If i was the easter bunny class book 3 2013


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If i was the easter bunny class book 3 2013

  1. 1. If I Were the Easter Bunny ClassbookBy: Mrs. Williams’ Kindergarten March 2013
  2. 2. Bunny Garett yIf I wa the Easter asBunny I would eat ycarrot If I wa the ts. asEaster Bunny after rlaying the Eas ster eggs sI would take a nap. d
  3. 3. Bunny Marlise y eIf I wa the Easter asBunny I would get dre y essedin my favorite Easter shirt eand pants. An then w nd whenI was done I would get w tgoing and eat the egg and gsgo hid the eg in th bushes. de ggs he
  4. 4. Bunny Olivia yIn the morning I gwould eat carr rots por rridge.in the afterno I oonwould hide Eastereggs a my au at unts hou use.in the night I would wsleep.
  5. 5. Bunny Dylan yIf I wa the asEaster Bunny I rwould eat carr rots and dsome eggs for breakf r fast.
  6. 6. Bunny Jessie yIf I wa the Easter asBunny I will ea carrot y at tsand I will play gamesand hiide eggs.
  7. 7. Bunny Adam yI am t Easter bunny and I hide the yEaster eggs in the fielld and the r nEaster bunny eats a rcarrot and I went to t wSolomon’s hou to hid Easter Eggs use d r omon’s backyardin Solo b d.
  8. 8. Bunny Hannah y hEaster Bunny rbrings eggs to me. o
  9. 9. Bunny Tanner yIf I wa the asEaster Bunny rI would eat dcarrot and tscarrot juice. I would ttake t eggs to themy friends ho ouse. I wo ouldwake u my friend up fZande early. er
  10. 10. Bunny Scarlett y tIf I wa the Easter asBunny I would hid egg y gsat peo oples hou uses.I would eat ca d arrots fo orbreakf fast. I wo ould dec corateeggs.
  11. 11. Bunny Deanna y aI would hide Easter d Eeggs in my ba n ackyard. Iwould eat carr rots with hmy friends. I would ha w avea picn with my friend nic m dsin the park. I would pllay ball.I would put on my paj d n jamasand brush my teeth a y andgo to bed aft a lon ter ngday.
  12. 12. Bunny Zander y rIf I wa the asEaster Bunny I rwould hid East tereggs a Tanne Hous at er’s se.If I wa the Easter Bu as unny Iwould eat cake e.I would wake deveryo up then one tgive th hem Eas stereggs. I would hid the heggs a my ho at ouse.
  13. 13. Bunny Mia yIf I wa the Easter Bu as unnyI would have a picnic. I would dhide a chocola Easte egg. Wake ate ermy friends up really e p early. W would Wehave a lots of fun! f
  14. 14. Bunny Fox yIf I we the Easter B ere E Bunny reakfast I would eatfor brcarrot cereal and carrot tjuice. In the day I wou uldhide th eggs then ask he kmy friends to find the When we were em.done w would play st we d tickthe ta on the bunny. ail e
  15. 15. Bunny Solomo y onIf I wa the asEaster Bunny I would eat hard r dboiledeggs f brea for akfast.I would get on d nthe school bus to get sto Adam’s house. And dhid the eggs in e nthe bu ushes.
  16. 16. Bunny Klara yIf I wa the asEaster Bunny I would rhide E Easter eg in my ggsback y yard I would eat carrots w t sI would go pla with m d ay myfriends.
  17. 17. Bunny Christia y anI would go to Adam’s to dhide e eggs.