanage to", Nelson Mandela.
  23. 23. Anxo Perez LanguageAnxo Perez was born in Galicia (Northern Spain). Heworked as an interpreter for the Supreme Court of Virgi-nia, the FBI and DEA, and at the United States Senate. Hemoved to Brussels, to get an M.A., then on to Geneva, towork at the United Nations for 2 years, and Beijing andShanghai, to study Mandarin Chinese. Throughout thoseyears he was fortunate to have the opportunity to learn 8languages: Spanish, English, Galician, Mandarin Chinese,French, Italian, Portuguese (Brazilian) and German. Foryears he researched the secrets behind successful languagelearning, and in 2007 he decided to create a methodologybased on those findings.8Belts is an online methodology which allows any personwilling to put in 30-45 min/ day to speak Chinese in just4-5 months. Users define it as a system which is ingenious,innovative, dynamic, effective and unique. Instead of focu-sing on the teacher, the writing or the theory, 8Belts focu-ses on the student, oral communication and practicing. http.//
  24. 24. Maria Luciana Reos CommunicationMaria Luciana Reos is founder of MG-i which is an expe-rienced communications group specialized in the develop-ment of ideas at a strategic level, leading to production ofmessages and creative solutions.MG-i is based in Washington DC with production units inthe U.S. and in Argentina. This organization allows us tooffer our clients more efficient and cost effective solutions,since our team of professionals can organize resources andrespond to themost demanding requirements and deadli-nes. Our competitiveness is based in both, quality and cost.Our main services include communications consulting at astrategic level and the production necessary to execute asuccessful communication plan.
  25. 25. Adam LeAdamyoung leadership for social & environmental change Adam Le’Adam – Leadership for Tikkun Olam, is an Israeli NGO aimed at developing social and environmental leadership, which operates service learning programs in Israel and India. - Drawing on Israels expertise in international development, LeAdam leads several programs, which implement models
  26. 26. Niv Adi Empowerment by TechnologyMAGYX creates "Smart Content". It looks like a widget,We create engagement, create relations, generate incomesand real ROI.
  27. 27. Gebrüder Stitch Ethical FashionThe ‘Gebrüder Stitch’ (brothers stitch) arepioneering the ethical fashion industry in Austria.Tired of their jobs in a marketing agency, they arenow focusing on a creating a life-style brand andmanaged to take-over the market with their tailor-made eco-fair Jeans.
  28. 28. Angie Rattay & Adam Pawloff Green DesignOne of the most successful products of the ‘Neon-green Network’ are the ‘Directions for Use for thePlanet Earth’.By using their design skills and translating scientific evi-dence into everyday’s language they designed an easy tounderstand guide of how to use our Planet. They recentlylaunched a ‘kids edition’ for schools.
  29. 29. Chris Jones Green MobilityThe ‘Gebrüder Stitch’ Chris‘ company focuseson renewable energy, LED technology, sustainabletransportation, and many other innovative appro-aches to use technology for change.One of the most successful projects he is involvedin, ‚Pod Points‘, provide a new approach toelectric-vehicle charging infrastructure.
  30. 30. Good.bee Bank Financing Social Innovationgood.bee is a newly founded bank, operating inCentral and Eastern Europe. They aim to providefinancial services for social entrepreneurs and micro-finance.The Hub Vienna was the first investment of good.beein 2010.
  31. 31. José Antonio Abreu Youth EmpowermentEl Sistema is an initiative in Venezuela, foundedby José Antonio Abreu, that aims to get children offthe street by educating them in classical music andgrouping them together to an orchestra.Currently, more than 400.000 children are in thesystem. Superar aims to replicate the vast successof El Sistema in Austria and the CEE region.
  32. 32. Sylvie Chin Healthy & Ethical Shopping300 million people worldwide suffer from food allergies.Reading the small print on each product is just too diffi-cult and too time consuming.ClearKarma offers a mobile application and an infor-mation website. People with food allergies see, based onpersonal allergies immediately the impact of their buyingdecisions on their personal health. We also proposehealthy alternatives with eco-friendly and fair products.
  33. 33. Organica Water Waste Water TreatmentWater is scarce. And getting more so all the time.Even worse, with the world’s population becomingmore urban, just building more conventional was-tewater treatment plants is no longer a practicalanswer for our global community.Organica is a global water management leaderwith patented water technology for treating andrecycling wastewater. They combine traditionalbiological wastewater treatment methods withsophisticated ecological engineering, innovativeprocess design and efficient control software.
  34. 34. Stephen Rockman Impact investmentMerism Capital is a new incubator and seed fundinvesting between £50,000 and £150,000 for equity insocial businesses to generate financial returns andsocial impacts. Together with Hub Westminster,Merism Capital has launched the Hub Venture Labsprogramme, a new social business incubator in centralLondon.Hub Venture Labs will provide a year round scheduleof programmes aimed at nurturing a new breed ofsuccessful social start ups to increase their chances ofrunning successful social businesses. As well as structu-red programmes covering everything from pitching toinvesting and scaling, there will be regular drop inmentoring sessions and monthly keynote Q and Ascovering key topics such as marketing, law and HR.Westminster
  35. 35. Christian Busch Social entrepreneurs networkSandbox started in 2008 and is now the foremostglobal community of extraordinary young achieversbelow 30. Sandbox identifies exceptional peopleworldwide that already have an impressive impact at avery young age, no matter in what field or industry.The growing community counts 550 young leaders in45 different countries. Sandbox organises regularevents in more than 16 cities in the US, in Europe andin Asia. They have a full time team based in four loca-tions, working day and night to create value for thecommunity.Sandbox incubates these talents in an environmentwhere they can build meaningful relationships withlike-minded peers, learn from senior leaders and gainaccess to opportunities that will help them grow. Westminster
  36. 36. Tom & Angela BonnerSustainable food catering & SuppliesThe Peoples Food Company is a social enterprisethat serves delicious, homemade, fresh, seasonal food, in avariety of styles and settings. We work together withpeople in and around Kent and London that have found ittough to get work for all sorts of reasons.We deliver delicious food at all sorts of venues with aunique service and style that never fails to impress. ThePeoples Food Company is not just about the best foodand the highest standards of customer service, we are abusiness with social justice at its heart. We work to provi-de exciting training, inspiring work experience, and wellpaid work opportunities, for all sorts of people who needa helping hand to find a rewarding career. Westminster
  37. 37. Rachel Smith International developmentGlobalGiving connects you to over 1,000 pre-screenedgrassroots charity projects around the world. Its an effi-cient, transparent way to make an impact with your giving.GlobalGiving begins with the dedicated, tenacious indivi-duals who are driving change in their communities. Fromrunning orphanages and schools, to helping survivors ofnatural disasters, these people are do-gooders to thecore.We connect these "good idea people" with the "generousgiver people" and help projects of all sizes receive dona-tions of all sizes.You can browse projects from all overthe world, give to the ones you are most passionateabout, and see the impact of your donations. Westminster
  38. 38. Julie Caulier-Grice Media & communicationsDialogue Café uses state of the art video conferencingtechnology to enable face-to-face conversations betweendiverse groups of people from around the world so thatthey can share experiences, learn from each other andwork together to make the world a better place. Dialo-gue Café is a platform for innovation and creativity –enabling organisations and individuals to forge new links,consolidate existing ones and create new collaborationsand projects. Dialogue Café is for individuals and organi-zations with a social, educational or cultural mission –such as foundations, civil society organizations, communitygroups, universities, schools, social enterprises, co-operatives, public sector bodies and agencies.Dialogue Café is based on the radical but simple idea thatpeople have many things in common and given the oppor-tunity, they will explore their common interests, sparkingcollaborations and stimulating ideas that address themajor issues of today. Westminster
  39. 39. Hugo Bollschweiler & Etienne Abelin Music 4 ChangeclassYcal is an emerging socio-cultural enterprise thataims at contributing to positive change in society by deve-loping purposeful innovations in the field of the musicformerly known as classical. First initiatives include thedevelopment of a "classYcal lounge"-format in a clubsetting, a video blog, and the development ofbrand new music visualizations with a top artist.The dwindling and aging of audiences of conventionalclassical music concerts has become an undisputed fact.While the existing concert rituals can rightfully be calledanachronistic, the potential of the music remains multi-facetted and, to a substantial degree, unlocked. classYcalsees the music formerly known as classical as an excellentway to provide us “storytelling beings” with narrativestructures that can give us orientation and a sense ofidentity crucial in a rapidly changing complex global world.
  40. 40. Karin StierlinHIV/AIDS PREVENTION IN A PLAYFUL CONTEXTLOVELAND is a target-group oriented teachingmethod that combines knowing and acting in consequen-ce. Answering the questions is based on teamwork so thatno youngster will get hurt in their private status. Topicssuch as the communication about safe sex and the useand handling of condoms are integrated in LOVELANDand guarantee an HIV/Aids-prevention adapted to thepublic concerned.LOVELAND is meant to provide a lasting and playfulHIV/Aids-prevention for young people throughout theworld, thus enabling them to meet their sexuality in aresponsible way.LOVELAND is a map with six different islands and rele-vant questions about the complex topic of HIV/Aids-prevention. In teams, the youngsters fly with a toy-helicoper from island to island and – by giving correctanswers – they can gather points in the form of condomsor chips and acquire a broad knowledge in the field ofHIV/Aids-prevention.
  41. 41. Lars Stein EDUCATION matches motivated individuals stri-ving for education with private investors and mentorsthat help them to fulfill their educational dream. With itsholistic concept and entrepreneurial shows the true value of education andhelps every person to unfold his or her full productivepotential – not matter the financial or social background.Lars Stein once found himself in the situation of almosthaving to suspend his studies for financial reasons. Hethen came up with the idea of involving investors in finan-cing his studies by selling shares on his future salary. Thiswas the beginning of It finds privateinvestors to support students – financially and as mentors– who are not eligible for government support orstipends because they don’t match the existing, instead, bases its selection process onprocedural criteria like responsibility and determination.Not applying any criteria for exclusion the single program to truly support theeducation of persons of any talent.
  42. 42. Roman Gaus Urban agricultureurban Farmer’s mission is to develop closed-loopagricultural systems between fish farms and hydroponicvegetable gardens, so called Aquaponics, as UrbanFarms.UrbanFarms rooftop greenhouses will provide organic,fresh and local food to the UrbanFarmers communityand our direct customer base of consumers. A spin-offfrom the Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW)in Wädenswil, UrbanFarmers aims to become a pioneerin the development of urban agriculture as part of asustainable lifestyle in cities of the 21st century.UrbanFarmers is the Hub Zurich WWF Fellow of 2011.
  43. 43. Martin Ophoven Arts & TheatreMartin Ophoven is the mind behind Théâtre Carbo-nique. Comedian and playwright with a background incommunications, Martin wanted to find a means of com-municating his ideals. Using his own talents as a startingpoint and with the encouragement of a TechnicalCarbon-Footprint Advisor who had had the same ques-tions about the role of the individual in bringing a changeto the world, he wrote a play based on the corporate andsocial responsibilities of companies. It is a humorous,thought-provoking and unconventional approach to dis-cussing the issue of social responsibility which is perfor-He came to the Hub to be in contact with consultantswho might want to implement his tool in order to affectlarge numbers. Furthermore he finds that the Hub reflectshis ideals in terms of showing a system that accepts allperspectives in order to work towards a better world, asystem in which everyones talents and competencies
  44. 44. Martina Von Richter Sustainable productsMartina Von Richter is the mother of 3 boys and a once-upon-a-time consultant for sustainable development tolarge businesses. However, she decided that in order tobest live out her ideals, she would have to get even moreproactive. From this came -She came to the Hub due the fact that she did not havean office from which to launch this business. On the huntfor a workplace and a network, she found both in theHub Brussels.Martinas main motivation was to be able to answerhonestly and proudly when asked by the future genera-tion: What did you do when you saw the polar ice capsmelting? What did you do when faced with the challengeof poverty?
  45. 45. Dusan Jakovljevic & Juergen Ritzek Green EnergyEnergy Efficiency in Industrial Processes(EEIP) is a platform for Business and Policy in Europe.EEIP facilitates an open and inclusive dialogue withinindustry and between industry and policy involving manu-facturers of energy efficient equipment and systems,energy service companies, with the European Unionpolicy makers.EEIP current work focuses on industrial heat recovery,ecodesign (product vs process) and financing of industrialenergy efficiency. EEIP operates through its unique mix ofevents, expert consortiums, round-tables and conferences,with personalised social media tools.Dusan & Juergen are a perfect example of a collaborativeproject that has come from within the Hub. Over coffeeone day they realised they shared vision, values and driveto create something new and positive so why not do thistogether maximising their skills, network and thereforepossibility for impact.
  46. 46. Leander Bindewald Complementary CurrenciesHow much value lies in a community? How can we captu-re it and create even more of it? These questions lead to aworking group at Hub Brussels in 2010 that explored theemergent field of complementary currencies for andwithin the Hub community context.The Hub is the perfect example how social capital can bethe launch pad for business creation and social impact onany scale. It is the individual connections that the Hubcreates for 1st members, the shared intangible values andthe personal collaborations that constitute the uniquevalue proposition of a Hub for its member entrepreneurs.To best visualize and facilitate this Brussels member Lean-der Bindewald developed the XchangeHub online pla-tform. Members at Hub Brussels now have the tools toaccess and multiply the social capital created in their com-munity.
  47. 47. Luciana Delle Donne Social IntegrationLuciana Delle Donne has created Officina Creativa after acareer in the profit world, as banker and change manager.Officina Creativa is a not for profit co-operative inSouthern Italy that in 2007 created the brand Made inCarcere (Made in Prison).The prject was developed by women , for women: womeninmates who have decided to use their creativity andimagination to create new products and accessories. Theyspeak about the possibility of having another choice, ofbeing given another chance and of building a different life,Made in Carcere produces the most famous shopping bagin Southern Italy (in the town of Lecce). It is a symbol of adifferent way of approaching the concept of local develop-ment, based on recycled materials and social inclusion, onsocial entrepreneurship and on long term economic sus-tainability.
  48. 48. Vita Sgardello Animal WelfareVita, a journalist and Host at The Hub Milano, is responsi-ble for the project Ruadan in Italy. Ruadan works alongsi-de non-profit organisations, securing vital information tosupport their animal welfare campaings. They work withlaw enforcement agencies across Europe to collect proofof illegal activities and provide high quality video and audiofootage for media exposes.The world of animal welfare is full of people with goodintentions but few of them have the training, skills or equi-pment to successfully document the illegal exploitation ofanimal without breaking the law themselves, or puttingthemselves and others in danger.We have plenty of projects in mind for the future, anyoneinterested in participating should contact us.
  49. 49. Marcello Coppa & Andrea Landini Crowd FundingEppela stems from the creativity of two young profes-sionals, who strongly believe in giving social businesses aspace to grow. It’s a new crowdfunding projects that letssocial innovators and entrepreneurs share their ideasonline and get the necessary funding to launch them.Eppela backs their projects, lets them share them and getthem off the ground for real.Innovators come up with a project, set a minimun budgetfor its implementation and a deadline for collecting funds.Then they submit it to the Eppela community and spreadthe news, asking for financial support in exchange for alittle bit of the idea, or for a token to keep: an object, anemotion, a greeting card, a book, etc. It is up to the publicto assess the idea, to choose it and to make known.Eppela helps people find the project they were lookingfor, At this point, they can just make a contribution, bac-king the ideas of likeminded people and giving creativity areal chance.
  50. 50. Mateo Dones & Cristiano Morati & Amedeo Novelli Social JournalismBorn in April 2007 out of the creative mind of threeMilan-based passionate photographers, Witness Journalis the first online magazine of photojournalism. It is theresult of a collective effort of all those who want to tellstories through the medium of images.Witness Journal has a very innovative business approach.Each month, the authors of the 8 published reportages arenot paid a set prive per picture; instead, they share equally30% of all advertisement revenues, taking on a more entre-preneurial role and sharing part of the venture’s risk. TheWitness Journal editors, on the other hand, take care ofpromoting each contribution alongside the entire magazine,and make sure this is compiled, edited, published, distribu-ted and marketed with advertisers.
  51. 51. Barbara Zucchi-Frua Ethical FashionWith a degree in pedagogy and a passion for individual’strue identities, Barbara has always been fascinated by theway the space can be used as a learning and creative con-tainer. Her personal roots go deep into the textile world(both her surname - Zucchi and Frua- represent familiesthat have been in the industry for ages).L’HUB grows out of this personal background as a projectwith the aim of helping people manufacture, purchase andsell self-made textile products. L’HUB is a shop, a lab andan association. It is where the “Made by Me” world findsits home.At the heart of the L’HUB lies a textile workshop, both achannel for anyone’s creativity and a therapeutic space forthose wishing to reconnect with their manual skilss andrediscover the pleasure of co-creating. It is also a spacefor social regenerations, where women facing all sort ofpersonal and social challenges.