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Real estate customer bill of rights


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RealtyXchange and Manisha Properties are owned and operated by Real Estate Professionals and we proudly present Real Estate Customers Bill of Rights

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Real estate customer bill of rights

  1. 1. REAL ESTATE CUSTOMER’S BILL OF RIGHTS As our (NAR India Professional Member) customer, who adheres to the industry’s best practices; you have the right to: 1. A well-trained, competent, ethical and respectful professional to serve you. 2. Communications in the manner and frequency you desire. 3. Have your real estate professional’s obligations to you explained clearly and fully. 4. Be informed to the level you desire about the entire process for buying or selling your property, including your rights and responsibilities as a buyer or seller as well as the rights and responsibilities of your real estate professional and his / her firm. 5. Have your property marketed in the manner promised in the marketing presentation, or which will provide the best opportunity for your property to be exposed to the greatest number of potential buyers. 6. Be informed of and pre-approve any action that is required or any developments in your transaction as soon as reasonably possible. 7. Expect your real estate professional to communicate any offer to purchase that you make as a buyer, or that you accept, counter, or decline as a seller to the other party or the other party’s real estate professional as soon as reasonably possible. 8. Have your personal confidential information shared only with parties to the transaction, who have a need to know such information and that any other sharing of information is done only with your written approval. Further that your real estate professional will take all reasonable efforts to insure that your personal information will be stored in a secure environment. 9. Be told in advance of any and all fees, costs, commission, etc., that are required as a part of your transaction. 10. Have your real estate professional actively work to solve any problems that arise during the transaction. 11. Provide feedback relative to the performance of your real estate professional in your transaction and to understand how to terminate a relationship with a real estate professional based upon the regulations in effect. 12. Be provided copies of all documents pertaining to the transaction immediately upon execution or demand