How to get buyer traffic to affiliate links


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How to get buyer traffic to affiliate links

  2. 2. More Info AtRealTrafficSource.comIn this blog post, I’m going to explain to you theway to get quality traffic (= buyer traffic) to clickAND buy the products and services that you’readvertising. The first and most crucial thing toremember is this: You have got to get interestedtraffic. Now, that being stated, if you are payingfor clicks from the search engines or other sites,you already have interested people clicking yourads and are likely doing okay for yourself.
  3. 3. More Info AtRealTrafficSource.comBut, if you’re not paying for the traffic or you’restill not seeing good conversions and are goingbroke with that adventure, then this is VITAL toyour marketing strategy.
  4. 4. More Info AtRealTrafficSource.comThe most important principle is that you need toselect affiliate products that your traffic willactually buy. What often can happen is that youwill be able to build a web site and get a lot ofbuyer traffic to it and nobody will in reality buythe product or affiliate products that youpromote.
  5. 5. More Info The other crucial ingredient with affiliatemarketing is that you need to presell yourvisitors. An affiliate sales page might convertone out of 100 visitors from search enginetraffic. However if you first presell to yourvisitors you are able to increase theconversion from one out of a hundred to threeout of a hundred. You’ll be able to docompetent preselling by reviewing the product,case studies and testimonials.
  6. 6. More Info Where To Start? To put it simple, you need to have primecontent on your site or blog. Now, what I meanby superior content is this. You can’t havefeeds from other sites that are constantlyupdating on your site to get a click through onan affiliate link (fine, you could, but that’s adifferent story).
  7. 7. More Info AtRealTrafficSource.comWhenever I speak about your site or blog’s content,I mean you should have well written master materialthere on your site. You should write about things thatyou like or don’t like. Get into details about why youlike or don’t like them. It’s okay to include an affiliatelink throughout the text of your content, as a matterof fact, you will probably see a difference almostimmediately afterward.But this brings us to our next dilemma: How in theworld do I get traffic to my site or my quality contentblog?
  8. 8. More Info Free Methods For Generating Buyer Traffic To YourAffiliate Links: Forums The key to earning money with the forums is to drive trafficfrom the forums to your squeeze page or sales page so thatyou’ll be able to create long-term traffic out of them. That’sthe real key – getting long term traffic out of them. Free Classifieds Simply go to a free classified site that permits you to post aback link to your site, product or service and make anadvertisement that is of quality content and keyword rich.Make it tempting to the reader right from the title through themain body of text then include the essential back link in aplace that is most potential to produce clicks.
  9. 9. More Info Free Reports Write a small ebook and include your affiliate link. Asyou write and distribute a free report, people generallycheck the sites/products that you recommend and youshould get clicks to your affiliate links. Another goodidea is to cloak your affiliate links with for Email Place your affiliate links in your email signature. Inyour day by day communications with workfellows,friends, relatives, associates etc, you can add asignature to each email you send, and include within ityour affiliate link.
  10. 10. More Info Paid Advertising: SEO vs Pay Per Click The biggest difference between the two is that SEO islimited to just the keywords and the niche someone ischasing after and the paid advertising programs havea huge selective stock of people that might beinterested in your product or service. You can do a lotof SEO yourself, but SEO has changed so a gooddeal lately and you truly need to know what you’redoing if you want to stay on top. Hire a reputable SEOcompany for the best results. Bing Ads and Google Adwords are examples of PayPer Click advertising. Highly targeted, but also pricey.
  11. 11. More Info Category Targeted Traffic What is the difference between targeted trafficand just plain traffic? The difference genuinelycomes down to sales, signups and action.People who are visiting your site because theywant what you have, are more expected tostay and buy than those who found youaccidentally.
  12. 12. More Info AtRealTrafficSource.comFor instance someone searching for “purchasetargeted traffic” is going to be a more targetedvisitor on a targeted traffic site than one whosearched for let’s say “traffic school”. There arelots of websites trying to sell you targeted traffic.Ensure they have testimonials, and read them. Ifothers are happy about their services, then thisis a good indication that you can buy targetedtraffic from them that is real.